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Vileda Sweepmaster Broom

Vileda Sweepmaster Broom

3.0 from 2 reviews

Terrible Quality (Why can't I give 0 stars?)

Packed up before successfully cleaning a studio apartment carpet (less than 20 sqm) once!
Such unbelievably poor quality, that I will never waste money on any Vileda product ever again.

Love my broom!

It's just a broom I know but with three dogs indoors I sweep every morning and have come to appreciate the quality in my Vileda broom - mine looks like the picture but also came with a detachable foam/rubber paddle that slid on behind the bristles. As I sweep from left to right, the bristles catch big hair tuffs first, and the foam catches all the little dirt particles....that was in the beginning, three years later and the foam bit is missing now, the bristles are a bit kinky now but it still works, handle is nice and hefty and I know a new head can easily be purchased. It is worth it, spend a little extra and get a quality system that will make your blah jobs a little easier.
Pretty red colour, light weight, easy to use, worth the money for the higher quality.
not much - it's a broom - it does what a broom should do. Pity it doesn't sweep the floors magically by itself..

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