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Frequent Victoria wide network of trains and coaches

V/Line is government owned and runs trains and road coaches throughout Victoria.

It has pretty frequent trains on all the main lines radiating from Melbourne's Southern Cross station. During Monday to Friday peak hours, there are more trains. Fares are competitive with driving and especially with flying to Mildura or Albury.

All in all a good service.

Dear VLine

Dear VLine,
Today I decided to use your service to head into Melbourne for a paid course, despite my poor experiences with VLine's service in the past. Last night I checked PTV planner for a train to get into Melbourne before 9:00am. I called PTV to confirm the 7:28am train coming into Gisborne from Bendigo. The operator was even kind enough to run through directions several times to help me get to my course. So this morning I made the 52 minute walk to the station. I got there reasonably early to make sure I caught the train on time. I purchased a $6 Myki and topped up with $14.90. I waited for 10 minutes after 7:28am before calling PTV, expecting between a 7-10 minute delay due to long distances VLine trains travel. I spoke to a female operator who confirmed that the train according to the timetable will be arriving soon. Should there be more than a 20 minute delay, they will notify customers of the significant delay. The operator then said to call back in 15 minutes if the train still hadn't arrived. 15 minutes I call back PTV to speak to a male operator who's name I won't reveal. I asked how long the train will be, he checked the timetable and assured me there was no train at 7:28am. Not only am I confused, I am now highly convinced of VLine's poor services. Being continuously late also, I suggest VLine allows itself additional time to at least get the train to the station in a more reasonable time than what they're known for-poor punctuality and recurrent late arrivals. I hope VLine soon resolves these continuing issues to save disappointed commuters like myself-while I devour a Big Baringo to make amends for my day's plans.
Yours sincerely,
An unhappy VLine commuter

Gippsland line not that great. Better off taking a metro train

I've been going to Melbourne via Vline since I was growing up. I live in the West Gippsland area and either choose to depart from Warragul or Drouin depending on how many vacant car parking spots. So I take the Gippsland train but a year ago, my newest experiences have changed my attitude towards Vline as i'll explain further.

On that year, I was travelling to Melbourne without trouble departing from Drouin but i've hit a problem. I couldn't find any Gippsland train when I wanted to go back home. A train is supposed to arrive at Flinders Street but it didn't arrive. I was left stranded in the Flinders Street station and it isn't fun. It happened 3 times and I decided not to take the Vline train again.

So I decided to drive to Pakenham to catch a metro train to Melbourne and even though the trains stop more frequently, carry more people and not as comfortable than a Vline train, they've been more reliable and more frequent in terms of service. Metro trains have 20 minute intervals but Vline trains in particular the Gippsland trains have intervals for an hour and i'm not joking.

I even made a complaint regarding my bad experiences but the response is a current timetable but nothing else. This line would need to be rectified as soon as possible to keep the commuters happy but as for me, all I can say is sorry. You lost me.

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UPDATE: Taking weekend trips via Vline hadn't been too bad this year in April. If future suspicions are correct, the Andrews government may put more Vline services from hourly intervals to 20 minute intervals. Only time will tell.

Rude And Discriminating Customer Service Officer

On 13th December 2015 at about 1:10 pm at Mildura train station, the Vline staff who was checking my ticket to the bus service to Swan Hill, bluntly objected to my carrying of a 7.5 inch carrot cake into the bus, which I had secured it in a small cake box, while my fellow passengers were boarding with different food items on them in their big back packs. The difference being I was brown skinned, unlike others. He was adamant that I either put it in the boot of the bus on a 34 degree C day or throw it. I have read thoroughly the travelling instructions, nowhere it says I cannot take a small cake. I then asked the officer to show me any rules with regards to my food, he just skirted the issue giving vague excuses like fellow passengers will have objection.
Although he had Vline uniform, he did not have a name tag on him. Then I asked him for his name which he did not divulge, instead asked me whether I will be eating the entire cake during the journey. When I persisted that he gives me clear reason for his objection, he finally allowed me to board the bus with the cake and warned me not to carry it in future.
I wonder how Vline has hired staff like him who are non courteous and who make up some dodgy travel rules on the go, for non white passengers. Finally Vline, please advise your staff to have a name tag on them and secondly whatever rules you introduce, you implement it on everyone.

Even worse than metro trains

Does not maintain timing 90% of the time it is late, poor service. Vline sucks. If you are travelling in Vline arrive 30 min earlier so can try to arrive on time to the destination.

Worse public transportation and customer service

13th Feb 2016, my destination was Dandenong to Morwell. Firstly 7:11 am Pakenham train had been cancelled which suppose to connect with Vline coach. Wait for coach. Every time ask customer service what time will be coach here. Answer was they are in their own way. Wait till 8 am. At 8 am, there supposed to be next vline service. Again no train or coach. I contact vline customer service and ask about next vline Traralgon service and staff said yes there is train service then I informed him here is no train or coach service from last 1.5 hour. Cause of accident in officer. He said hold on I check with my team leader. I mean customer knows better than public transport staff. He said to me yes coaches are on the way and will be there at 8:40 am. Again wait.
Finally coach arrived but he didn't know where he is going to, he had no information. He informed us he will drive to Pakenham then we will plan further once we reach to Pakenham. He had no information is he going to drive straight to Traralgon or Bairnsdale or what other stop he is stopping. Unbelievable! I was at Dandenong station at 7:10 am -8:40 am. After long wait I decided to drive from Dandenong to Morwell. In 1.5 hour, they couldn't able to organise one coach. I supposed to be at my work at 9 am. I reached here at 10:25 am. Seems like coaches were coming from oversea. I have so many worse experience with vline service. Vline travel is very expensive. Vline don't have any backup coaches, driver and staff. Conclusion was I drove from Dandenong to Morwell. If anyone told us that coach will arrive here in 1.5 hour not 15-20 minutes (15-20 mins answered was by Dandrnong staff) I could decided to drive earlier rather than wait for 1.5 hour there. Very stressful day.

Treated like a school boy!

Boarded yet another replacement bus service at Waurn Ponds this morning, carrying my customary latte to help alleviate the tedious journey.

The bus driver said - we don't allow coffee onto this bus!! I got off and checked the front of the bus to see whether I had boarded a school bus by mistake :-) Getting back on I told him I thought he must have confused a commuter V-Line replacement bus service for grown ups with a school bus service for small kids. He eventually let me on the bus after asking me to make sure I took my rubbish with me!

This is getting beyond a joke!!

Bad Customer Service

I travelled from Melbourne via Seymor to Shepparton, I bought my ticket at Southern Cross. The man that served me was rude, and I felt very disrespected. I believe employees should do their very best to have a smile on their face, which this man did not have. He asked me if I had a consession card, and as I did not, I gave him my ID, he then said "Well, you're a student and that's not a consession card." His instructions were also not clear. He did need my ID to fill in some details which was fair enough, but after he handed it back to me, I put it back in my bag and he rudely said "excuses me, but I still need that." On the other hand, there were defiantly not enough seats; about 5 people were sitting on the floor. It seems to me as, the people selling the tickets and the people that control the seating, etc. on the train do not have very good communication skills. It's bad enough to having to sit on the floor for 3 hours. The bus travel was defiantly better than the train travel! The man was very nice, and had great customer service! I travel on v-line often and I've been quite happy with it. It's just these last couple of times I have been very disappointed! Customer Service should be your top priority, and lately it has not.

Expensive and average

V line is so expensive. Going from Warrnambool to Melbourne return is nearly $70. I was really shocked considering i can catch metro trains all day for a quarter of the price or even less. The service from warrnambool is terrible including the weekends. You can get the 5.50 train to arrive about 0900 or a train near midday to get you in around 3.00. Why cant we have a train that doesnt require you to get up in the middle of the night and arrive you at ariund 1100 am? Also, i was ferried onto a bus which was fine as it was unavoidable, but at nearly 6 ft tall i couldnt even fit in my seat.

Rude counter man

So paid a fortune for one way from traralgon to pakenham, and dude on the counter was so rude!!!!!! If he doesn't like his job he should quit..... Otherwise we're just paying money to get spoken to like crap!!


Train from Traralgon to Melbourne

Quiet Carrige = Loud carriage, you would think staff would tell passengers to move to another carriage, rather then spending there time acting like police officers checking tickets.

Temperature- freezing! It's a cold day yet the air conditioning was on full ball!!
Definitely will be driving from now on.

Opposite of a relaxing trip.

Amazing service

Not only printed out some information for us but found us in a nearby cafe to give it to us, making it possible to go on an earlier train.
Thank you
Ps they were fairly busy at the time

Christmas day have been stuck on a train for hours waurn ponds to Melbourne should have been home by

Decided to take advantage of the free Christmas day travel terrible mistake train has broken down and missing Christmas supper with family and friends very little communication between staff and passengers

New timetable makes everything late

Since Vline released their 2017 timetables, everything has been late. My 8.17 train from Wyndham Vale had never been late, but now it's been late everyday or simply just gets cancelled. Why fix something that ain't broken?? Also the lack of trains departing Southern Cross after 7pm is appalling.

Geelong line

Southern cross to Warrnambool or Warrnambool to southern cross, is a horrible service. Always packed. It smells. People are rude and there are 3 seats yet one sits either side and leaves the middle free or place their bags etc in the seat. They make it so you can not sit down. The ppl should move so they can allow room so u could sit down to. I am a bigger ladie and once or twice I tried to sit in the middle
And had no room at all felt like I was squished. It was also humiliating. I can't stand this service, the newer trains used at least have more seats. This old trains they use are ridiculous.

Terrible service quality

I travel daily from Tarneit station to Southern cross. The services are late 80% of the time. There is no replacement bus services. The parking at Tarneit station is full by 8.15 a.m, not to mention that it takes half an hour just to exit that parking in the evening due to the way exit is planned. Overall it is a pain to travel everyday to the city due to all these issues. Why build a station and take credit with such ridiculous service standard and parking. Everyone is busy taking votes, taking credit for projects completed ahead of schedule, no-one is concerned with the service quality and commuters pain. Shame on the v-line management!

Always late Warrnambool line

I am a professional who moved to Warrnambool with the understanding I could use the train for travel to Melbourne. This is the worst service I have ever encountered and I travel widely. Often replaced with buses, always late, various excuses get added to the normal one of slow down required from Warrnambool To Waurn Ponds. It is so bad i will probably not renew my work contract and I work in a field that is hard to staff in regional Australia. Unbelievable in a first World country.

March 16th 2017 Update: Late again

Two weeks after my last review I am sitting in the middle of nowhere waiting on a train Warrnambool to Melbourne. Train held up because the Melbourne to Warrnambool train is late and we have to let it pass. This is unbelievable. Late on every trip which means organising connections and pick up is impossible. Still sitting ten minutes after the other train has past and advised now waitng for a signal change.We can send people to the moon but can't organise a train in Victoria. Hopeless and absolute contempt for passengers

Never on time

Thank you vline. I was waiting patiently other day when bachus March line was 30 minutes late. But today you had to leave one minute early as I was running down the platform and driver saw me but did not wait. I will never use you again.

Delay, delay, delay.

I commute to Melbourne on a daily for work and never have I experienced a service that is constantly delayed.
V/Line and state government disgrace.. If London and NYC can get it right, why can't we!!
Base a model around their services, I can only seeing it getting worse..

Ode to Vline

See. The thing is. I have time to write this review, when I never write reviews, because I've been waiting half an hour for the 8:15 train. Seriously Vline, go to Japan for a week, learn that you can get RAILED carriages to places on time, come back and fix the utter shimozzle that is Vline

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