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Vision One Homes
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100% Confidence in Vision One Homes!

Vision One Homes was an absolutely amazing company to build with. This was our first time building and we obviously had no idea what we were doing. From start to finish we were looked after the entire way. We asked hundreds of questions and they were always answered quickly and promptly.
From the time we walked into the Vision One/Novus Display home in Waterford, we were made to feel at ease. We were never pushed into anything and they actually took the time to listen to what we wanted (Something other builders we were seeing at the time didn’t).
Throughout the whole process, everyone we dealt with from the initial sales reps, prestart clerk, client liaison to our site supervisor, we were always looked after and nothing was ever a drama. Everyone was always very open, honest and transparent with us. When there were any issues with the build, they were always brought to our attention straight away and dealt with just as quick. We felt more stress free building this house with Vision One than we did trying to sell our old house. That’s just how great they were/are.
Structurally the house is amazing and looks exactly how we pictured. They even added a few items such as corbelling to one side of the house for free, just to make it look better.

We are so so happy with the service and support received and can say with 100% confidence that should the opportunity arise again in the future, we would definitely build with Novus/Vision One homes.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateMay 2019

triplex unit development

This is my first development and I am overall impressed with how the units turned out. My first point of contact was through their Project Development Manager (Fab) and he was fantastic. A wealth of knowledge which guided me in what areas of the building project to spend and what I could leave in the future for upgrade. Vision One as a team were great with me being time poor, they were very prompt at email replies and returning phone calls at a time I when I requested due to work. The only minor difficult part of the process was Pre Start, there was less guidance and recommendations, some small errors in paperwork and less flexible in visiting their showroom. Once all the paperwork was sorted, the construction phase was very easy. My construction Supervisor was Sam he was great. I was surprised that he was pickier than me and spotted things at first and final inspections that I didn't! He has very high standards and I felt there was great care and attention to detail taken during the construction.

Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateJanuary 2019

Quality, trustworthy builder

Vision One Homes were a pleasure to deal with. We developed a very open and honest relationship with all staff including the sales rep, prestart, building progress liaison, and building supervisor.
The initial design stage was great, and the design team customised the plans to suit our block and suggested adjustments which we didn't think were possible. The end result is even greater than the display homes on which it is based.
The cost of our home was a little bit more than one other builder who offered similar design, size and specification but we chose Vision One Homes as we believed their quality was superior and we expected that the building process would be hassle free. We were not wrong; the house is very well finished and minor misunderstandings during build and at handover were dealt with quickly and with no arguments.
We only have one complaint about the gas cooktop, the stainless-steel top seems to be of low quality and the burner layout is not great in that the front burners are too close to the knobs which melt when a pot is placed on them. Everything else is absolutely fabulous and we are proud to call this house our home.

Construction End DateAug 2018

Absolute perfection!

From the first meeting with Michael through every stage of the build, the companies philosophy and attention to detail was followed by every trade on site throughout the build. The liaison with both Dannielle and Syd our building co ordinator and supervisor were both excellent and again their aim was to deliver to us the best service, build and quality that they stand by. We never experienced any issues from start to finish and any queries we had were handled immediately and efficiently. The final cost of our home was exactly the same as the estimate we were given prior commencing the build.

Construction End DateAug 2018

Dream home - Rural area

First of all i would like to start by saying how many comments we got on just the brick work- everyone who saw the progress was so amazed by the quality of the workmanship. We had a very different experience with building the home as we also included a granny flat that was a total different dwelling but vision one were really good and handled everything with the rules and regulations for this. They showed real diversity in the build. The supervisor and admin team was superb and i never had any trouble getting in touch with them, but what i really liked was when something had a little issue the supervisor was all over it and already had steps in place to fix. All the finishes are what i had expected and looked amazing. Overall it was a great experience for a first time builder and I would definitely return. So happy with me new home!

Construction End DateFeb 2018

Great Communication from start to finish

We had been planning a move to the city for quite some time and decided to build rather than buy. After looking at a lot of display homes over a 2 year period we kept coming back to Vision One's Elise display. It had the feel and the large family living area we were after. Plus the design detail and quality of finish was excellent and really stood them apart from other builders. We were impressed by all the staff assisting us from the design and planning stage, to the pre start part process and our site supervisor during the build was excellent. During the whole process our changes and variations were all accommodated and nothing was to much trouble. We were always treated courteously and felt well looked after when communicating with all the Vision One Staff. This aspect of the build was very important to us as we were doing most of our dealings over the phone or on email and living in the country and building in the city did have us concerned before we built - we needn't have worried. We felt in the loop during the whole process and were always kept up to speed on progress. Another fantastic part of the Vision One process is having your own site supervisor. This being the first time we had built, it was a total reassurance having a someone we could talk to and show us through the process as well as regular site meetings to discuss the upcoming stages of the build.
We highly recommend Vision One Homes and can't wait to enjoy or new family home for many years to come.

Construction End DateJun 2017

An attention to detail often spoke of, but rarely seen!!!

The main draw a card for our choice to use vision one homes and the Novus group was the standard inclusions and high level of detail that were already in the display home specification, not added extras like other builders we spoke to. From the sales consultant, Mark, through to Rachael, in the office, and topped off by Sam, the supervisor, we knew we were in good hands from the get go. Now that our home is completed it is truly a work of art!!

Construction End DateSep 2016

Excellent from the start all the way to collecting our keys!

Vision One was the first display home we walked into because searching online we decided that we were most impressed with the Vision One finishes and designs. Our block was a large rear access block and required a home to be designed for it. The display home consultant was amazing from the moment we walked in. She understood that we were looking more at finishes than design at this stage and was very helpful in taking us through everything we could possibly have included within our price point. We gave Vision One our block dimensions and what we were after within a house and within the next few days a comprehensive design was sent through to us. We were also working with a well known builder for a second design and quote, however the service received from Vision One, the inclusions and the personal appointments through the design period were really what made us choose Vision One. Also the price per square metre was well and truly the best between the builders we were looking at. Once a design was settled upon and contracts signed the pre-start process was very comprehensive. We had the appointments with external contractors and the range and quality under the "builders range" was above our expectations. Vision One didn't really have a builders range to choose between but really more a price point per item so if the items in the 'builders range' weren't what we were necessarily after the external contractors and the pre-start consultant worked with us to get what we wanted within that builder price point. The build itself was managed perfectly. Our Construction Liaison and Construction Manager were on top of everything. At the start of our build we were told under the contract that the build would take over 10 months, however the build was completed from earth works to practical completion within 7 months. The whole process from initial design to practical completion took just over 12 months. Well below what we expected. Both the Construction Liaison and Manager were always able to take our calls and emails and response time was under 24 hours. We had one issue through the whole build, wrong laundry benchtop installed, we signed off on the wrong benchtop at prestart. Even though the error was not pricked up when we signed off at pre-start Vision One still replaced the benchtop to what we had originally wanted at no cost to us. Vision Ones customer service is exemplary. We happily recommend them as a builder and will likely work with them in the future.

Construction End DateDec 2016

Fantastic experience from start to finish!

After purchasing a block in Alkimos we spent a lot of time deciding on the right builder. After looking at all the well known builders we found a display home built by Vision One Homes which we fell in love with but was too big to fit on our land. The Building Consultant was very helpful and managed to adapt the plan to fit our block and still keep the layout and the front facade the same and within budget. Vision One's price and specification was comparable to the other builders we had been dealing with. The pre-start process was great, the Pre-Start Consultant was very helpful and suggested some clever cost saving ideas to help us stay within budget. The build was very smooth, the workmanship was exceptional and handover took place within a week of the time estimated before construction began. We love our new home and highly recommend Vision One Homes.

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Has anyone built with Vision homes in the Huntet Nsw?
2 answers
Hi Daisy Thanks for the question, however you may be getting us confused with Vision Homes, who operate in NSW. We are Vision One Homes and operate in Western Australia. We build affordable single and two storey homes. For more information visit our website www.visiononehomes.com.au.Yes wrong person..sorry

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