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Victory Vision

Victory Vision

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Huge bike

I've had this for 30,000 kms and it's my 8th big bike. I rate it as excellent - there haven't been any issues. They handle really well for a 2 up big bike and are easy to ride as they have a low centre of gravity. The screen and fairing give a lot of weather protection and heated grips and seats mean you can ride all winter in Vic without extra gear on. The range is 400 kms + and the economy can be over 20kms/l ridden in the right conditions. Cruise control is great and I use it all the time. These have a clunky gearbox, very strong and positive. The radio is not great. Power is good and no need for mods. If you want to go really fast and get some speeding tickets maybe look at GoldWing or big BMW, Kwakka tourers. Avon Cobras are the go-to tyre for these and I get 13,000 ks. I did add fairing lowers and backrests for some extra comfort and touring in all weather. The topbox comes off easily for bagger style. Love the 106 cu in v twin. Easy to service, relaxing to ride.

November update. Put a high performance package in it and love it more.

Two years later and I still have it. 50,000 kms and no real issues, still going strong.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

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