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Vintec 121 Bottle Single Zone V110SGES3

Vintec 121 Bottle Single Zone V110SGES3

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Started off badly, now working on it.

I can echo every other complaint. Ours lasted just over 2 years before playing up. Gas leak which couldn't be repaired on site. $185 call out fee and the tech didn't touch a thing. Apparently this is common. Electrolux have taken over the brand and have inherited some major issues. Doing their best to remedy the situation. As a commercial client they provided a new fridge at a substantial discount.
Relatively happy with this resolution.

Purchased in December 2018.

Don't waste your money buying Vintec fridges

My fridge was 2.5 years old and went to room temperature. I rang the Electrolux customer service, and they were extremely defensive and during our conversation eventually became rude. When I said the whirlpool forum reviews had multiple faults identical to mine they offered me a replacement offer I asked them why I should buy another Vintec fridge when clearly there is a faulty design. Electrolux claimed there were no known faults but suggested turning the fridge off for 24 hours and turn it back on. I said I had already tried that method and it didn't work. When I said, this recommended solution had been mentioned to most of the unsatisfied customers on the Whirlpool forum, so how is it if there are no known faults this is the recommended way forward from the customer service division. At this point, the customer representative became rude and said there was nothing else they can do - hung up! Way to go Electrolux you can be proud of your customer service - furthermore this has left such a sour taste in my mouth I will never buy another Electrolux product again, and I will be only too happy to tell this to others of my experience who may be thinking of buying your products. Unfortunately, I cannot post a picture of their poor workmanship.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Hi Steve Kathy from Electrolux here. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised about the Vintec cabinet If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Kathy. Thanks, Kathy

Most unreliable poor quality fridge I’ve ever owned

The 1st fridge needed to be replaced under an extended warranty as the technician determined a leak in the cooling system. The temperature could not go below 20-21 degrees. I was advised to turn it off for 24 hours and restarting it but that was unsuccessful. The fridge had never been moved since purchase the the leak was a manufacturing quality issue. The replacement has now gone the same way with temperature not going below 21 degrees after 18 months. I have another brand of fridge that has outlived both Vintec and is still going strong. If you have expensive wines I would not rely on Vintec unless you are prepared to replace it every 2 years at least. The brand quality is not consistent with the prices being charged.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Don't buy Vintec Wine Fridges - They won't last

Vintec (V110SG e) 3 years old - temperature 23 degrees and won't cool down. Technician said gas escaping, not economical to repair. Paid $185 for his 6 minutes visit and told a replacement offer would be made, however only a small amount for old unit and we have to pay the reminder of a new one. I just can't accept this! I have two fridges that are over 15 y.o. and still work perfectly. I have a television set that is 20 years old and works perfectly, so why an expensive Vintec wine fridge (costing nearly $2,500) last only 3 years and is not deemed worthwhile of repair?

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Average product with one major flaw

It is a good looking fridge that does what it is supposed to do; keep wine at a constant cool temperature in a light and humidity controlled environment. In that regards it gets 5 stars.

I subtract two and a half and half a star for each of the following points respectively:
1) The space between shelves is designed for Bordeaux bottles (Shiraz, cab sauv) only. Burgundy (Pinot noir) or champagne bottles will actually rub on the shelf above (I.e. you can’t open the draws if you’re storing anything with a diameter larger than a Bordeaux bottle). This is really annoying because a) who only has Bordeaux bottles in their collection? and, b) a small design change would have fixed this problem: 10mm more height in each shelf (with one less shelf over all and maybe a stated capacity of 110 bottles instead of 120) would make this fridge so much more usable. I get around this problem by removing a shelf and staking double rows of the larger bottles. I consider this a pretty major design flaw. When I told a Vintec rep about it at a wine fair he said I had to buy the next model up ($8000AUD) if I wanted a wine fridge that fit commonly sized wine bottles, no joke.
2) When the compressor is running it is not super quiet, not loud, but noticeable in a quiet room. Pretty minor issue this one.

So overall I'm NOT happy with it but I’m not buying another one so i’ll Live with it’s flaws. I would probably not buy it again if I could find one if similar design (individual shelves) that fit Bordeaux bottles.

Regarding support from Vintec, they have been ok. I had a concern with a previous Vntec fridge I owned and the tech responded to emails in good time and detail.

I’ve edited this review twice in the 18months i’ve Had it because my opinion of it keeps going down the longer I have it. Started at 4 stars, then to 3 now at 2.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Very average product! Don't waste your money!

Wanted one for years. Regretted spending all that money not long after I unpacked it.
Damaged the label on a vintage bottle of Penfolds the first time I closed a shelf.
Burgundy bottles don't fit between the shelves. Obviously the designers believe only Bordeaux is worth storing.
Every time the power goes off it loses its temperature setting.
The lady from customer support sounded almost embarrassed when I mentioned these short comings.
It looks OK but you wouldn't want it anywhere quiet, as it is as noisy as a $100 bar fridge.
Overall: Don't waste your money! (I would send it back now if I could)

The good:
- Good looking.

The bad:
- Noisy.
- Loses temperature setting when power goes off/on.
- Burgundy Bottles don't fit without removing shelves.
- Shelves can 'scalp' the label off your expensive vintage wine when closing.
- Expensive for what is a poorly designed product.

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121 Bottle Single Zone V110SGES3
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Release dateFeb 2013

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