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Vintec ALV40BVC / V40BVC

Vintec ALV40BVC / V40BVC

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Worst product ever

We purchased both the bar fridge and the wine fridge paid $800 each for them and expected good quality ( they look good)
The bar fridge always ran to try and get down to temp 24 hours a day and would not go lower than 4 deg. Door was always had condensation and was loosing cold through the glass. A new door was eventually provided under warranty. Now 3 years old motor still running 24 hours a day and it won’t get colder than 15 deg. Can’t drink beers at that temp. The wine fridge compressor went and actually heated the fridge destroying several thousand dollars of my best wines. Compressor replaced under warranty... still working. We are dumping both units total loss and should be taken to consumer law for selling products that do not do what they are supposed to do

Date PurchasedApr 2015


Purchased this both because it looks good and thought it was a reputable, quality brand. The Fridge started to cause my circuit breaker to go. I took it to a refrigerator repair shop and they told me the compressor (LG brand on it) had a leak in the sealed system and it would cost more to fix than the fridge was worth. So it;s now on the scrap heap.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

terrible product... lasted 2.5 years

Paid top dollar thinking that these fridges were the best you can get.
Unfortunately after 2.5 years it now fails to keep temp and is as good as useless.
I think it might be better to buy a cheaper brand than this rubbish.
Feel very ripped off.
Never buying vintec again.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

My little Vintec keeps us cool & smiling

I asked a few mates who have had wine fridges and beverage centres for years what brand I should look for. They said Vintec or Leibherr only.

We liked the look of the Vintec more than the Leibherr and also liked that it can be built-in as well as freestanding which gave us options on where to put it in our home. Just make sure if built-in to follow the manufacturers specifications for venting etc otherwise you risk voiding warranty. Our cabinet maker gave us great advice on this.

It has taken pride of place in our custom alfresco entertaining area and in the 6 months we have had it so far could not be happier. Did not need a dedicated wine fridge as my wife drinks mainly white wine & I like my Sol & Boag's beers.

Surprised by some comments by others on here but I note they were purchased a few years back and not sure of how they were installed or how hot/humid it is where they live and ambient temperature of the location does matter to refrigeration units.

I'd buy another Vintec if we ever need more storage for our white wine & beers..

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Just out of warranty and has stopped working

Bought two VIntecs at a premium price thinking that they were a great product. They look good but like others on this forum mine is now just under two and a half years old and no longer keeps things cold. The warranty from Vintec is two years.The temperature is set at 5degrees but wont go lower than 12. I rang VIntec and was told that I needed to pay for a service call out of around $200 plus if its a compressor it will be about $1000 to repair. No interest from them when I mentioned it is just out of warranty. Cant wait now for the second one to fail. I won't purchase another VIntec ever. My suggesstion is to purchase a cheap bar or wine fridge and replace it if it fails. You will still be far better off than wasting your money on a VIntec.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Stopped after 3 years and its a very typical issue

I've had my ALV40BVC fail just after the 3 years. After researching its a very typical issue and the gas leaks and the compressor needs replacing at a cost of $800+ just after warranty expires. They are loud, the door doesn't have magnetic closure so they can sit slightly open and you don't know. Beyond me why they can charge what they do for these fridges when any other cheapie fridges will last 10 years+.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Waste of Money

I have had two of these and both came to the same end. Unable to hold temperature and the compressor forced to run continuously. Thought the first one must have been a lemon but now realise that they are all lemons. These fridges should not be sold as you will be lucky to get more than 2 years out of them

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Does not do what it is supposed to

The fridge will not keep the drinks cold. It does not reach the stated temps, cannot keep the temp. What a waste of money. My mate bought two units and has the same problem.
I have now tested the Beverage Centre and the fridge operates at up to 6 degrees above what the fridges states, ie at 2 degrees it runs at 8 degrees

Stopped cooling after only 3 months from new.

Cost a lot of money at $1499 so expected it to last a long time. After only 3 months it has stopped cooling completely (broken cooling coil) so thankfully was still under the 2 year warranty. Fridge was fixed but it took a lot of pestering direct to Vintec who sub this work out in WA. Cooling coil needed replaced after just 3 months. This model does chill beer and wine as opposed to the other review I saw and is controllable down to 2degC (when it's working). Overpriced given our Samsung split fridge/freezer c/w icemaker and 3 times the size cost only $300 more. There is not much to the product to justify the price with standard refrigerator compressor and coil and just cosmetics.

So noisy!

We love the look of this fridge and love that we have freed up some space in our food fridge in the kitchen by having a fridge just for our drinks. BUT its so noisy, it is at the point that it drives me crazy and I want to get rid of it. It's in our main living area and we have to turn the TV volume up. I have called Vintec twice about this and have been told this is because of the ambient temperature. It doesn't matter what the room temperature is, the motor kicks in and goes on every 20 minutes. And when it does, its extremely loud!!
The look
Too noisy


Told by the retailler that this model Vintec beverage unit would be suitable as beer fridge (Model 40BVC) but on the maximum cold setting will not cool enough for a cold beer, My advice buy a $300 bar fridge instead and save your $$$$.
Or invite all your mates around for a "Warm One"
Looks good.
Won't chill cold enough for a "Cold Beer" in fact its useless

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