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No satisfaction here

I have been with Vodafone for 5 years now and since I upgraded my plan I am suddenly having issues with my IP address changing, I have been told by Vodafone that it's normal for their mobile pocket wifi to fluctuate the IP address because its a DYNAMIC and not static, but they can't explain to me WHY I never had this issue when I was on my previous plan and using the mobile pocket wifi, the only thing that has changed is I upgraded my plan but am still using the mobile pocket wifi, I am really annoyed and frustrated because now since this issue they are trying to talk me into getting the NBN, And not to mention every time I call Vodafone the call goes to India, very poor PR Vodafone, u need to, up your game, Because after speaking to 5 different people on the one day at the Vodafone call centre in India, NOT 1 of them gave me an answer to help me and all they did was tell me it's probably my computer playing up. if someone has any advice to help me with this issue of the fluctuating IP address then please post it here because I do not want to go to the NBN after all the negative stuff I have heard from friends I know who do have the NBN.

Local Reception
Return Claim MadeNo
Plan Cost per Month: $90.00
Included Data per Month:62 GB

Customer service is bad

I just called them with an intention to upgrade my plan but the consultant I dealt with was so bad to the point where I was about to say forget about it!
He is very pushy to sell other products and if you say "No, Thank you".. voice changes to show disappointment.
Then ends with "If you agree now then you can't cancel.. yes or no?".. "I just want to hear YES or NO"
This is a very unprofessional attitude from a global company.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid Sim Only
Return Claim MadeNo
Plan Cost per Month: $40.00
Included Data per Month:15 GB

plans over still charging $80 for 12 gig

look service is fine data is slow during the day in the city same with most networks after work hours its fast again
what got me is i have been with them for 5 years bills all ways paid etc contracts over and plan doesn't get cheaper still charging $80 for 12 gigs i call and they said they Do not change your plan but now that i have called they can offer a cheaper plan no thank you i am going to another company.
how many people are over paying for a service that others charge for a third the price ?

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Return Claim MadeNo
Plan Cost per Month: $80.00
Included Data per Month:12 GB
Store Locationcannington

Soo out of touch with small businesses !

I got into a contract and bought a phone as well. I was starting up a business. As any retail business there are 1000 things to do when you start-up. I received their Invoice , then when the direct debit was unsuccessful ( normal at the fitout stage) I started to be harressed by phone calls and messages every single day, from Day 1 after the direct debit failed! I called Vodafone and asked to pay in cash. They advised to go to one of theirs branches. I went to one of their branches (30 km away) and I was told they were not accepting cash and I had to pay by card ( pointless) or go to Australia Post and pay extra fees, then scan the receipt and send it to Vodafone !?? Are you guys for real??? Do you even understand how a small business operates and how much spare time do business owners have??? Unbelievable!!

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Return Claim MadeNo
Plan Cost per Month: $100.00
Included Data per Month:50 GB

Slow Updates

Unless you buy one of the brand new phones outright for like $1000 or on a plan for over $100 a month, expect a 2 year wait from software updates. In fact you will probably have purchased a new phone before your current phone gets the update and said new phone will also face a 2 year wait for update. Why so slow?

Value for Money
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone

I recently switched from Telstra to Vodafone.

I switched to a Vodafone plan recently as thought Telstra plans were too expensive. I kept my number and found the process of switching was very quick and simple. That is about the only good thing I can say. Since switching i’ve had trouble with voice quality of calls. Not a biggie. I can live with that. Internet speed has been ok most of the time. I can live with that. First real test of coverage failed. I can’t live with that. Only got as far as the airport and network performance was non-existent. While I don’t like paying the Telstra premium. I dislike even more paying for something that is unusable and useless to me. I’ll be going back to Telstra as soon as I can.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Plan Cost per Month: $75.00
Included Data per Month:15 GB

Not good enough

Didn't want to release my number so I could change providers and took forever to transfer my account onto my name staff were not helpful. But on the other hand I have been with Vodafone for a few years and this was the only yet the worst service I have ever received absolutely horrendous

Terrible advice from Vodafone

Attempted to set up a prepaid sim only to realise I don't have one of the 3 forms of ID
drivers license
Medicare card

I don't drive, have never traveled overseas and do not possess a Medicare card.

When I rang customer service for help I was told I would need to set my account up in someone else's name.
that do me sounds like poor privacy practices.
No thanks Vodafone
Optus here I come

Data use

I was receiving 9GB data on my plan and still had unused data at the end of the month. Vodafone has recently changed their plan (apparently better for the consumer) and instead of the previous 9GB, is now giving 17GB.
Better deal????
As i said, with the previous plan i had data left over, with this plan my data is all used days prior to having to recharge.
I do nothing differently. I don't stream. I don't watch anything.
So why am i using more data ????
For some reason vodafone has upped their data but also upped the rate of data use.
Vodafone may have good plans, but to some degree they are as shonky as telstra!!
The customer service is as bad as telstra as well.

Nothings changed for the better

Transfer from Telstra as data caps were more generous and was quickly disappointed,network coverage in a capital city is shocking and network congestion meant some text messages took over a minute to send.happy to say Vodafone are no longer my phone carrier

No bars!!!

So for some inane reason Ive been with Vodafone for years, hoping it would improve. Nope. I have next to no coverage in my house which makes it very hard to receive and make calls, obviously. As soon as this.cobtracts ends I'm switching. Ridiculous.

Buggy as hell network that loses 4g constantly

it was great for 1st month (I was getting like 150mb/s download at home). Their network is rubbish though. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone - in fact I spend a fair amount of time talking people out of Vodafone. Coverage even in Sydney CBD is extremely inconsistent and I simply cannot get ANY 4g on my train ride home. Lucky I'm on pre paid as I'd just hate to be locked into this rubbish. Going back to Boost with their Telstra newtork - it was way more consistent (plus they have 2/3 times data for same price as Voda now). Screw you Vodafone.

Great service...poor quality data.

Vodafone has a brilliant relatively quick service centre. The people who take a customers calls are fast, courteous, helpful and all of this geniinely so. Top Company for service assistance. I have a slight anger management problem when it comes to not receiving value for money and on paper. ..40 bucks for 35 days of 17gigs data and unlimited local and national calls with some international calls thrown in is a great deal...
Download speeds are fine, when net is working.
However...i use my data in conjunction with wifi so when the wifi isn't working or im travelling i SHOULD be able to freely roam the web. My phone is a Galaxy5 so there's no phone quality issue. And it doesn't seem to matter where i am...quite alot of the time my data is slow...it sticks or REGULARLY drops out. Im not exaggerating...it's so appalling ive actually been doing important business related matters and half way through, the net drops completely out and sometimes it's like that on and off for hours. I take responsibility for this but because of the frustration ive smashed two phones. Very expensive and have had to involve myself in stress management because of it. Consequently, i will be looking for another carrier.
One that works. This has gone on way too long and MANY of my friends tell me the same thing. I wish it were different because i DO like vodafone services and the package. The delivery of data...most important to me personally...is sub par. Pull your head in Vodafone. You're losing customers.

Dodgy NBN

I spoke to a sales guy on the phone, and he sold me on 100 MBit NBN, but failed to mention that max I could get in my area was 40 MBit. After downgrading me it became apparent that the network feed was inferior, with failures to download email, and low-speed Netflix... I gave them the opportunity to rectify, but they just failed to do anything. So I canceled under my 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

I would be interested to see if they can fix it. Their mobile internet is great, but the NBN is FUBAR and slow (<30MBit). I've moved back to my old provider.

Vodafone - Honestly Never Again!

Mobile phone priced way high. Problem and issues with monthly billing cycle. Crazy for $$ money. Poor network service. Took my name spelling wrong & start billing me while I couldn't activate the account yet. Many more... Honestly never again.

Coverage woes

Mobile coverage is good in major urban areas, but good help you if you need to make a call out of town (or even in a small town). If you need coverage out of the city be warned, but if your a city dweller they are ok

Poor mobile data

Boy am i sick of your variable mobile data access which drops out multiple times a day, for long periods. I have no intention of taking out another plan with Vodafone

New number is not new, they want an extra $20 to change it

When the 2G was turned off, my Father needed a new phone. We bought him a new phone. The SIM card was the wrong size but he still had $20 Vodafone prepaid credit and he had this phone number since 2000 when he was Telstra. He ported the Telstra number to Vodafone five years ago.

I told him to go to Vodafone because they would happily update his SIM and port his number, since he is already a Vodafone customer.

Unfortunately some kind of misunderstanding (even though the SIM has a Vodafone logo on it) the sales person put a new SIM with new number (because Vodafone number) and said it would cost him $50, but they would only charge $30. He complained that he thought they would just be able to fix his existing SIM which had credit. They explained that he was getting the $20 back and only paying $30.
So he tells me that getting a new Vodafone number is the best option for him and he is happy with their service.
Next day there is an advert somewhere and it appears that the discounted $50 deal he got for $30 is actually the standard Vodafone $49 that was being offered to new customers for $29.
So I sent him back to get his old number ported to his new SIM, but they could not find a way to help him. Obviously he is a low value customer.
The biggest issue has been the constant text messages about failed banking transactions, debt collectors, urgent requests for him to update his details via link, etc.
I suspected SPAM but some of the messages appear to be due to this number being very recently used by someone else (or someone else is mistyping their new mobile number).
He doesn't have this SIM in a smartphone so he hasn't been tricked by clicking on the embedded link to SPAMworld.
He went back to Vodafone and asked for assistance or a replacement phone number, but they said the stuff ups in the beginning were not their fault so a new number would cost $20 and he would have to contact Vodafone call centre.
Obviously they consider him a low value customer.
There are cheaper ways to get a new phone number. eg. ALDI, TPG, Kogan etc

So bye bye Vodafone. ......

Billing issues

I contacted Vodafone to pay off my handset to reduce my debt on the phone. Instead of increasing it by $50 per month which I requested ( including my normal bill) they have applied the WHOLE cost onto my bill. $892.00 later they want to put me on a payment plan to reduce it. Threatened me with cutting off my service when all I wanted to do was reduce the cost of my handset. Have spoken to 6 different people and have not been provided any solutions. Basically pay the whole lot, or be on a payment plan. I have paid for the whole thing, I know own my phone and will not be renewing my service when I can get better deals elsewhere for less money and hassle. Feeling that i'm being punished for trying to pay off a bill earlier, you would think they would want that money sooner.
Not happy with the service, wait times or how something so simple has become really expensive for me.

Threatening and disrespect

So basically i forget to turnoff my hotspot and the data runs about 16GB that day, and vodafone send me just one text message (they believe they sent 9 messages). I ask for advice that whether i can turn off the mobile data and just making phone calls, therefore there will be no extra charges in the next few days until reset. But they are keep pushing a deal of a $720 yearly plan to let me upgrade to solve the problem. Put simply, they believe either i upgrade to a $720 plan or otherwise i will get screwed if i keep using my mobile, and their way of speaking with a customer is absolutely aggressive. When i ask whether the surcharge on that day can be offset, they threaten me and said "i can see you didn't pay your bill, and is already overdue for 1 day, but i paid just 10 min before i made a phone call. It looks like he want to say "you didn't even damn pay your bill, why looking trouble on me?" They said im speaking too fast, but they were talking like a bullet, and interrupt me many times before i want to say something which is absolutely non-professional and rude. Until i speak to the other operators said i want to cancel my vodafone contract, they willing to upgrade my plan for $45 a month. Have been with vodafone for 4 years, and that's what i get for paying over $60 every month

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I've been with Vodafone for a long period of time and have had four plans with them. Vodafone customer care had removed my plans discounts after having a long discussion that's when they were convinced to give the discount back. Also they do not keep their promises what they said also I had a NBN100 premium connection but I didn't get more than 20 Mbps.
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Was anyone offered free cancellation of your service with your last bill given free of charge from Vodafone due to their inability to provide service to your area?
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not that i can remember,,,,,I was never given a Bill when i changed providers... I received a Final Warning Payment of $112.95 or else they would send the account to the Collection Agency that would stuff up my Credit Rating ....to me they are a bunch of Scumbags....

Why was i charged $112.98 .for leaving Vodafone? ???
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