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Victa VForce+ VLG4035 / VLH4058U

Victa VForce+ VLG4035 / VLH4058U

VLH4058U and VLG4035
3.3 from 3 reviews

A complete dud

Advertised as a hedge trimmer, but the cutting blade is easily damaged. So much so it will not cut anything thicker than 12mm new growth. NZ dealer says an damage is abuse. Won't honour 2 year warranty on a machine one month old. Do not buy.

Purchased in January 2019 at Gardening Aids Wairau, Auckland. for $199.00.

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Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
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Worth the money

I bought this hedge trimmer about 2 years ago and it has been an excellent investment. Previously had a two stroke petrol trimmer and I used to feel sick after trimming the hedges due to fumes.

This trimmer is clean, light and has plenty of power.

I've got a half acre block with hedges and topiary all round. Species varying from leylandi to pittosporum. I can get all my hedges done in less than one full charge.

The trimmer itself is light and the battery is right at the back, giving it a good centre of mass, meaning your arms do not get so tired. The swivel handle is convenient and means you can easily trim the tope of hedges above head height without needing a ladder.

I can't think of any negatives except the price. Obviously you need to care for your battery as you would with any Lithium battery (don't run it completely dead, and charge at least every 6 months regardless of use).

Well thought out battery trimmer

I have owned this for a little over 9 months now. Used it many times and recharged the battery just as many.

The unit is a well thought out design. A little heavy due to the battery, but not overly cumbersome if you use the shoulder strap. More power than is needed for a well kept garden and lawn. I have roughly 250 sq.m of garden area with all of it needing edge work done when mowed. The battery does not fail. It has a good half charge left. If you let the battery settle and temperature stabilize, it shows 3/4 left.

A lot quieter than a petrol version, great having a straight shaft but not as quiet as some. Mainly due to the straight shaft gearing. Others that have the electric motor at the head are quieter, but I find them a little off balance for my use. Plus they are direct drive to line. Which means you have less torque if you decide to change head for a blade or some other cutter.

The unit is a little expensive given what else is in the market. But I don't have any maintenance to worry about (apart from lubrication of the shaft) and I don't have to store flammable materials. For me, this is a wonderful tool and will be expanding the collection to include the blower and hedge cutter.

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VForce+ VLH4058UVForce+ VLG4035
Power SourceBattery
Price (RRP)369
Blade Length550

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