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Not sure I could do without it now.

I've been drinking this almost everyday for a few years, even when it was the old formula which tasted like sawdust. I cant really say if it would do anyone else any good, but I do think its a great product which possibly gives me a boost of various vitamins and minerals I might otherwise just not get. I highly recommend it, cant do you any harm to try, apart from which its fabulous for promoting regularity so to speak and that's got to make you feel good at any time in so many ways! Give it a try if your diet is lacking, just pour it into water, stir it, ignore the colour and gulp it down, it looks ghastly but tastes fine. Expensive, but price around and you do see a few deals.

Huge energy difference, pity it tastes so bad!

Huge energy difference, pity it tastes so bad! But it used to taste even worse. Thankfully a few years ago they changed the sweetener and the taste improved. But still not great in my opinion. Then again you are NOT buying it for the taste. You are buying it because it REALLY WORKS well for improving energy levels.

Great product. Highly Recommended

I tried 1kg powder of Vital Greens for over 9 months. I got more energetic almost immediately. I have been on a near vegan diet for a long while and that also helped but Vital Greens made a noticeable difference.

However, the taste is a bit hard to swallow but you get conditioned to it after while. I wonder if Vital Greens does a tablet form. The price is high.

Well done Vital Green. Thanks for a great product. Will be nice if you can improve on the taste perhaps grapes flavour etc. .. and perhaps give seniors a discount!

update. Few days ago my leg got sharp throbbing pains every few seconds it was unbearably sharp shooting pain. I had not taken the Vital Greens for a few months now. So this time i took 2 teaspoonful twice a day. Day three now and i feel 90% better and slept well last night after 2 days of sleepless night.

Is this stuff safe to consume ?

Just seen the news this morning on the abc .. reporting on the large amount of people suffering from failing livers from herbal supplements and including a number of people needing liver transplants from these types of supplements , the great majority of all these supplements that these people were consuming contained green tea extract ...and I note that vital greens does contain 67 mg of green tea extract along with a whole bunch of other herbal extracts !!! Very concerned does anyone know more about this ?

Love this product!!!

Love this product. Tastes great ! Can't live without it. I notice a huge difference when I've missed out on a day! Gives me the energy I need! I even give it to my 13 year old son and he swears by it .

Struggling to get it down

I was advised by my nutritionalist to give this a go as apart of my program. However I can not drink this without dry retching, I have to drink this over a basin as I have the fear of vomiting. So far not a great experience taste wise!!

Good concept but not for everyone

I bought the 1.2kg packet as part of a new eating plan and was recommended to have half dosage for the first week or so to adjust to it. After 2 weeks I have discontinued it due to having a big increase in bloating and funny skin sensations. Also didn't feel the increase in energy that many others have felt. It could just be my body but if you have a sensitive stomach I would try a small batch before buying the more expensive bulk packs. Also the flavour is way too sweet, even when mixed with smoothies or shakes.

ok flavour just

I didn't think that much of the flavour and texture of this one, but I can drink it so I will finish the packet. I will not buy again due to the bitter after taste. It is supposed to be pineapple flavour but it is barely there. Also there is a slight burning on my tongue from one of the ingredients.
I found Natures way Super Greens Powder much nicer with a distinct pleasant pineapple flavour.

My Mum Is Fit

This product is excellent. I challenge anyone to prove all specialists are against this product. My mother had numerous health problems which have had their symptoms greatly reduced and still reducing over time. Read the label before taking I did and feel better for taking it along with the rest of my family.

Perfect for a busy mumma

I am a mum of a 3 year old and a 1 year old and have a husband who has a disease which makes him very fatigued. Put working on top of this and it makes for a very busy mum. I thought it was time I invest some in something to help with my well being. This has helped me with my energy levels which was exactly what I needed. Although expensive - I think it is worth the investment.

Highly recommend it!

i was recommended Vital Greens about 12montha ago and really noticed the benefits. Had a few months off it due to the price, but am so glad I decided to buy another tub.... My skin is clearer, my mind is sharp and I have energy to work, study and run a household. You will get used to th taste after a week or so. It's so worth it!

I Just can't be bothered writing Reviews but..

Knew my diet and well being was suffering, came across VG at a Discount Pharmacy and stood in the aisle after reviewing contents etc pondering whether to invest the money, not that cheap, anyway took the gamble and parted with 50 something and let me say just this, Wow I mean this stuff hit me like a freight train have been taking only for 5 days now and my energy levels have definitely increased and my focus has dramatically improved, I just feel so much better.

Best product ever..

I have been taking VITAL greens now for a week, I can honestly say I felt the benefit after the first drink, I mix it with apple and blackcurrent juice, tastes lovely. I have not had this much energy in many years, I really didn't know how lacking in energy and wellbeing I was, until I felt the extreme boost I have been given. I will always be taking vital Greens now, and have advised all my family and friends to start taking it also if they want to feel as wonderful as I do...

Taste terrible!

After receiving raving reviews about this product from my sister-in-law, I finally decided to fork out $120 for the betterment of my family's health. No matter how healthy this stuff is, not one person in our family (all 6 of us) can drink this without dry retching. My sister-in-law must have no taste buds in her mouth what so ever. This is terrible tasting stuff!

Magic stuff!!!

This stuff is fantastic! I feel so energised after a few weeks back on it. Used it years ago but had second baby a few months back and have a super active 3 year old and I was starting to really struggle. Got into making green smoothies for breaky with vital greens and bam! I'm back :) cost is high but well worth it!!

love vital greens!!

After trying a number of different green powders, I have finally found the one I love! Thank you Vital Greens for a great tasting powder that I add to smoothies or water in the morning. It gives me more energy and a healthy glow inside and out. My 6 and 8 year olds also add to their smoothies and call it a "shrek juice". Happy family :)


My daughter has asthma and eczema. Has a really healthy diet. Started taking this product and her eczema flared up after first day. Not cheap either

Love it!

I have been taking this and giving to my son since he finished chemo a few years ago. I am not sure if it is working or not but I feel great and rarely get sick. I have also noticed since taking it that any pain I had from arthritis in my hip has greatly diminished. I can only assume it is the Vital Greens making the difference reducing inflammation in my body!

Excellent product

I had been taking vital greens for years before my 2 pregnancies. After a long absence and sick of feeling tired, unwell, no energy and low immunity, I started taking it again recently. It tastes the same to me as when I used to buy it before, so I'm not sure what people are complaining about the taste changing? Anyway, I've been on it for 4 weeks and I'm starting to feel really good again, not as lethargic and I haven't been sick in 4 weeks which is a first in a long time. It also doesn't make me feel sick, as most multivitamin tablets do. Was initially recommended this product by a naturopath in a health food shop, so glad!!! It really does work to improve your health.


I have been using this product for the last 8 weeks, learned to like the taste, but, the benefits certainly out way the taste. I have never had so much energy, I feel amazing....Thank you, I hate going a day without it, so I bought the 1.5kg bag, just to make sure I don't run out...

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Hi Just bought a bottle and had it this morning I had viral infection and am on antibiotics Can I still have Vital Greens Also can I have cup of tea after having vital green Can I have probiotic and fish oil, multivitamins, and evening primrose oil tablets Thanks Regards Shernaz
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When will someone get back

Can I take vital greens with Tumeric Active?
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Where are the greens in Vital Green coming from? It says 10% Australian...where are the 90% coming from? and what are the greens that go in?
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