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Visage (Aldi) Foot & Calf

Visage (Aldi) Foot & Calf

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awesome for the price...

At $149 I reckon you can't find better..Osim is better but for more than $700 it's expensive. I love a hard massage so it's perfect for me.osim covers the upper foot better but I ain't complaining.

Good for the young but maybe not an older person.

I`m 70, unfit & have bad circulation in my legs, 10 stone & have a size 8 foot. I thought a strong massage would help & only tried first setting for less than a minute on foot & legs with socks on. Very hard massage, surely it doesn`t need to be that hard, that it`s painful. Noticed their were small spider veins on the calf of my leg which weren`t there before. Had another couple of short goes but this is really a painful experience although I tried to relax. I asked my fit husband (11 stone), to try the massager, which he did on all the settings, but he thought it was too hard on his legs & feet & he plays golf nearly every day. If you could try this machine before you bought it, I think you would be quiet shocked & wouldn`t buy it, but then there are at least 16 other brands for a similar type of massagers with a price tag up to & over $400 so must be in demand. I know they say, no pain no gain, but I don`t think this massager is really suitable for an older person, but I could be wrong. I think at this sage I will be getting a refund.

I would never have believed that I would spend this much money on a foot & calf massager but I had to get something to help my bad leg circulation so bought the safest option, used by doctors, with the best reviews Medmassager MMFO6 ( black) which with postage from the USA cost about $350 Australian on Ebay. If you want to buy a leg & foot compression type massager, spoil yourself & spend about $300, which includes free postage in Australia on a Lite Power Feet Reflexology Massager with 6 levels of pressure, 3 foot sizes & 30 settings, or a similar product. But I would do my research first & try it out if possible. You get what you pay for and Aldi`s Visage Foot & Calf Massager $149, has one setting for compression which is extremely strong, compressing the calf muscle area to about 2 inches, which can be quiet painful. But then again you get the impression from the reviews that some people like that ultimate hard compression but I can`t see my doctor recommending the Visage for us pensioners. I can only hope & pray that the Medi Massager works out, at least I can sit with my feet on an unenclosed, slopped surface, without hard balls going into my feet, with the option of wearing shoes from video`s on Medi Massager site. If I`m not happy, you will be hearing about it.The new Medi Massager which I bought on Ebay arrived safely in the mail & works for me. You dont need to remove your shoes, just relax in a comfortable chair & even on the lowest setting feel a strong massage all the way up your legs. My husband & daughters think it`s great. To stop the foot massager from moving on the floor Medi say, place on a none slip rug but I found that a bed pillow worked well & stops some of the vibration that can make other objects rattle near by. I will need a knee replacement in the future, so when my knee is painful, I don`t use the massager. We had no problem getting a refund from Aldi`s for their Visage Foot & Calf Massager $149. The Manager agree it was a very strong massager & the friendly, over weight cashier said, she wanted one. Noticed Aldi`s Katoomba, still had a couple in stock with reduced price of $99. Sue.

Cheap alternative - good enough for me

I have been interested in getting one of these but couldn't justify the $750 price tags I've been seeing around the place. This was bought at Aldi for about a quarter of the price.

I am extremely thin, weigh 45kgs and at first I thought it was a little too much pressure especially around the calf muscles. So I am enjoying just putting on both for a few minutes then leaving it on the foot massage for a while longer. This is going to be great for 10 min after work every day and you only need to use it 4 times to equal the same price of getting 4 foot massages.

I am not sure if the pressure will ease up with more use but for now I have a feeling it would be way too tight for anyone with a large build.

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The tip below by Jaybird has been a good one - i.e. resting your feet on outside to give ankles a massage - my ankles have been a 10 year problem and it's nice to have this option on standby whenever I need!

Perfect for calf muscles.

This machine gives your legs and feet a really good massage - but - it would not suit everybody. It would not be suitable for people with fat legs as they may not fit in the alcoves. It is good for most feet, but hurts my thin boney feet too much, so I just wear thick socks or leave my feet out in front so it only massages above my ankles. I like the vibrating massage it gives and use if quite often.
Great for calves up to knees.
It wouldn't work for overweight people with fat legs and if your feet are thin and boney like mine it is too painful.

Purchased in March 2013 at Aldi.

not for tall people

There is no real height adjustment, the so called height adjustment is only the angle of inclination via a pull out lift bar underneath, I am 5'10-" and my upper calf muscles do not get a massage, only the lower half and that has left me bruised, the foot massage is little more than a hard squeeze from the sides .. good luck.
handles make it easy to get into wheelie bin
no size or position adjustments

Rip Off! Not for Men!!

Guys n Gals if you are over 82Kgs this is not for you!!
Picked up one this morning and about to drop it back...forget about foot and calf massage,,,its not going to happen unless you are person of slim build...So beware if you are not, other than that it was OK
The Price
The fit was not universal

The best thing on earth

I love it, it has everything.I use it everyday after coming from work. It has a vibration mode and a kind of punching mode but they both are good. The excellent things about this product is that it has everything you want when you come back to home from work.

first impression: aie it hurts

just opened it and tried. Damn: it hurts. The pressure in the feet is way too strong.
After using it 30 minutes, saw some red marks in the calf. tried again later in the evening and could not: it was really painfull. Hope the pressure system ( seams to be some air pockets ) will relax after time, if not will have to get it back.


I love mine and want to get another one for my daughter. Any ideas where I can find one?I have a New opened Calf & Foot Massager as above for sale. If you are interested you can find me on Facebook - mintogaragesaleThat should have been New & Unopened

Questions & Answers

hi is this still available at aldi snd how much is it
1 answer
I don`t think Aldi`s sell them anymore, haven`t seen them since then, maybe they had a lot of complaints & returns. In my opinion the would damage your legs & cause veins, the machine was too strong.

Can we get one from aldi stores? How much does it cost? /
1 answer
They have them in stock right now. (2nd January 2014)

How can i obtain a replacement instruction book?
1 answer
Ask someone to photocopy their book

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