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Victa VBP1226

Victa VBP1226

2.3 from 8 reviews

Reasonable for the price

Bought around $23X because this model will be discontinued soon, only designed to pick up leaves which is smaller than a $20 dollar note. Best to be used on hard surfaces only. This can be quite noisy... it might be useful if your hard surface only have leaves falling on it, otherwise you still need to sweep the small sticks / branches which will cost you the same time as if you are just using a sweep.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great blower vac for price

Hi! I am 11 years old and I have something similar. I have a victa pro blower vac. It is an awesome machine. I would highly recommend it. It does a great job on my lawns and it has a shredder inside for vacuuming. It is victas best blower and is recommend this 25:1 ratio. I use sinthetic ryobi oil. It is $300 from buying.

What has happened with Victa quality?

This comment from Victa regarding bags being consumable could not be further from the truth. I purchased a red Victa Vac over 18 years ago. I did weekly clean ups during the autumn period as leaves were abundant on the ground. Throughout the year I used it on an average of three weekly including the collection of sand by tilting the handle upward to create a narrower gap. The bag is still the original bag. I left the unit with the house when I sold it. I never saw the bag as a consumable part of the machine. I was about to purchase the blue unit - I am glad that I read this page before doing so.

The Mini Vac 500 (red model) is a different machine as was the bag material. The bags now days are not made from that material as the cost of it would not be an economical purchase. The current bags sold with the electric & petrol vacs are of a stronger quality material but not to that of the Vac 500 they are now light durable canvas. Like most vacs that have a catchment bag the bag is a consumable item. With an out door vac this is even more so. Victa TeamThat's the point - why build and promote a device that fails. Victa are aware that the older red unit had a much more superior bag. Your comment above suggests that the new bag is cheaper to make the new model a more economical purchase. Give me quality and I am prepared to pay for it................................

Does a good job. Pity about the bag.

I bought this when my Ryobi blower vac died. I thought I might still need a more portable blower as well but this does everything I need it to.
The bag is a terrible design and has torn where the force of the incoming material hits it, putting a lot of debris between the two layers. You could say this is a testament to the high velocity of the air flow and the matter being sucked in.
I have cut a piece woven poly from an old garden bag and hot melt glued it over the problem area.
That has fixed the problem for now, and if it also rips in the future I will glue some stronger material there
Large rear wheels, easy to move up and down steps. Sucks up nearly everything except the large seeds from camellias.
Bag poorly designed.

Complete waste of time and money

Have had this for only three months and the main bearing has failed, the front castors have seized and the primer bulb has cracked. The stitching on the first bag failed after two weeks and have now noticed that the bag is collecting rubbish between the inner and outer linings which cannot be removed. Don't buy this lemon!


bought one of these today hoping it would be much better than the carry around blower vac I can never start. At least this starts very nicely. I ended up sweeping the driveway because it was taking ages and making a huge amount of noise.
Easy to start.
Worked well on pavers where there weren't too many leaves for it.
A bit gutless, the blow function isn't very good.
Tends to clog up if there are a lot of leaves.


Not at all satisfied with this product It was expensive at the time and even more expensive replacing bags all the time.
Easy to move around and very light to handle
I have had mine for 3 years and have had 3 bags as they are not very tough unlike my old model which i had for 20 years with no problems until it died.
I have had 2 lots of cords as they have become unattached inside the handle,I have spoken to victa who have not been helpful at all.I am now looking for another brand vac and blow.


Looks good. Easy to start. Works well on flat hard surfaces if only a small amount of leaves to be picked up Hopeless in the garden. Expensive for what it is. Not well made. Caster wheel broke off the main frame together with a piece of the frame so not repairable. Likewise with the bag catcher (see below).
Bought a mower and a strimmer at the same time. Mower is really fantastic. No problems at all. Strimmer is a bit temperamental. Works at full speed one day and then decides to work at half to three quarters the next day but easy to start.
Light, easy to push on flat hard surfaces. Reasonable suction but cannot handle large volumes
Caster wheel broke off the frame. Cannot be repaired. Bag catch on the main frame broke and is not repairable so overall a lot of money for less than two years use.

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How to change from blower to vac?
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Hello Where can I buy a petrol vacuum please?
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Will the petrol model pick up both leaves and gum nuts?
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Don't know the answer to that as my garden didn't have gum trees. Sorry.


Price (RRP)399
Vacuum FunctionYes

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