What a shame. Always been a reliable machine. Not anymore. Dont waste ur money

Absolutely Rubbish.
I gave up my Honda for it as of a small chute problem but this is even worst, takes probably 25-35 Pulls and it's not even 1.5 yrs old, brand new condition.
Called someone named [name removed], Top Guy in victa and he said take it to the nearest service shop to get it checked, and they recon i have tilted it the wrong way, the oil gone everywhere, whereas the problem is with the acceleration mechanism.
Anyway they don't wanna know me anymore after filling their pockets with $780 which I gave them 1.5 yrs ago with 2 years manufacture warranty.
DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS BRAND. You will regret it till it dies.
VICTA has gone down Big Time.
It's a cheap one now.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Victa - another reliable brand that has gone to the dumps ?

I purchased this from Bunnings , Stafford, Brisbane in May 2014 for $749.00. This mower seemed solid and worked really well for the first 18 months. It started easily, and was quite powerful. It has a Honda engine on the Victa frame. Unfortunately the flimsy plastic casing for the air filter was damaged when I brushed up against some shrubs. It's clips broke, and the casing needed to be replaced two months ago. Not long after, all power was lost from the motor. After taking it back to Bunnings, I was told that the carburetor needs to be repaired at my expense even though It has a two year warranty. I have bought Victa mowers for over 20 years and never had to get the carbie repaired, especially after 18 months. For me Victa mean't quality. I think that the design and materials used in this mower make it a suboptimal product, especially with the price tag. I will not be buying Victa ever again.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Poor lawn clipping catching an on-going issue

This promised to be a great mower. Large 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine, no priming, large wheels etc. all of the mod cons. Starts easily every time, good to push, quiet operation but the bloody thing leaves clippings all over the lawn. On a damp morning you have Yowie feet after 5 minutes watering the garden.

Changed the blades before 12 months without improvement.

Very disappointed as this is a great mower in every other department.

Date PurchasedApr 2016


Bought this mower in January 2014. Was great initially, but now a pain in the backside to get it running from a cold start. Once warm it starts easily. Good solid mower with plenty of power, and very economical to run. I wanted the Honda motor for its reputation of being reliable, but it has been a fizzer. I should be able to make a claim against Victa, just in case I need physio on my shoulder, after trying 20 times to start it.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Great mower

I bought this mower from bunnings mainly because of the Honda engine and Cast Alloy chassis. Previously owned a VICTA 2-stroke for 20 years without any major issues. I must say this VICTA Mustang is a lovely lawn mower. Started 1st go, catcher did not fall off (and my yard slopes with lots of bumps) and I found it easy to use. It also has a hose port on the chassis where you attach your hose to clean the underside of the mower. Being 19inch I actually found I mowed my lawn quicker than before. I now look forward to mowing my lawn.
I would definitely recommend this mower.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Catcher dropping off

Recently bought the mustang from Village Mowers Ingleburn. Very happy with the sales and first service.
But after a few months the catcher is dropping off the mower as you cut the lawn.
The mower is back at Village Mowers where Victa says some modifications are required.
Village have already this year had a customer back with the same problem, it's a pity Victa cannot design a mower where everyone's catcher stays on.

Great mower, Easy to start but catcher won't stay on!

I have had my Victa mustang for 2 months now. It's easy to start, easy to clean after use and cuts my lawn well. I have had trouble getting the catcher to stay on. I go a few meters and it works its way loose spilling the contents. As I read I can see this is a problem with this model. Hopefully a fix is in the works by victa.

Worst mower I have ever owned

I have a large lawn that takes about 3 hours to mow and decided under advice from the local mower supplier that the Victa Mustang 4 stroke with the Honda motor was a great mower.
I have and still have starter problems - took 30 attempts today to start from cold. It has been the worst mower I have ever owned over the past 25 years. The shop is apparently going to replace the starter part which they say will fix it.
If this does not fix it then I will be taking my complaint to Victa and Honda and will ensure that it will appear all over social media to warn other buyers not to waste their money.

Go to a dealer

OWNED 1 YEAR so far no Problems. Purchased Jan 2015

These are good mowers however you'll be disappointed if you purchase one from bunnings for the following reasons

- They don't advise you to fill your machine with engine oil prior to starting the mower. There are no visible stickers or anything on the mower. As these mowers are packaged they don't have much oil in them so if you start them with out filling with oil you will ruin the machine. When I got a spare spark plug from my dealer told me they have no end to the grief that is caused by Bunnings not advising customers that the mower needs to be given oil prior to starting the machine.

- If you purchase this machine from Bunnings it will mean that you will need to put it together. This is fairly easy. However you must not turn these machines on their side to check the blade or the oil will flow to your air filter. If you need to replace the blades you should also empty the machine of oil first. When you purchase the machine the blades are not in position so prior to placing oil in the mower, you can place the blades in the correct position. But having said am not looking forward to having to replace these blades are not easy to change if you don't know what your doing

- If you purchase this machine from bunnings you don't get tips on how to run the machine from a professional dealer who knows what he is talking about.

- These machines have a choke so be careful when you start the machine that you return the idle position back to run not choke. If you don't you will place carbon all over your spark plugs and then the machine will not start. Additionally if you run the machine on choke for a long period for a long time the machine will back fire. TIP: If the machine is running rough, look at the gage to confirm you have it in run not choke

- If you need the machine repaired you will need to take the machine to a registered victa dealer. Bunnings do not do the repairs.

- These machines have a plastic top that staches easy so becareful

- The catcher on these machines are a little tricky to replace properly. If you don't put it in place properly it will fall out.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

It's not a great mower.

Not that happy with this mower,sure it cuts grass and also mulches but like other people said it can be a pain to start when cold also the handle has a lot of up/down play in it and yes it's on tight,I cheaped out on this as I wanted a Honda without the price tag but in hindsight I should've spent the extra because now I really hate mowing my lawn (something I used to love doing) I've even got my local mower man in a few times.
Also I feel half the time I use this I'm fighting with it to actually turn etc and I put that down to the lose handle and that just causes lower back pain and makes me hate it even more,after using this for two seasons I'm in the market for a new mower and it's even changed my mind about Hondas and also victa.
I'd give it one star but the thing does cut the grass so it does do the job.

Almost an excellent mower. Great cut and pickup up, but problems with catcher.

Had the Victa Mustang MMX485 for 4 months and overall it is a great machine and almost worthy of a 10 out of 10, almost! But has one key design flaw that is very annoying.
The Victa Mustang MMX485 has started on first pull each time, even the kids an wife can start it. Even starts when on the grass. Even starts first pull if stopped for 5 minutes. Starting ease was a key selection criteria, as I had an 20 year old high end Masport with a Briggs & Stratton 4stroke, but as it aged it became very hard to start and no one else would but me would persist to start it.
The cut from the Victa Mustang MMX485 is very neat and even and everything goes into the catcher. It’s like a mower vacuum cleaner. Packs the clippings in to the catcher to the brim.
Easy to push and seems very solid and will hopefully last for 20 years.
BUT the catcher clamp arrangement is a strange setup and is very temperamental. The catcher will release at the slightest bump and blows grass everywhere and over you. I have a fairly even yard and the catcher will detach every 5 minutes or so. This can be very annoying when it happens near the patio or a pool. I have taken extra care when installing the catcher and checking all mating surfaces, but still drops open.

My old Massport had a hook on each side and only came off when you took it off. I am hopping Victa review the design and supply a mod or replacement catcher. I plan to contact Victa support to see what they recommend.

very good mower

I have had this mower for two years my borther had his victa classic for two years he has hard a lot of promblems with it. My one is steel starting with one pull and running great he paid $399 i paid $650 it is worth the monny $399 in my opinion is two much for a badly built victa.

Complete Rubbish, Avoid

So I obtained this Victa Mustang VEX60 2-Stroke mower as a replacement through and insurance claim. I have had nothing but trouble with it from new. I have owned this unit for around 8 months now. I find it difficult to start, it will rev high and low randomly and then cut out with fresh fuel, perfect mix and easy to cut grass. The chassis was damaged on arrival and was fixed under warranty, though the mower still suffers from vibration. Now the pull start mechanism has been stripped, so I can no longer start the thing. For this kind of money, forget it, AVOID.

Buyer beware!

We purchased a Victa Mustang GCV 160 over head cam lawn mower from Bunnings in March 2014. This machine is now 18 months old, but we have had problems starting it since the day it was purchased. Although we have replaced the filter and the spark plug, (and always make sure it has petrol and oil), it regularly takes many hundreds of attempts to start it (yes, hundreds - I am not exaggerating at all). This problem is now getting worse - at first it would only take a few dozen attempts, or 15-20 minutes or so. Now it takes hours, and a few hundred attempts. On some days, we cannot get it started at all, and are left physically exhausted from repeated attempts. I am guessing that being 18 months old, it is probably out of warranty, however if Victa care about retaining a life long customer and supporter of their brand, then they will need to rectify this situation. I am simply not going to accept paying over $700 for a lawn mower that does not perform as it should, and frequently does not work at all! I am incredibly disappointed in this Victa product.

Works well, AFTER it starts

I replaced an old mower that I had used for 25 years or so and it was hard to get parts even blades. It was also a little hard to start from cold sometimes especially if it was more than a week since the last use..

Bought my new Mustang from Bunnings (Honda engine). Took it home and assembled it, fueled it and pulled the starter cord - started first time. Guess what? It has NEVER started from cold first shot since. The second time took 20 - 25 pulls. Since then and recently it usually takes 8-10 pulls. (Yes I count!) I've had it 16 months and it seems I am stuck with the problem until maybe it won't start at all! I have checked all possible causes of poor starting including getting new fuel, check spark plug etc etc but without improvement.
The old mower started easier just couldn't get blades.
Added April 2016. Still having trouble, record is 93 pulls to start from cold. Always starts straight away once warmed up.
Added November 2017. Finally gave up on this crap machine. Have now purchased a new mower - Victa Ultimate with Briggs & Stratton engine. Had it now since June and it hasn't missed a beat. I don't dread lawn mowing day any more! This time I bought from a mower specialist where I know I will get service and advice when I need it rather than a warehouse that doesn't want to know once product is sold!

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Do not buy one of these

I have a seven month old Honda powered mustang
It worked great to start with but got to the point that it would not start. I took it to the dealer that i bought it from and was told i had to take it to Honda because Victa (Briggs and Stratton) will not do warranty work on the Honda motor.
The Honda small engines repair shop in Townsville inspected and repaired the engine. $73.00 thanks
The problem was a stuck open valve and they have said it is not a warranty issue because i wash the engine after mowing
Victa advise you to wash the mower after mowing and to do it through the supplied wash port with the engine running which i have done
I cannot see how following the manufacturers advice can be the cause of an engine failure
Buy something else, anything else

Powerful and reliable machine

When buying this mower, my requirements were simple. I wanted a 2 stroke with an alloy chassis that also mulched. It turned out that the Victa Mustang was the only mower on the planet that ticked all the boxes, so I bought it.

I have not used a 2 stroke for at least 30 years but my memories were all good so I was a little fearful that I had imagined it all. When I fuelled my new Mustang and primed it, all it took was one gentle pull and it burst into life. What a wonderful, purposeful sound it made!

With the mulching plug in place, I proceeded to mow my 1100m lawn which the mower coped with wonderfully. The mulching function is excellent with no grass residue or clumps at all and I love the fact that the engine does not slow at all when it comes to harder, longer grass. It just powers through it all. The modern 2 strokes make almost no smoke but are still quite noisy when compared to my other mower which is fitted with a 5.5hp Honda motor.

My impressions of the Mustang are that the chassis and motor are very well constructed and should last me many years. I am fussy with fuel mixture and fuel storage so envisage very few problems.

A couple of points though. I do not intend to use the catcher but for those who will, the catcher appears to be very lightly made and I doubt that it is very robust. It also seems quite small so it would have to be emptied often. I would have expected more from what is otherwise a fairly heavy duty machine. Another little point is that the decals have been placed poorly. This, obviously means little but I do wonder whether this is a reflection on the modern Victa quality control. Are there other little things wrong under the surface? Attention to detail is important. It will be interesting to see how long the wheels last. They are nice and big but seem somewhat cheaply made - I hope I am wrong with this one.

All in all, this is an excellent mower that should last at least a couple of decades. The 2 stroke motor is powerful, smooth and reliable and starts easily.
Excellent alloy chassis, 2 stroke motor and good mulching function.
Cheap, light catcher will not last long if faced with Aussie backyards.

Mower great - engine not so good

Use this commercially so it does a lot of work.
The Chinese (I think) Honda motor had cold start issues almost from new. After the first start in the morning all was fine. Seems like it wasn't up to the job though (2 years of commercial use)
Have now replaced the motor with an American made Briggs and Stratton.
The rest of the mower is still great.
Remember though, I would do a years worth of domestic mowing in a week.
All in all an excellent product

1 comment
Thank you for the Product feed back. Victa Team

Constant cold start problems

Bought this lawnmower from Bunnings thinking I would pay a little more but get a decent lawnmower with a good chassis and Honda engine. Initially worked OK but has progressively become harder and harder to start when cold. Took it in to be serviced and spoke to the service agent who advised that the Honda engines attached to these mowers are manufactured in a different factory (and country) and to a lower quality than the all Honda lawnmowers. Even after service still having on going cold start issues (15+ attempts to start). Once you get it going and warmed up it will restart all OK. It is harder to start than the 2 stroke mower it replaced! Buy the all Honda mower, I didn't as I didn't like the stop/start safety feature and fabric catcher. Kicking myself now :-( very disappointed.
Provides a great workout trying to start it
Serious Cold start issues!

1 comment
Good morning, the statement that has been said to you is very false. I would go to another Honda service centre and have the engine rectified we believe you have a choke setting issue and it should be rectified. http://dl.hondampe.com.au/Default.aspx?d=P/E Regards Victa Aust

Good solid mower

Bought from bunnings, very happy with the Honda engine, it does slow down in thick grass but still powers through where my old mower would just die. Really quiet, good build quality, turns easily, not heavy to push round and starts easily. Only troubles I am having are getting the idling right (tends to stall) and wish the catcher was a little bigger.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I’m sorry for my ignorance but I’ve recently become in charge of the yard mantaince. I have a mustang 18 2 stroke mower with 2 blades. I need to replace the blades. Could anyone give any advise, please? TIA
1 answer
sorry, mine is a 4 stroke with 4 blades

The catcher only fills to half way and then starts to spill grass out the sides. Just had it serviced and new blades fitted still not good.
1 answer
If the grass is slightly wet it will become clogged before filling the catcher

I have this mower what blades fit it
1 answer
My mower is a Victa Razor with Honda motor. Have 4 blades available from your local Victa dealer.


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