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16" Mulch Or Catch (VLM4018) and 18" Mulch Or Catch (VLM4016U)
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How do I grease the shaft?
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Sorry Stephen, I haven’t performed this task, sorry. It’s still a limited performer.

the user guide mentions a -Victa V-Force+ Battery & Charger manual. Does it give any additional information on battery charging and disposal? if so where did I find it?
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Sorry, the manual is very limited. No reference to disposal either.

Victa mower 40 v starts but stops after a few seconds. Any ideas?
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Hi Greg, Ive had few problems with my mower but that is not one of them. Sorry I cant help. BrentThe engine is not getting fuel . make sure the fuel is above the tank filter , 2nd pull the fuel hose of the carby to see if fuel flows (steady stream) if not clean fuel filter or replace 3rd check the float needle on the carby not stuck by removing front cover on the carby the needle valve should drop down with the float.

Just about to retire our Victa Silver Streak 4 stroke mower after 30 years. The grass catcher has come away so now need a new mower. Also engine can be a bit temperamental to start at times. Doubt any mowers made these days are as well built so unsure what to replace it with.
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I reckon the V-Force, or many of the modern mowers for that matter, will struggle to match the durability of the better older petrol mowers. However some of the newer plastics are very tough and extremely impact resistant with the added advantage that they are lighter and will not rust. What tends to fail are the cheap attachments and fittings. Closely inspect the attachment points for the handlebar, cutting height adjustment, and wheels. I have the larger V-Force mower with the metal deck. I trust the metal deck more than the plastic on the current Victa mowers. The Victa V-Force is holding up so far. I have been using it in mulch mode only. The catcher is a lightweight fabric affair that I'm not all that impressed with. It's very hard to beat the instant start, lighter weight and near silence of the V-Force.Thank you very much for your most helpful advice. We would like to stay with a Victa mower as we understand they are still being made in Australia.

It has disappeared from Bunnings website. Anyone know why? New model coming soon?
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I can still see the mower on http://www.bunnings.com.au/victa-18-40v-vforce-lawn-mower_p3380787 And there is a No Battery or charger version for $529 at http://www.bunnings.com.au/victa-18-40v-v-force-lawn-mower-console_p3380924 Considering the battery is $200 and you are better with spares, this is a worse deal. They also have a 21" version, but it uses a different (80 Volt) battery and charger.The 40V V-Force (both models) are still available at my local Bunnings (Thornleigh & Dural). The 80V was on the floor briefly but I have not seen one in the last couple months. I have found the Bunnings website does not always match the actual floor stock. http://www.bunnings.com.au/victa-18-40v-v-force-lawn-mower-console_p3380924I just bought the last one at my local bunnings. It was floor stock, marked price $500. I got it marked down to $450 including charger & battery. No instructions so I'll have to download those. Bonus is it's already assembled. Hopefully it will work well as it's my 1st non-petrol mower!

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