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Victa VBE1500

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1.8 from 47 reviews



47 reviews
  • Build Quality
    1.4 (5)
  • Value for Money
    2.2 (5)
  • Ease of Use
    2.6 (5)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    2.8 (5)
  • Noise Level
    2.4 (5)
  • Safety
    3.3 (4)


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Can't complain


I have had mine for 3 years. It works fine. Good suction even on pavers. Chops up leaves Finley. Those who have the bags falling off must not have locked it in place with the sliding piece on the top.
If I had to complain about anything it would be the noise, but I have nothing to compare it to. Maybe others are just as noisy I also agree that fine dust does get through the bag, but again maybe others do thi too.
After 3 years use every 2 nd weekend I ripped the bag and while looking for a second hand bag I came across this review.
As a happy user I felt I should stick up for the product.
If it doesn't work in first 12 months take it back, then Victa will realize the issues. Keep your receipts.
Good 3 star vale to me

Most useless piece victa product I have ever owned


Had an old model Red colour model 500 and this was still going after about 20 years use without missing a beat, only reason it has been retired is that the blower impeller is completely worn away. went out and purchased a VBE1500A and found nothing like the old one,useless picking up leaves, bag leaked and plastic retainer holding bag to frame broke and when tried to get parts was told that I had to buy the whole assembly, have since thrown into garden shed as I cant even give away.This has turned me off Victa, sad a great company that made great products and aircraft that somehow has lost its way. Can not even rate this vac as I do not think it even rates one star.

How can it be sold?


The product is not worthy of purchase and should not be sold! The so-called collection (rubbish) bag is not designed properly and continually fell-off, when I used the cleaner. After one (1) week, I returned the so-called "cleaner" to Bunning's Warehouse and got my money back without any issues whatsoever!

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Ray F

Ray FKingsley

Vacuum unit with no suck


With 180sqm of new limestone pavers I lashed out for an easy to use garden vacuum but have found my old cheapy (10 years old) having to be used to clean up after using the Victa failed to clean the area. I will be returning it to get my money back as it is completely unsuitable for doing the job it was supposedly designed to do. Bunning's claim they have not had any bad reports from these units but on reviewing this site it confirms my initial thought that the unit is not for me.

Winner of the most useless product of the year award!


It is simply useless as a garden vacuum... I tried it in the garage and it cant even pick up dust and sand...

Just so you know Victa - I wont be buying from you any time soon. Like one of the other poster's said -I wouldn't even give it away and I would be embarrassed to leave it out on the verge for pick up...


JJSouth Australia

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ZERO stars for VBE 1500A blower vac


This product is junk. A useless collection of wasted raw material that I would not even GIVE away.
As you approach the debris with the vac setting fully on, the collection chute has blowing air leakage which blows the debris everywhere so that what little suction there is doesn't vacuum. This is a disgrace to the victa name. I will NEVER buy a product from this manaufacturer again. ZERO stars for me, this product fails at the elementary design level and is NOT fit for purpose.

Victa VBE1500 very disappointed


Used only a few times and the catcher bag fell apart, very frustrated as I obviously can't use it and having difficulty on how and where to purchase a new bag. Bunnings were not helpful even though I purchades it from them. $200+ and sits idle in my garden shed


paulpowell3540Perth, WA

  • 20 reviews

Absolute rubbish


Victa have a good reputation but this has let them down.
1. The bag is flimsy and lets dust penetrate to the outside
2. The bag is extremelly difficult to remove and more difficult to replace after being emptied
3. Tiny castor wheels on the front can be an issue on pavers or uneven surfaces
4. Cheap plastic construction and poor fitting parts

Fit only for the tip

Lasted 2 uses


Have used it twice since new and even though it has only picked up leaves from an artificial lawn the bag has already disintegrated.
Ideal opportunity for replacement manufacturer!

Joe c.Victa
Bob Swinton
Bob Swinton
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Star Rider

Star RiderAdelaide South Australia

The first thing I noticed was the front castor wheels are way to small


Well I wish I never bought the [censored word removed] thing. The first thing I noticed was the front castor wheels are way to small, so they don't go over bumps or on artificial lawn. It's very noisy and the bag can come away from the frame quite easily, it also gets clogged up very easily.
The suction

Angela Moore

Angela Moore

  • 5 reviews

Victa VBE 1500


Like so many others in this thread, I was very disappointed with my new Victa, which I bought yesterday. I had an old one years ago that was marvellous..

This one is badly made, the parts don't fit together well and are very inconvenient to remove. The inlet is far too narrow and clogs up after a couple of passes. I am taking mine back to the shop tomorrow.

Badly made, clogs the inlet every few passes.

Total Victa Fail


Bag had a hole in it after 2mins of use from a brand new unit. Took the bag back to Bunnings who made me bring the whole unit back for exchange. Does a fair job of picking up leaves, but the bags look poorly made and already looks to be failing after 3 uses. Spend some more on a decent quality unit, as this just looks like Chinese rubbish with a Victa brand on it.
Ok at picking up leaves
poor quality bag and makes a lot of noise for little suction.

bill scharner
bill scharner

victa vac& blow electric, this is the 2nd one I bought, just as bad as the first one!!! bag had a hole in it after a very short time! cant use it any more, now I got 2 in the shed that I cant use!!!!! purchased at becks/guns tas, Bill S,

Joe c.Victa

Terrible response. Bags are $50 to replace.

Mr Disappointed

Mr DisappointedMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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What a waste of money


Totally usless pick up half bucket of small leaves from paved back yard and the bag has holes in it Of course bunnings want you to buy another bag as it is considered a consumable have purchased 5 bags all with the same problem -holes cant afford any more bags Tried mini vac same problem sad part of the story is that the orange victa vac 500 was brilliant had one for approx 7 years It all comes down to the quick buck with no thought to quality which i would be happy to pay for
Great idea
Poor quality, poor materials used, made in china throw away [quickly]



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No good


I had an old Victa Vac only, decided to upgrade, this one sounded great as i had furniture to go around and thought that blowing things from underneath would be good. but i agree with others, the bag only lasted 12 months, and it doesn't vac anywhere near as well. wished i had stayed with the old one

Worst tool I ever own


It destroys a bag nearly every time it is used. Today it picked up a twig and shattered the impeller. Unless I can find a new impeller it will be off to the tip. Victa has always had a good name. I bet the wish they didn't put their name on this one.
It appeared to be a great design.
The bags don't last.

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great product for those who dont have the strength to carry the blower vac around with them.great for patios and verandahs especially flat areas or timber decks
light weight great having it sitting on the ground and not having to carry it on your shoulder
having to have a power cord dragging around behind yourself



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Breaks down all the time


The unit regularly stops before a job is half finished. It also clogs up. The unit spends more time not working than working. Do not waste your money. The chute at the base is not large enought to effectively vac or blow,. I really liked the concept and was very disappointed by the quality of this product
Good concept
Breaks down, clogs up, doesn't do what it says it will



I do not appreciate being showered by dirty leaf litter every few minutes and unless you do, do not buy.
light and easy to use on paved surface, heavy loads are best spread out.
no hard to start engine
power cord management difficult at times.
Bag blows off far to often. Unless this can be rectified I cannot reccommend purchasing. The methode of bag attachment on the boxed unit, differed from the display unit.



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This is a very sturdy and reliable machine if you don't mind dragging lengths of extension cord behind you. Unfortunately, the machine also blows debris back out the sides of the suction plate when the bag is only about half full. The dust bag can be difficult to remove and replace squarely back onto the unit. Some vegetation (eg strips of palm and fern fronds)gets jammed and cannot be "chopped and swallowed".
Apart from the need to replace the bag (at considerable cost to the overall cost of the machine) this is more than adequate for the home user.
It does what it says at a reasonable price for home purchaser.
Collection bag has disintegrated.



Waste of time,waste of money
The machine is easy to use but it just redistributes the dust and dirt off the patio onto the furniture and me
Easy to manouver
Poor suction
Blows dust out of the bag...so what's the point?

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Can’t even get it to go over artificial lawn can u adjust it at all to make it a bit higher..

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Who repairs vacuum cleaner/blower

1 answer
Liz B
Liz B

Take it back to where you bought it from if it’s still under warranty.

David P

David Pasked

How do you unblock the machine so that the selection knob can be turned from vacuum to blow and back again? Then how do you prevent it from clogging again? Thankyou, David P, Melbourne.

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