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Just alright

I have been on a prepaid service with Vodafone for about 2 years. All I can say is that it hasn't been excellent but also not awful - myVodafone is not very reliable as I've experienced numerous times where it's dropped out, but they give a bunch of ways for you to top up. The data bundles could be better - overall there are cheaper companies which I think I will be transferring to in a few months.

The curate's egg

Pros - its really cheap, the data seems to last forever.

Cons - Crashes _all the time_. It works fine in town but is hopeless at home - its actually _slower_ than my old dial up connection was. I had to ring up to connect - the Vodafone website is utterly bug-ridden and useless. I have used Vodafone since 2007 and have _never_ managed to connect suing the website.

Lift customer service

I love Vodafone in general. However when needing customer service or accounts support, this seems to come from India and I have to repeat myself and explain 6 ways before the operator "gets it". It becomes an unnecessarily time consuming and frustrating process. PLEASE bring this support back to Australia. Offshoring is DEAD.

Buyer Beware!

Definitely preferable to Optus (hence 3 stars). The coverage isn't that great - too many zones where GPS drops out if you want to drive outside the city. Telstra coverage is better. If you are talking to Telstra phones, I'm finding that there's less interference with the line when I call rather than receive.

However Vodafone is still only interested in making the customer pay and pay and pay. For example, just upgraded to a new plan - changed from Samsung S7 @ $75 per month to Samsung S9 @$65 (yeah, it's ridiculous that they expect you to pay more for the older phone and don't bother to tell you that a better plan exists) and had to pay penalty for breaking contract 4 months early $140.01.

This was especially irritating because the only reason I broke contract was because S7 was faulty (overheated on wifi charging and usb no longer worked) and the only way to confirm that it had a problem was to send the phone away for checking - Vodafone is under the impression that a 'loan phone' is as good as your own and that I would be stupid enough to send the phone in without wiping all my personal data..

Then to make matters worse, I was charged for an extra month on the old plan because according to the Manager of the Belconnen Mall Vodafone, it was my own fault that I 'hadn't come in to change the phone on the 6th of the month' instead on the 7th (which was when I could go in).

So beware that Vodafone employees are brainwashed to sprout company bylines instead of actually listening and engaging with the customer. When I tried to explain to the Manager that I didn't see why I had to pay for an extra month of a non existent phone and plan - he kept on bleating that this was the 'bill cycle' - didn't appear to recognise the irony of the tagging line that the bill was an 'advance payment' at all,

Had to devolve into shouting just to confirm that yes, Vodafone absolutely expects me to pay for an extra month of non existent phone and plan as well as to pay the penalty of breaking contract - note that at no point, did I refuse to pay, I just expected to pay for what I was getting.

Love the price but....

I love Vodafone but when I use my 4G it doesn’t work at alll so I have to connect with a random wifi and I don’t like it. I can’t even send texts or anything so I might change sorry

Ok price. Crap coverage

Got a good price for my pre paid data plan. Guy in shop told me my location had excellent coverage including 4g indoors. It’s been a bit rubbish. Internet keeps dropping out and the visuals in the movies I watch and below par as it’s not a good connection.

Not worth risking

Thanks ‘Shine Thomas’ for your recent 1 star review. My wife is literally buying a new iPhone Max today. I’m interstate for work and given she is a stay at home mum (works harder than me god love her), she is hooked up to the wifi most of the time and Nowra in NSW has good Vodafone coverage. I need Telstra for my job (remote) so when I’m home which is most of the time we have my telstra phone if we travel anywhere. The last few days we have really considered Vodafone given their great plan rates but after reading Shine Thomas’ comment and others we’re not going to take the risk. When a manager offers their customers the ombudsman phone number that screams run to me - disgraceful really. We know without a doubt Optus is great in the Nowra area so she is going with Optus. We’ll check back in a few years when we’re upgrading again to see if the customer service has improved any.

Terrible - Cellular cover resold by Kogan

I subscribed to Kogan who use Vodafone services for a year. Yes, it was very cheap which is great, ($16 for 17Gb Data / 365 days) but in terms of cover, it is short of terrible. Cannot access cellular communications in many malls or just about anywhere out of Melb. Drop oust and very poor net esp. when I need it. Sadly I will not test out this again.

A positive experience with Vodafone direct is their month to month postpaid plans with global roaming for $5. Thank you for this service

they are good price... BUT

Since NBN is coming, and awful in our area, we got a mobile wifi data gadget and plan.
Got the SIM, and router. And it won't connect with the network, because it wants a SIM PIN which is no where to be found, and they couldn't resolve on phone and so we have to make yet another trip to wait in line possibly for another half hour, just for a four to eight digit number? What a joke.
i think the ALDI plan was similar in price anyway.. I regret.

i guess I won’t recommend Vodafone

Wanted to transfer details for a prepaid number. A process that takes 30mins to 4 hrs turns into a 48 hour process because of an “error”. Although I am a prepaid customer, I’ve been using Vodafone $40 prepaid for 2 Years now, and I am so unsatisfied with the inexperienced staff in store and the long wait.

Value for money Bundle!

I got a new bundle offer from Vodaphone and was satisfied with what I got. The bundle included a band new iphone 8 and the RED plan. The phone arrived in 3 days time and setting up was easy. Have not had any issues yet. Coverage is pretty ok for where I am.

Problem solved.

After a few days calling and struggling to solve my problem they came out with a good solution. Service is ok.

pricy and patchy coverage

We just visited Wineglass Bay in Tasmania, and while my brother had service with Aldi mobile, and my Dad with Optus, I had no service at all with my vodaphone plan. I have switched to Aldi Mobile because it's A. cheaper, and B. actually has phone coverage

Improving it’s service

Vodafone has improved its service a lot more than before. I have a postpaid plan so I get unlimited calls and text throughout the nation. I also get 90 minutes international calls. For $40 a month, it’s not bad. Although, I am not completely satisfied with their service, I hope it will get better.

Vodafone - terrible service but you get there in the end

I had a difficult time organising a 60 dollar red plan but now everything seems to have been sorted. There are some specials that are not bad.

Ups and downs, but mainly quite good

I have been with Vodafone for about 4 years now. And in general, everything has been ok.
- My network coverage has been very good. Very few places I have had poor network coverage.
- I'm on a 12 month contract. $36 for 10GB and Unlimited texts/calls.
- My plan is decent value for money. But phone plans are becoming more data heavy in general.
- The customer service has been ok, but they call me too often to try and get me to upgrade plans or upgrade my phone. Even after I requested they didn't.
- I travelled China for 1 month and used the $5 per day roaming. It worked great. Very happy with this.

Everything more or less ok

I just switched to Vodafone. I was impressed with their no interest phone purchase plan with no exit fees. Purchased the Note 8. Had a bit of a problem getting them to implement the bonus data offer but on the second try it was all in place.
One word of warning! You cannot turn off the automatic data recharge, so when you exceed your monthly data quota they will start charging you at an horrendous rate. Most phones you can set to stop using the 4g data after a set limit, so I encourage everyone to check this.
I think it's criminal that you cannot turn off the automatic recharge from your Vodafone account. It obviously makes them a lot of money.
Network coverage seems to be ok around Melbourne.

Decent price and interest free phone payment

I recently switched to Vodafone from Optus. I was attracted by their phone installment plan and month to month contracts. So far no issues and data speeds are similar to Optus.

It provides what you need

Network coverage become zero when you travel further up or down from Melbourne.
My plan contains international calls where Sri Lanka is not listed. So pretty much it is waste but it contains more data.
Recently they have removed me from their existing plan and deliberately switched me to new plan. That was really bad.

The iwatch3 cannot make call with Vodafone company

Now the Iwatch 3 can make call with vodafone. And it’s working ok. Have 3 months free try. That’s very good for loyalty customer.

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I've been with Vodafone for a long period of time and have had four plans with them. Vodafone customer care had removed my plans discounts after having a long discussion that's when they were convinced to give the discount back. Also they do not keep their promises what they said also I had a NBN100 premium connection but I didn't get more than 20 Mbps.
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Was anyone offered free cancellation of your service with your last bill given free of charge from Vodafone due to their inability to provide service to your area?
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not that i can remember,,,,,I was never given a Bill when i changed providers... I received a Final Warning Payment of $112.95 or else they would send the account to the Collection Agency that would stuff up my Credit Rating ....to me they are a bunch of Scumbags....

Why was i charged $112.98 .for leaving Vodafone? ???
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