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Mostly great

I have been a customer here for about 15 years now. As with every service there have been issues from time to time, sometimes of technical nature and I have to say, the customer service I have received was mostly really excellent, friendly and knowledgeable. I believe Vodafone has been really good value for me.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Return Claim MadeNo
Plan Cost per Month: $50.00
Included Data per Month:6 GB
Store LocationCBD

Been with Vodafone for at least 10 years with no issues at all

I will stay with Vodafone since I seem to get the best deals there. Contract terms are a bit long for new hardware, but I can bundle a phone, watch or anything else into one plan with no interest. That's good.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Local Reception
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Return Claim MadeNo
Plan Cost per Month: $60.00
Included Data per Month:2 GB
Store LocationJoondalup

I've always been really happy.

I honestly can't fault Vodafone. Yeah patchy service sometimes but that's pretty normal (whoever you're with), but everything else just rolls really smoothly. Credit card fees feel a bit archaic but I'm making an effort to actually share positive views of companies, rather than just complaining. There's not really much to hate about them. Really like how much time they give you to prepare for direct debits, too.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Plan TypePost-Paid with Phone
Return Claim MadeNo

Good coverage

Been with Vodafone for 2 years and have not had any issues so far. They rewarded me with extra 2GB of data for being a loyal customer (thank you!) In particular, I was impressed with their overseas plan where you can use your mobile overseas and pay $5 for each day.

Helpful sales assistance

The girl who served me was polite without being overly friendly. She explained the plan options very well and I was happy to pay my Samsung Galaxy s9 over 36 months and had flexible payment options. Since my needs were met, I was very satisfied with customer service.

Good, easy mobile service.

Been with vodafone for almost 12 months (this time). Previously I had many issues with reception with vodafone some years ago, vodafone allowed me to break my contract and they couldn't provide a good servica back ten.. Since that time Vodafone has clearly invested money in improving mobile coverage and now their service is excellent.

They are easy to deal with and provide good value for money. There store fronts provide excellent customer service. It's clearl now that Vodafone are much more focused on ensuring they provide a high quality service.

Excellant broadband

Very Happy with speed and reliability with NBN package. No email available but plenty of free ones on net eg, gmail

Good value service and improved network

Decent coverage in Sydney. $5 per day international roaming, generous data and improved customer service from a few years ago .. Happy!


I've been with Vodafone since they took over 3 Mobile's customers. They are great value for money and if you don't upgrade every 2 years they throw in extras when you do! The reception signal could be better, but it's fine for suburbia. Most of the staff are super helpful, if not just go to another store nearby or come back the next day.

Give it a go!

Vodafone definitely ticks a lot of boxes. Good value for plans, good coverage, good online customer support, and that's just to name a few.

I was going into a 6 year continued phone + service deal with (suck-butt) Optus. I was really dissatisfied with their customer support and threatened to to leave when I had about 9 months left on my contract. I ended up following though, moving to Vodafone, and haven't looked back.

Vodafone's coverage is so much better than a certain other company I was previously supporting.

The bang for buck is great for what you're paying for. I just upgraded to a new deal and it seems great.

Vodafone even sends you a nice little email thanking you for paying your bill, even if it's a couple days late.

Vodafone does come with one minor fault that will only affect a few. The service can be crappy at times. There's some places I can't get a signal. However, I can normally find a signal very quickly. Vodafone has the occasional signal dead zone, but you can still find coverage a few minutes away. Still way better coverage than another company.

I would recommend Vodafone on its phone deals. I think it's the best deal on the Australian market.

Vodafone Mobile connection

I have bought vodafone connection in May this year, very happy with mobile broadband , i was using telstra before so could not spot any difference since moved to Vodafone. I used vodafone 5 years ago , i was not happy with its service (Mobile Broadband) at that time but its alot different now.
I also make overseas calls through vodafone, initially call quality was soo bad, then i raised a ticket with their support. It is very good since they resolved the issue.

Consistant, Happy with the Product

I have been with Vodafone for 5+ years, they have provided a consistent steady service and proven to be reliable. I don't travel into regional areas very often, so network coverage is great for me and my family.

Are they really that bad?

Ok, so I am aware of Vodafone's not-so-fantastic reputation, but recently, I had been receiving prank calls from overseas, and upon reviewing my monthly bill, I noted additional charges I did not believe I was responsible for. I chatted online with a Vodafone rep. and after a pain-free, efficient virtual chat and some research on their end, they immediately refunded the contested charges. Not bad, I thought, definitely deserves some kudos. Also, I have been with Vodafone for years and on the whole, the network is pretty efficient!

This is good

The network coverage is good except some areas in Melbourne there is dropouts my plan is postlaid my plan is value for money i am so satisfied with the customer and support service

Good data inclusions, great international roaming

I recently moved from Telstra to Vodafone for a new business phone, on account of cheaper plans, better data inclusion, good international roaming, Qantas points and the 30 day network guarantee.
The network coverage has improved markedly in the last few years.
The $5 a day international roaming is excellent. I travelled to Europe via Asia recently and was able to use my phone as normal with no other extra costs and with my full plan inclusions. Amazing.
My only gripe with Vodafone has been dealing with their customer support on the phone. Terribly difficult to deal with at times, very frustrating.
The business team are quite good though.

Why do vodafone offer so little data on prepaid?

I'm currently buying prepaid for my phone. For $50 a month i receive a miserly 8.5 Gb of data. I see vodafone is now offering 40 Gb of high speed data per month plus unlimited data at a restricted speed as well as a new phone for their $60 plan. I don't wish to go on a plan but may consider it. For $50 a month i would consider 15 or 20Gb to be more reasonable. I'm supplying my own phone. I have always found Vodafone service and network to be very good.

A good change from Telstra

The network coverage has definitely improved over the years, I don't have issues with it unless I'm in very remote areas. Value for money is a lot better than what I had before. $40 gives me over 12gb for over a month and I got to keep my phone number when I switched from Telstra which only took a couple of minutes. All in all very satisfied customer.

Upgrading Mobile Phones

Due for a upgrade of my "Mobile Phone", the sales assistants, knowledge of the new models was very good. He provided information on all the new features.
First he asked the type of phone, I was looking for; after showing me the latest models, he provided me time to play with the phones and there was no pressure, to make a decision quickly.
Answered my question about roaming on the phone when travelling to America in July 2018.
Very happy with the service and the new phone.

No Problems Here

I live in a black spot and the only company that gives me a decent reception is Vodafone. It still doesn't all me to use the net but at least I have a reliable service if the land line goes down. The only other problem I have is trying to understand the consultants when I have to ring. I have learnt that you need to make sure you are ask all the important questions before you sign up.


I have Prepaid $30 plan with Vodafone , good value for the money you paid, and I am really satisfied with the customer service!

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I've been with Vodafone for a long period of time and have had four plans with them. Vodafone customer care had removed my plans discounts after having a long discussion that's when they were convinced to give the discount back. Also they do not keep their promises what they said also I had a NBN100 premium connection but I didn't get more than 20 Mbps.
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Was anyone offered free cancellation of your service with your last bill given free of charge from Vodafone due to their inability to provide service to your area?
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not that i can remember,,,,,I was never given a Bill when i changed providers... I received a Final Warning Payment of $112.95 or else they would send the account to the Collection Agency that would stuff up my Credit Rating ....to me they are a bunch of Scumbags....

Why was i charged $112.98 .for leaving Vodafone? ???
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