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SimranGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Worst service


phone has only emergency call only until when I restarted, now I could call but there is no network for internet, when tried to call vodafone to resolve the issues, numbers are not contactable. Vodafone network has never been reliable but never been this bad until recently. Although they are the cheapest, guess you get what you paid for. Do not sign up for vodafone. I hd enough and jumping to optus now !! Such a bad service

Donna E.

Donna E.

  • 3 reviews

Vodaphone - don't ever contact me again after wasting hours and hours of my time with no result


ERAPLATINUMMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Worst Network


Signal constantly changes from 3g to 4g and i never have more than 2 bars even in town. Occasionally drops into regional service which has no data and it is impossible to reconnect. Terrible speeds. Avoid this network

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Incentives to join. Lock in customers. Then rip them off


Vodafone pay as you go gives 35Gb for $30 for the first three months. After that it is $25 for 10Gb, with no option to upgrade. The add-on data costs are $10/Gb (28 days). That’s gouging your faithful customers. I advise staying with them for three months and then changing networks. I checked my balance (1.6Gb left) and immediately received notification that I was below 100Mb (huh?) and then out of data. Their website on usage is glacial and tends to divert you to “special offers” which are unavailable to you. It gives usage packet size but not the time of usage. Their app doesn’t work at all on an iPhone X.


NicoleMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 4 reviews

Love Vodafone


My network coverage with vodafone is the most reliable network i have come accross rather then others. Ive had a few connection problems but rarely any what so ever. Love vodafone

Vodafone DOUBLE charging


Payment #1 was made, failed but money withdrawn form account,
Payment #2 was made, recharge went through successfully.
Tried to get Payment #1 refunded or credited but its too hard for them....CROOKS

Justin H

Justin HSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews
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Ridiculously slow network compared to peers


The data download speeds are absolutely horrendous. I have another account with Telstra, as well as Optus, and the speed of this network is outright shameful. I will never use this network again! I'm in Cannon Hill Qld.


AshnaSydney, NSW

Worst network


Worst network in australia is vodafone, never ever go with this network guys. I'm really fed up i have a contract otherwise i quit this and go with optus or telstra...


MartynRichmond-Tweed, NSW

  • 8 reviews

A fair comparison on customer service and coverage.

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No star if that permits


No star if that permits...worst service I have ever received, absolutely shocking - got hung up after 30 mins. Definitely leaving vodafone and move to some provide with local customer support.

Bring back the customer support to Australia!

Don't trust Vodafone!!


mobile customer service very poor attitude! can't use after i top up my sim card, I call to customer service center they only say can't help! ask me top up again! originally $18 travel plan but I need to pay $40! Don't trust Vodafone!


MilaSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews
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Id theft fraud


Terrible customer service in Vodafone.
Been with them for 3 years and only now found out they registered me under different name in the system.
Submitted id fraud claim, but did nothing to solve the problem.


BijendSydney, NSW

Very very poor network


Even data wont work properly. I have been so annoyed with it. Data is too much slow. Very very poor network. You guys should improve otherwise no one gonna use Vodafone in future.

Steve H.

Steve H.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Am I the only person to have noticed that Vodafone has effectively doubled the cost of 365 day pre-paid data ?


I recently attempted to top-up my pre-paid account, only to discover that the 365 Plus product is no longer available. Its nearest equivalent is the Pay and Go product, which at $40 offers the same 365 day expiry, the same pricing for texts and calls ... but doubles the price of data (previously $0.02/Mb, now $0.04/Mb). I've queried this with Vodafone and they basically just blew smoke at me.


MissyMoo92Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 19 reviews

Changing Providers


Vodafone is a joke. I was simply trying to top up the data on my phone... accessed the Vodafone recharge page - insufficient data. Kind of hard to recharge when I cant access the page. And considering I have wireless internet at home and I also tried completing recharge while connected to that, still told me I had insufficient data.
I'll be changing phone carriers due to this experience. Network coverage is pretty low. The online website is glitchy and full of freezes and hard to navigate when it constantly freezes and reloads.

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Less of the product for the same price.


Blocked BitChute, 8chan, and other websites at a mere government "suggestion".
Blocking internet platforms from the public such as BitChute should be considered a crime against the public. Blocking free communication is like modern book burning.

Mr Richards

Mr RichardsSouth East Queensland, QLD

Poor signal can't register


Poor signal
Payments not going through
Tryed registering 4 times no luck
Tryed temporary passwords over and over as didn't like my original password
Seems its designed to stress you out so gave up never again
So next month im changing network

Farid B

Farid BSydney, NSW

  • 12 reviews

Slow 4G speeds in many locations.


Poor 4G speeds in various locations in the Sydney CBD. Contacted the customer support a few times with no results. Anyhow, time to look for a service provider which has a good 4G coverage.

not amused

not amusedcanberra

  • 3 reviews

too muc$ for not much


Prepay Vodafail represents poor value:
Vodafone has always been lagging behind the competition. They should spend less on promotion and more on delivering.
- poor network coverage - one of the problems of privatisation of an essential service is network duplication in high population areas with no signal elsewhere
- high prices for what is a distant 3rd patchy network
- less data than their competition for the price
cannot switch off unwanted promo messages despite requests to Vodafone and complaints to useless regulatory body
Prices should be at least 20-30% less than their competition to equate value


smokCentral Queensland, QLD

  • 93 reviews

Awful. Garbage. Vodafail

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If I connect Vodafone tv can I still use my dvd player/recorder to record free to air programs?

No answers
Fred K.

Fred K.asked

Each time I go to activate my SIM card each form of identity is not valid. Is it because I am supposedly underaged, which shouldn't be the case since I am an adult.

No answers
Jorge V.

Jorge V.asked

is the Keep Talking Plus Phone Insurance offered by vodafone (15 dollar/month) a good option??

1 answer
Prathamesh S.
Prathamesh S.

Yes. As it covered Accidental Damage protection, Lost & Stolen

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