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Victoria's Basement Physical stores

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Question - What moron would put a metal handle on a skillet? Answer - Anolon

What idiot would put a metal handle on a skillet?
I replaced a long held and very effective skillet with an Anolon.
First outing I nearly took all the skin off my hand!
Seriously I am amazed that you would even stock such a ridiculously unsafe article that still cost about $50!!!
I think you can tell I will not be back!!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationQueen Victoria

Wont be back

Staff didn't give me receipt -
Foreign security man on door when informed
said " not my problem" even after telling him I had a knee injury and going back upstairs would be painful - he refused to help or come up with solution - he argued and argued and made me upset - left very unhappy - wont be back

Return Claim MadeNo

Beware of false online advertising!

After finding what seemed like a good ‘deal’ online was in fact FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. A 42 piece Stanley Rogers cutlery set was described, labelled and advertised as an 18/10 premium stainless steel product. After travelling to the store and almost purchasing the item, I soon realised it was not 18/10 quality, in fact very low quality and bent right in half without barely trying. We informed the staff and forwarded it to head office and they replied with... sorry this happens often, we will get it fixed. This is an illegal act to encourage individuals to purchase a particular item that is not actually what they believe it to be. So very wrong that such a big company could not offer their own customers anything for the misleading information and inconvience caused. Never again will I shop at Victoria’s basement as I am not guaranteed the quality of items I am purchasing. Very disappointing

Store staff helpful but extremely misleading pricing

I bought some food storage containers that said their regular price was $195 and sale price was $95. I wanted some more information on the brand so checked the manufacturers website when I got home to find they were selling almost the exact same set selling for just $77.80. It appears that’s Victoria’s basement regular price was massively inflated and their ‘sale’ price was over 20% more than the rrp. I advise anyone shopping there to be aware that their prices are probably not nearly as discounted as they claim and that even on sale their prices could be much higher than elsewhere.

Would not honour displayed item price. Terrible customer service too.

First of all, the QVB store is a mess and is hard to get around and find what you need, with lots of potential to knock over expensive items (which we saw someone do).

The issue that we had though, was that basically the store would not honour a displayed price for a piece of cookware. We were given an option of taking the display item for the displayed price or the boxed version of the item for about 20% more. There was no indication of a display-only price which creates confusion. There shouldn't be multiple prices and legally the displayed price should be honoured.

Instead, the staff opted to act unapologetically and rudely, left us with a poor experience in picking between an item with fingerprints all over it or paying another 20%. How is a customer to feel? Why should we reward this?

Simply, the store's priorities don't seem to be on customer service. Because if they were, then perhaps they would realise that in the long run there would be more value in keeping customers happy, especially when the store has messed up, instead of trying to save a few bucks while turning off customers for good and dissuading many others before they have even set foot in your store.

Incredibly rude staff

Incredibly rude staff (Artarmon shop at least). New lows in customer service. I have rarely been treated so poorly in any shop. Best to avoid.

BEWARE Victoria Basement does not refund your defective purchase or product which does not work.

Bought a Swiss Diamond Induction frying pan 28 cm and found out that the skillet does not work with my SMEG induction cooktop. Went back to Victoria Basement to ask for a refund. I thought that this is just a straight forward refund, as the skillet has not been used, wrapping box is immaculate and not torn, receipt is kept.

For those not familiar with induction cooktop, it only works with induction cooktop to heat the base of the cookware. If the cookware does not work with the cooktop, then there is no heat transferred, so effectively the cookware is unusable.

I am stuck with a $150 frying pan which does not work with my cooktop. Although I bought an induction model of the frying pan, what can I say, the skillet does not work when taken home. I also bought a casserole pot of a different brand (Bezier) and this pot works with my induction cooktop (no issue here for this product).

Victoria basement said they will need to send the frying pan to the importer of Swiss Diamond for it to be tested. If it works, then they will insist that I take the frying pan back. I am really not optimistic that this will resolve fairly for the end customer like me.

The frying pan has not been used at all, as it just does not conduct heat in my cooktop, regardless of this fact, Victoria basement store manager (name removed]) insisted that I have used the frying pan. Such stupidity from the store manager who does not understand that for the frying pan to be used, first it has to conduct heat, which did not happen as the frying pan is not working with my SMEG induction cooktop.

Victoria basement said they will call me with the decision once they have contacted Swiss Diamond. I am pessimistic of the outcome and thus this review.

Lesson learned for other purchasers of induction frying pan or cookware:
1. Avoid buying Swiss Diamond product. Do not get hyped up with the price and perceived quality. The importer and Swiss Diamond are crook, they use false labeling. Claiming their product is classic induction but does not work with my cooktop. My cooktop works with other brand of induction cookware.
2. Avoid buying any products from Victoria Basement Queen Victoria Building Sydney. If you bought a defective product (although you have not yet used it), they will not issue you are refund. Better to shop at David Jones and buy your kitchen utensils there, as this sort of issue will not occur at David Jones, who will not only price match Victoria Basement price, but will also readily accept defective product which has not been used for refund.

Victoria Basement Queen Victoria Building Sydney and Swiss Diamond consider my bad shopping experience as you have lost one life long customer and his extended family.

UPDATE 06 Jan 2017 - Victoria Basement refunded the full amount of the money of $150 after I mentioned that I would lodge a complaint to ACCC explaining that they sold me a product that is not functioning as the product claimed it is. (i.e not-fit-for-purpose as it claimed it to be).
Even after this refund, I am still not impressed with Victoria Basement and their unfair refund policy. If the customer bought some product that was not functioning as it claimed it could perform (in my case, a skillet that is supposed to work in induction stove but could not induct and perform on the stove) then the customer should receive refund without argument. In my case, I had to waste time returning to their shop twice and a phone call convincing 2 of the staff, one of which is a manager and inform them I would lodge a complaint to ACCC and NSW fair trading.
Shop with them and be aware of this risk. I still think that major department stores with fair refund policy deserve your business than Victoria Basement.

DOA knife sharpener refused return

I bought an automatic knife sharperner for $82 on 16/8/16, one of the most expensive in the shop. The machine failed on the first use. I took it back to the shop and expect a full refund on DOA on 17/8/16. The store manager was totally rude and ruthless when dealing with me. She was yelling and refused a refund for the purchase. Reason being the machine has been used, even once, and it is warranty issue. I am totally disappointed with the so called store manager and I have had no choice but to walk away. I will never return to this store. Buyers beware.

Buyer beware! Artificially high pre discount pricing - questionable refund policy

Absolutely atrocious refund policy. You effectively have to prove an item doesn't work! Purchased $225 induction friendly wok only to find it doesn't interface with stove (although website clearly states it does. Returned item in 4 days (I live 2 hours away) only to be told it has to be returned to supplier to prove it doesn't work. Unconscionable business practices. Complaint lodged with dept of fair trading.

Selling faulty product and refused to give refund

I bought a water bottle on Thu 30th July at the VictoriaBasement in QVB on George St in Sydney and found out that the bottle was leaking during the weekend while carrying it all day in my backpack with water in that new bottle. Today, 7th August at 5.45 pm I went to the shop and asked for refund. One of the staff ( supervisor ) behind the checkout counter asked another staff to check the bottle. The staff fill up 100ml of water in the bottle and told me that it is not leaking. I explained to him that it may not leak straight away with 100ml of water in the bottle. The water start leaking slowly inside the lid and then dripping out from the cap. He didn't accept what I explained to him and refused to give refund.

I am not that patient and don't want to waste my time anylonger at that place. So, I walked out from the shop without refund money, left the bottle and the receipt. I am writing this because I want everyone to think twice to shop in VictoriaBasement. This water bottle cost me $16 now and I regret that I trusted their product and service. I regret that I spent nearly $500 in that shop before this happened. I promised I will never ever spend one more cent in that shop and will tell my experience to everyone. Again everyone, may I remind you to think twice before you shop in VictoriaBasement !

Don't believe the price, they might not sell it to you!

I bought a Thermos Container last night from castle hill, on the price tag, it says the original price was 25 and down to 18.95, when I went to Check out, the cashier said the system showed it was 19.95, and had someone checked the price, since that's the last one, there was nothing to compare with,she refused to sell it to me as the marked price.

I understand that for a thing worth 300 , it's impossible to give me as 10 dollars, but with 1 dollar difference no one would bother change the sticker.

If the original price was 19.95 why put a tag on was 25?

If the sticker was the problem there, please mark it on the wall , so we know what price we should pay for.

Although I paid 19.95 for that, it wouldn't be a happy shopping experience to me , I hope someone fix the problem.

Lack of customer service

Purchased an item I have been looking for a while. Went home and tested the item and realized that it was of an acceptable quality. Went back to the store and asked for a full refund; they denied it. Spoke with the person in charge with no results either. They just wanted to keep the money to themselves, like the Hot Dollar shops. Too bad since they have lost a recurring customer. Quite disappointed.

Non sense of customer service.

Make sure you Ask every price before going to the till.. No point of refund from there!

I went to purchase a few items at the Alexandria store. When I got to the till, the items were rung up and I signed my card receipt, I realised that the knife I chose was not on sale (tho the whole range was labelled "all 70% off") so asked the shop assistant if I could return it (without realizing their "no-refund policy").. within seconds she was rolling her eyes and giving me attitude saying there is no refund for "change of mind". I would never go back to this store.. rather pay a bit more and go to a store with a friendlier staff working. Totally Disgusted. Strange for a busy store, that they don't have any tills where the item scanned have their price displayed.. discounting their stock also have discounted their customer service. Definitely going to wait till sale period at Myer or DJ's and shop there from now.. One less store to return to!

not worth their discounts.

Terrible service! Shocking customer service.

I bought two boxed crockery sets - different cups in them when I got home. Upon return to the store the manager told me she was not prepared to open more than two boxes to match my purchase! She was rude, loud and it was an embarrassing experience! I will not return to the store.
The goods in the store are well priced.
The staff - the manager was rude and had no customer service whatsoever

Peters of Kensington Here I Come

If you are sure the product is not broken or has a maunufacturing defect .If you are sure the Trade Practices Act does not apply to you. Welcome to Victoria's Basement.
In brief. Purchased coated cookware 4 weeks ago. Coating crumbled and peeled. Only wooden implements used.
Back to Atarmon store. Easy, right? Just replace the $70 frypan. Then I just met a girl called [name removed].
And customer service 101 from Victoria's Basement Staff Training Manual.
[name removed]was the 4th staff member I was referred to. The Senior Manager.
And her policy was, talk the problem to death. Spend 20 mins in an open shop arguing with a customer over the Trade Practices Act, which she believed did not apply to Victoria's basement. No exchange of faulty goods, no refund, no acknowledgment of liability, no apology.
Remember. This is a $70 frypan.
Her solution? Send it back to the manufacturer.
So. Let's summaries the position:
1. Four staff members occupied
2. A blatant breech of the most recent amendment to the NSW Trade Practices Act.
3. An application made by me to Fair Trading which reports the breech, and requests a hearing. A hearing at which a staff member of Victoria's Basement will be compelled to attend.
4. A disgruntled customer who is telling, hello, everyone, about his experience.

All for a $70 frypan!

only 3 weeks of trouble free use


A fantastic concept and store that would benefit from improving customer service. I leave pleased with my purchases but put off by the ill-mannered staff.
Excellent savings on great products.
Terribly rude, arrogant service on multiple occasions- most notably at the QVB store.

Terrible service and care factor of Zero

last week I went to the Alexandria store to buy 8 dinner plates, 8 side plates and 8 bowls for a BBQ event on Good Friday. When i got home, there were faults with 3 of the side plates. Given i was not able to get back to one of their out of the way stores before my event, I was forced to go and get 8 plates (I could not find the same ones elsewhere to just buy 2). Today i tried to return the 8 side plates and they refused to refund 6 of them as according to them they were not faulty. However, what are you to do when you have 7 others coming and only 6 usable plates!! Clearly from my receipt, I bought 8 of everything and so it was a "set". For the sake of $10 I will give them away, but they have also lost a customer for life. The service received from both the staff and the "manager" of the Artarmon store was probably the worst I have experienced in a long time. Whilst debating this with them in store, I saw 4 customers put their basket down and walk out having observed the altercation and the care factor was zero. Never again, I will now be a Peters of Kensington exclusive customer for low cost and discounted homewares. Better range, great service and a reasonable returns policy.
Cheap prices with service and quality to match cheapness
Terrible service, unreasonable returns policy, staff who's only line is "its policy" and "didn't you call"

Impressed with the service, range and prices at the Castle Hill Store

Was amazed at the range and pricing of the kitchen/cooking inventory. Bought a wok that was advertised online to be carbon steel with no coating. Got home and discovered it to have a non-stick coating. Took it back to store, exchanged for a carbon steel no coating. Staff were helpful, understanding and efficiently handled the transaction.
Cheap, good layout, great range.
No decent sign-age to cashiers.


I spent nearly $300 in one visit at Alexandria store. I bought a manual slicer from them. When used the slicer at home, I found out that it took a lot of energy to slices few carrots at the same time. The deisgn was not as good as the photo on the packaging. Drive a whole way back to store and after a lot of talking, the store manager [name removed] refused to refund the money. She even refered me to the manufacturer directly. I shopped at various stores, from Kmart, Woolworths to Myer and Peters of Kensington, this this the first time and the only place refused a refund for unsatisfied use of a device bought from them. At other retailer, they would accept the return, talk/communicate to the manufacturer (so they can improve the design). This is the only place I have ever known is not customer-friendly. I met at the store a lady who had a similar problem with her purchase and she talk to me that Victoria Basement is not very friendly on returning of unsatisfied purchase and that is the reason she did not buy many things from them. She said this in front of the store staffs. This is the first and the last time I buy from them. I did not change my mind, I was just not satisfied with the quality of the design of a product I bought from them and instead of accepting the product on behalf of the manufacturer, they refered customers directly to the manufacturer. That's bad customer service. Be aware!
Good marketing/advertising with huge "discount" slogans everywhere.
Alexandria Store:
- Unfrienly, unreasonable selling and return policy.
- Very expensive for what they sell, include you pay high price for poor customer service.
- The only retailer does not refund for unsatisfied purchase (see details below).
- Store manager does not know how to serve clients well, even refered customer directly to the manufacturer.
- Care more about their own money more than customers' satisfaction. Once the stuffs are sold and the money is in their pocket, no more service will be provided.
- Expensive "brand" without expensive/high quality customer service.


One shop stop for all my Christmas and house warming presents, I have a store near my work place and that's where I spend most of my lunch breaks if I have any, wide range of homewear and kitchen items means I am intrigued each time I visit. Love the specials instore heaps to choose from.
A good store to shop for if you are looking for home and kitchen wear, they specialize in these products. I never have to look for long if I need to buy gifts and give aways.Lots of reductions instore and a vide range of good quality products and brands.
Very few stores around, other than that I have noting to complain about

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