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Allergic Reaction - Rash and trouble breathing

This morning I had a really bad allergic reaction to this. I broke out in a red stinging rash all over my face, scalp and body.

When it first came on I felt like I couldn't breathe properly and considered going to the hospital. I had to make myself throw up and go to the pharmacy to get an antihistamine.

It couldnt be anything else I had eaten (it was 9am and i had only had toast and a coffee which Ive had every day almost for 30 years!).

Excellent supplement to my green smoothie

We add a teaspoon to our green smoothies every morning to boost the vitamins and minerals. It sweetens the smoothie making it more tasty but not too sickly sweet. Perfect!

Love this product!

Absolutely love this product take it everyday without fail great energy booster makes you feel so much better told my work colleagues they have started taking vital greens and now they know what I've been trying to tell them

Love Vital Greens

I love this product, I have been taking it for approx. 2.5 years and it helps me with my energy levels and also notice my body is not as achy or stiff. I drink 2 heaped teaspoons every morning in a small amount of organic beetroot juice (brand is Beet-It) and it tastes great and I have never had any side effects. I stopped taking for a couple of months and noticed a huge difference in energy as well as body stiffness, now back on it and feel great again. Both my husband and I use this product and are both very happy with the results. I haven't found another product as yet that has as many vitamins and minerals as this product.

love it

This is the best. Had a slight cold coming on and lack of energy. I have some in the morning and also some at work. It keeps my energy levels going. It is magic in a container

Wake up so easily in mornings now

I started taking vital greens as my boyfriend's friend told him about it and I wanted to try it. I take it everyday. All my life every morning has been like coming round from unconsciousness, so hard to wake up but since I have had vital greens everyday I wake up so easily after my sleep. Its fantastic!! I wake up and get up, Im not groggy and sleepy it's honestly changed my life. I guess I was deficienct in one or more minerals or vitamins that aids the waking process. In general I also feel pretty good day to day :)

The best stuff on the market!:)

Gives me a lot of energy, makes me feel healthier, fitter and alert. Great detoxes, great nutrition. Best on the market, would highly recommend to anyone suffering from any chronic illness or one who needs to lose weight/fix their diet.

makes a big difference to energy levels

i use vital greens now for about 8 months and had a break of a month while i was waiting for it to become cheaper.
i really noticed the difference when i got back on it. Great but expensive.

Energy boost but ....

Once I started taking Vital Greens I did notice that I felt better than I did prior to starting it. I kept taking it for around a year but in that time I had to have multiple kidney stones surgically removed twice, despite never having a problem with kidney stones before. After the 2nd time, I stopped taking Vital Greens just to see .... and haven't had any problem with kidney stones since. The urologist that removed the stones had me do a scan a year after I had the 2nd batch of stones removed and there were no signs of any stones. Coincidence ? Maybe or maybe not.

Horrible product with customer service to match

The product has changed from earlier versions - taste is not great and it does not dissolve.
Customer service don't acknowledge this and just stop responding to emails.
Extremely unprofessional.

We continue to use this product pretty much daily

I would add that people will find that after a period of use the benefits may not appear to be as good as at first. I can't speak for other users, I discovered that after tests that I have an MHTF Mutation gene that is quite common but in principle means that I have a significantly reduced capacity to extract nutrients from food as it passes through the stomach. So for me it would appear I'd be safer using it ongoing. But for others, using Vital Greens might only be necessary for short periods to get better ph and other vitamin and minerals up in the system they could then stop for some time. BTW we have found the best place to shop for Vital Greens is on Ebay.

Didn't notice any difference

My Mum and I both tried the "Vital Greens" product. It's great tasting but expensive and did not provide any additional energy. Wouldn't buy again due to no results at all.

unpleasant sweet taste

This was my daily vitamin drink for many years, now they have changed the formula about a year back and now has a very unpleasant artificial sweet taste and leaves a horrible taste in the mouth. I have written to the company with no success/acknowledgment.

Manufacturer refuses to put required seal-foil onto packaging

I had the product (1kg), I liked it, I liked the taste, but:
Product contains (i.e. contained at time of packaging) pro-biotica, which would be good..., but:
For pro-biotica to be effective, they have to be alive (and not dead).
After opening, the container needs to be in the fridge for pro-biotics not to die.
Outside of a fridge, Oxygen kills pro-biotica.
A few years ago, the Manufacturer (Martin & Pleasance, Melbourne) did have the required foil seal
sealing their containers. But then they apparently got rid of those freshness foil-seals (cost saving of a few cents on a product, which cost more than A$100 (1kg)).
I contacted manufacturer a few month ago (email and phone).
They were not open to reasoning and common sense - they will not add the required foil-seal again.
And since the container is effectively "open" while not in a fridge between production and arrival in the hands of the consumer, it is very likely that most of the probiotics are dead at point of delivery.
As a consequence I am not buying this product anymore, since I have to assume that the pro-biotics, which they put into the container are long dead by the time the consumer gets the product (due to sitting in a shelf without seal and in the mail without seal).
Another big issue about the foil-seal not being on the container:
The container (which is not airtight without seal) arrives surrounded by a big mess of green dust in the mail.

An Excellent Product

Having found this to have had great effect to energy levels and improved mood, both my wife and I are dedicated users. We use only one heaped teaspoon each two teaspoons are too many. Recent progress in neuroscience shows that the enteric nervous system (i.e the gastric nervous system) functions as the bodies second brain that can operate as a brain independently of our brains. Its no wonder then that our gastro health can affect our general health and mental health quite separately to our brains.

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CLARITY PERHAPS, I wrote the earlier comment quickly and my grammar hardly helped get a message good or bad across. What I also should have added is that it might well be other brands like Energizer Greens made in the US is just as good a product at Vital Greens. It was because of a thread of positive email remarks on Energizer Greens that prompted my interest in the enteric nervous system and the deficit of important greens from our diets. The advantage of Vital Greens is that it is made in Aus, it is less costly than the other brand and is delivered faster. Also for us in any case the product did everything we had heard Vital Greens could.

This is a great supplant

Taste is so so but well worth taking
I mix mine with yogurt.
Energy boost is great
I make sure i have mine every morning
If i dont take it then definitely feel the difference

Ok but real food is better

I've been using this for quite some time and now just focus on a good balanced diet and it's working out cheaper. Minor point but I agree the ad campaign is questionable.

Best multivitamin I've ever taken!

Since starting to take Vital Greens a year ago I have not missed one day. Originally I bought it because I was concerned about any kind of tired appearance I might have e.g. bags under the eyes, weak nails etc. It has helped with all this but most importantly it has given me fantastic energy levels throughout long, busy days and I haven't had a severe cold since! I went to the doctor after just a few months of regular taking it and was pleased to find I was no longer suffering from anemia, which is something I've had for as long as I can remember.
Admittedly I don't find the taste great...might be because of the Stevia. It's to full on for me but when I mix it with coconut water instead of regular water or mix it in a smoothie it tastes fine.
I recommend it to anybody who lives a busy life and is prone to low energy levels, colds etc. It has made such a difference to my health!

Love the product but developed a frightening rash today

Have been using Vital Greens for a few months and think it has been fantastic. Great energy levels, love the taste and feel that my skin and hair are much better for taking it. I have noticed a strange red rash on my elbows over the past few weeks that faded after about half an hour. I didn't connect this at all to VG. Today however I had a small amount of undissolved powder in the bottom of my glass, so mixed it with more coconut water and drank it. About a minute later my whole face was burning and red, with the rash continuing down my neck and oddly left arm only. Elbow looked exactly as I have seen over the previous weeks. I was worried due to the sudden nature of the rash that it may have been some kind of anaphalactic reaction-but fortunately not. Not sure what to do now...cut down the dose? Stop altogether? I just bought a 1kg pack too as I have loved it so much!
Fast Forward 3 months:
I have consulted a person who runs local Health Food shop and she has explained that the rash is highly likely to be a Vitamin B Flush...caused mainly by vitamin B3, which different people have different thresholds to tolerate. If you google this, there is much info available about it and it is apparently HARMLESS! The body builds up a gradual tolerance to Vitamin B3 and it is safe (she said) for me to go back to VG!

I used it for 5+ years. Not anymore!!

I was introduced to Vital Greens by a naturopath over 5 years ago. Myself and my mum used it daily without fail. Suddenly about a year or two ago they switched out the 2 natural fruit based sweetners and replaced them with stevia. It tastes REVOLTING. SO many people complained about it. I called to ask if they perhaps had a non-sweetened version and the rude woman from customer service snapped at me that YES they now use stevia, NO they won't be changing back nor do they offer a non-sweetened variety. When I asked puzzled "why change something that was so nice?" her reply was "because stevia is cheap as chips" and HUNG UP ON ME!!

Now flavour wise, I dislike stevia BUT the more I learn about it, the more health concerned I become. It does spike blood sugar levels and can cause health issues in some people.

We have ditched the Vital Greens and now only use pure Hawaiian Spirulina powder (which is what most "green" drinks comprise of)

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Hi Just bought a bottle and had it this morning I had viral infection and am on antibiotics Can I still have Vital Greens Also can I have cup of tea after having vital green Can I have probiotic and fish oil, multivitamins, and evening primrose oil tablets Thanks Regards Shernaz
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When will someone get back

Can I take vital greens with Tumeric Active?
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Where are the greens in Vital Green coming from? It says 10% Australian...where are the 90% coming from? and what are the greens that go in?
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