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Vileda Traditional Straw Broom

Vileda Traditional Straw Broom

1.0 from 2 reviews

This is the worst product I have ever purchased it has the straws fall out with every sweep.

I have always purchased straw brooms for years and very happy with the use I had from them. This is the first of this brand very disappointing. I will not purchase another one ever.

Poor quality

This product is definitely not up to standard as it falls apart very easily. [censored word removed] tufts of straw fall out continually while sweeping the yard - not impressed especially as price is quite high - never had a straw broom do this before in all of my 50+ years of using them - won't buy this brand again!

price and quality

Questions & Answers

I'm not find extendable handle
No answers

How to extent handle
No answers

Can’t find the extendable handle like the lady before and I see you haven’t got back to her be nice to get some answers
2 answers
I cant find an extrndable handle eithetSeems they don’t care

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