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Do Not Buy a PrePaid Vodafone Phone with Sim!!!


You can not activate a Vodafone prepaid sim without providing your credit card number, AND agreeing to let them save it, AND agreeing to automatic recharge from your card. Even if you have a recharge voucher for the activation or if the sim already has an amount of credit on it you cannot get through the activation without supplying your card details and agreeing to letting them take money from it!!! This is as well as every single of bit of personal information they want l. Don't waste your money on a Vodafone network locked phone like I did only to find you can't even activate a sim or use the phone!


MissymooGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Simply declined upon application of a plan. Have been a prepaid customer for years. Deciding to change providers to someone willing to give me a chance. Honestly pretty disappointed. My credit history isn't that terrible.


tezaPerth, Western Australia

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Been with Vodafone for years, decided to upgrade the other day to 2 iphone pro max 11's I was on the phone for 40 minutes.. turns out they didn't place the order.. the person who organized it went on leave and didn't tell me anything about it..(something about only I could get the $250 discount they offered not my wife..After the order was agreed they just didn't do anything to inform me of any issues.
Been waiting for days for 2 new phones and they haven't even been ordered yet.

Thats one way so say goodby to $6000 worth of business..

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Appalling service - ludicrous attitude - inexplicable response

Vanessa J.

Vanessa J.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

Terrible customer service


I disconnected from Vodafone at the beginning of the year & today I received notice from a credit agency that I owed them money. Not once have I heard from Vodafone since the disconnection despite the fact they obviously have my phone number, email & address! Let me just add this gives even more support to my decision to change companies after being a customer for 13 years!!

Jonny bravo

Jonny bravoPerth, WA

  • 20 reviews

Never ever ever ever again


Vodafone could offer to pay me to use any of their services for the next 100 years and I’d say no! Their business model is “promise the world until they sign”. If they spent 1/10th the amount they spend on delusional tv ads as they spent on their network and customer service....they might gain another 20 oblivious suckers(customers)
Rot in hell Vodafone!

Josh Oslopov

Josh Oslopov

  • 3 reviews

Useless Customer Service


At least 25 Minute waiting time on the phone is not good enough, hire some staff you tight arses !

Coverage is good and they will give you all the time in the world to sign you up but heaven forbid you require a change to your service.


V.PatelSydney, NSW

worst network and customer support returned under 30 days network satisfaction still getting bill


I took plan from vodafone had call drop and network issue hence returned plan and device under 30 days network satisfaction, still after two months retruning plan and device getting bill, have called customer care many times and staggered between different teams explaining story again and again and got bill and credit default warning notice instead of refunding my first bill got another bill and sending me notice, i am so frustated with vodafone and advise don't trust what they advertise.


JoeCanberra Central 2602, ACT

Overpriced, automated charges they won't tell you about, bad service.


Worst carrier in Australia. After years (10+) of bussiness with Vodafone I ended up getting shafted and having to move carrier. High prices, automated charges and restrictive and overpriced plans. Use Aldi or Optus, better service, better prices.

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barryGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Plan sim


Honestly dont go with vodafone the Worse worse Worse internet connection cant even get any network in any where in Melbourne called them about it and i was told to use my wifi to make calls Worse customer service!! I give them 0 star!


VeronicaSydney, NSW

Worst telco service I’ve experienced in 20 years



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WORST provider ever!


I wish I could give them a ZERO stars cause they deserve it! The WORST provider, the WORST coverage, the WORST customer service in Australia. Please DONT choose Vodafone for any reason.


ShareePerth, WA

  • 4 reviews

Dam useless!


Once again the Vodafone pocket Wi-Fi has died.. this is the 3RD one!
Will NOT be paying for it any longer. Will take as far as I have to legally. Why the hell should I pay for a product that we can't use!
I don't think it's in the contract to continue paying for faulty products.. unable to use for over 3 weeks again.. yet the bill still comes in..

Mehdi K.

Mehdi K.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

I have no words to say how bad this service provider is.


The customer service officers are the worst and they need to use their manners, they have no phone manners they have the worst way to explain things and they can't help you because they are terrible.

Shariq Qamar

Shariq QamarMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Incorrect billing issue not resolved


I did live chat about the billing issue few day ago. The team told me it will be resolved within 48-72 hours but 5 days have been passed and the issue is still pending. I called them again to fix it but they told me to wait again. I do not think they have the capacity to resolved just the incorrect billing

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José Roberto S.

José Roberto S.Sydney, NSW

Vodafone sucks


I have a plan for 3 year and I’ve never use all my data 90gb then suddenly I’ve been paying for extra data that I never used! When you call to the call centre they ask you to keep your data off but is already off. Then I refused to pay for extra charge because I didn’t use. Now they are charging me for more extra fees for late payment. It’s a machine to make money on us as a customers and they don’t care about it.


SafieMid North Coast, NSW

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Stay away


Bought a starter pack and never received it. Have called 5 times and all they do is say I will put you on hold for 1 to 2 minutes and leave you there for Half an hour! Unable to get a refund for an item that never arrived.


KalSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Worst. Minus Score Rating!

Jaycee C

Jaycee CSydney, NSW

  • 9 reviews

Abysmal Customer Service


Low coverage


This company sucks!

Credit expires in one week which is stupid
Money doesn’t have an expiration date.

They have the worst coverage in Queensland.

Annoying telephone marketing from someone whit a very strong accent and VERY BAD English.

I am going to change companies.

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Questions & Answers

Fred K.

Fred K.asked

Each time I go to activate my SIM card each form of identity is not valid. Is it because I am supposedly underaged, which shouldn't be the case since I am an adult.

No answers
Jorge V.

Jorge V.asked

is the Keep Talking Plus Phone Insurance offered by vodafone (15 dollar/month) a good option??

1 answer
Prathamesh S.
Prathamesh S.

Yes. As it covered Accidental Damage protection, Lost & Stolen

John G

John Gasked

Mosman NSW agent

No answers

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