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Vintec V155SGES3

Vintec V155SGES3

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Terrible Service

I cannot believe the experience I have had to go through, it has been very Poor to say the very least.
I purchased 3 Vintec wine cabinets and had them installed at my newly built house. On the first occasion the wine fridge was replaced with new one as it was leaking, after being 6 months old. Then the new replacement wouldn't hold temperature and it cooked my wine! (I am still waiting for the wine to be replaced). The Vintec fridge was heating to 24 degrees, wine coked. Then they delivered a temporary unit to store my wine that was already cooked and is no good. Now i have my new wine fridge and it seems to be working fine, however many empty promises on the delivery of new wine as it was cooked due to the Vintec overheating.
I have cooperated with every request of Vintec, which has now been bought by Electrolux, including sending photos of the damaged wine and the inventory, still nothing and not even a response to tell me whats going on, just empty promises. This has been going on for months and after many follow ups, still no result or anyone taking any ownership of my file.
An absolute disgrace, considering I spent thousands of dollars on your products.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

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