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Terrible! Will switch to another provider!

Vodafone has automatically added $10 extra charge for extra data that I have ever never required. The old website allowed us to turn off the add-on to stop this monthly extra data but the new one doesn't allow it. That's completely crap. A real robber.

Terrible customer service

Absolutely terrible customer service, they are pretty fine as a internet and phone provider, but if you every have to ring them you're in deep trouble, you'll be transfered about 20 times and wait for ages. When ever you ring them just answer the prompts as if you are looking to buy a new phone and you should get thru sooner. Go with Telstra

Vodafone Make people Fool While doing Contact

Vodafone Australia is making people fool while doing contact. They say you can upgrade your phone after 2 years and when the time came for upgrade they say you can't do it because we have this policy and that and when want to cancel contact they want to pay cancellation charge this is nonsense. Never ever refer this company to anyone.

They dont even deserve a 1 star

Join you up for wrong plan. Cut down my on my gigs for no reason and then now took 4Gigs in one hour. LEGIT do not join VODAFONE!!! disgusting customer service and all they try to do is upgrade your plan and scam you of your money. Not even exaggerating, 3 ombudsmen cases in 14 months. RUN AWAY!! dont make the mistake i did!

Awful customer service

Their customer service is worst in the industry. The guys in store are morons. They don't understand anything. Vodafone has outsourced their insurance to a terrible company called riskinsure. Overall keep away from this company.

The worst!

Big waste of time and money.
Would never recommend it to anyone.
Worst network and highest bills.
The company really knows how to fool people and make money.

Customer Service From Hell!

Warning!!!! Very Bad Company to deal with!!!
Customer Service team are mainly Indians who got no idea about Australian Customers!
Local outlets have young kids running it-inexperienced!

Terrible Service Don't Care About Customers

Customer service is really poor, warranty services is really poor took 1 month to get my phone repaired after saying its only going to take 3-5 working days and still not working properly and instead of replacing handset again they still want me to send it for repair. Will not ever going to have vodafone again and highly not recommended


When my plan ended, I called up vodafone to go pre-paid, I thought i was for months, then I suddenly received an email about a payment for a debt collection company on behalf of vodafone, I called them up and enquired about this issue and apparently i was on a put on a post-paid plan that i was unaware of, I have always made payments, never missed ONE! They never contacted me nor tried to call me about this issue, the bill was $60 and now I owe the debt collection company $90 for vodafones mistakes, horrible listening skills and customer service and if i do not make this payment i receive a bad credit history for 5 years, 5 years for THEIR MISTAKES, yet it states on this on their website "If an account remains unpaid for a period which we deem to be significant, Vodafone will make several attempts to contact the customer." Like i mentioned, we are never ever contacted about this nor do I deem one $60 unpaid bill significant compared to 6 years of good payment history.

My family and I were loyal customer for over 6 years, NOT ANYMORE!!!! Goodbye vodafone.

Horrible provider

This is the first time in my life I face such a horrible operator. Random drop from 4G to 3G in areas like road in the middle of covered zone, no Internet while this happens! Vodafone support explained me on my complaint on why I do not have Internet and provided screenshot that this is because I am on 3G!!! I work in telecom, but even people who don't know that 3G service include Internet!!! Even 2G network provided very slow but access to Internet.
Random lags with me not being able to call some numbers while we 3 meters apart and both have at least 1-2 bars in reception indicator. Sometimes I receive scam SMSs from "Woolworth" and other companies with a winning of 100-150 AUD gift card and URL to click. When I called to Vodafone to complain I was told that SMS did not go via Vodafone network! Amazing! It came to my phone via cosmic rays?! I asked to move my wife's number under my name and Vodafone instead of doing it completely blocked any service including calls, sms and Internet for 16 hours! Almost everyone who answers the call on 1555 are unprofessional, have heavy accent and rarely use brain to process information. They simply follow the script they have on their screens.
Very often I get a call from Private Number and someone say they are Vodafone and ask me for online PIN to access my profile and update me on reported issue. Like kids. If you want me to provide you an information that potentially can lead to hacking into my account you should at least call from Vodafone number that has record in White Pages.
So many bugs and lags with MyVodafone application. Unexplained automatic charges for extra data, which I do not need as I had 500Mb+ left and was not using it.
Multiple times I was given a false information as explanation on my questions. Its like being a teacher at a school. I have to explain the basics of mobile networking!
Not mentioning a very bad coverage and complete ignore on suggestions to improve it in some areas. Only promises that "We constantly working on network improvement". I have no doubt they do, but very slow and only where it is extremely bad not to have cover.

So bad service

You lost customer your service so bad. I paid off my phone on the plane and some jerk put me on crap plan which I can't call overseas so I try to cancel it but your personal so stupid they take ages to do that.

Vodafone and their lies

I was behind on my repayments yes (but never used the service as I had a mental breakdown, due to a separation and other issues, however I settled the account in full, bill + costs etc. I WAS reassured that within 72 hrs. my services would be restored, Waited waited, only to find they had locked out number for ever, so all my clients, 30yrs etc have now lost contact with me. I am 67 Yrs old and this treatment has left me devastated.
These people SUCK big time.

October 21st 2017 Update: Poor Coverage

I have been with Vodafone for sometime and noticed that my calls drop out with frequent regularity, even when the phone is placed on a firm surface, unmoved, how can someone take your money and offer such bad service in return is beyond me. Rang customer service they agreed that there was a lack of coverage, yet the Kangaroos on the side road, enjoy a better 3 to 4 bar coverage to my 1. Haven't seen a roo with a phone yet. more like 1917.

You have lost a customer!!!

Every time I recharge my credit the next two days they send me a message that it expired! I don't call anyone or use my internet outside. This is terrible when I used to recharge it used to last months but now 2 days Vodafone you have lost a customer and you're going to lose a lot because I'm not the only one complaining. Do something about it before you lose many customers. honestly this is terrible!

Bad Service

Not happy with Vodafone once again, as they never send reminder emails when they are processing your bill and refuse to do anything about it. Not only do they overcharge per month but their customer service is very poor. Won't be going with this company again.

Feeling so helpless

I have an overdue amount and i called to sort out something to solve the problem but talking with them felt like i am so helpless. I asked for the supervisor but they are so reluctant to pass the line. I don't know why.
Disgusted by their behaviour. This is what i get after using vodaphone for 4 years.

Forcing customers to change their plan

I had a plan ($50 red sim only) about a year and I was satisfied with it till two months ago I got an email which says we're going to move you to a new plan. The payment was still the same as y previous one and had more data as a bonus. But there was a big problem. I had my first plan because it included international call about 300 minutes that was really good. But with the new plan they'd removed the country I always call so the whole thing is useless.
I've found out they're targeting those customers who spend most of their call and data and trying to force them to change their plan or leave Vodafone.
I'm not happy at all because it's nonsense. I'm paying for that plan and I have the right to spend the data and 300 minutes the call value. Do they expect us to pay and not spend???
I ported my sim to TPG and would never come back to Vodafone again.

New Vodafone plan trap

Was a Vodafone customer for 4 years $50 plan. Mainly used for international calls and had around 150-180 minutes for the country I mainly phoned. Now they automatically assign me to a $50 plan month to month with 90 minutes international calls and all they have to tell me is sorry we no longer have the previous plan. Replacing the international minutes benefit with 4GB data which I do not need at all. Seriously Vodafone. Go to hell!

Not doing as they state

I entered a new contract with vodafone its been 2 weeks im not happy with service . I asked to get out of contract as they state you have 30 days to terminate but i was declined im not allowed . Its only bee 14 days since i entered a new contract what a scam Vodafone has going dont trust them go to a different provider save yourself the headache dont trust them.


Not living up to providing service

So signed up to a new contract phone and tablet under the sales pitch of great 4g reception in cranbourne east area. Yet im paying over my monthly due because im exceeding ny data usuage funny thing is ive no connection/reception when at home where i try to do my net surfing. In short im paying for a service im not recieving. No its not unique to my phone. This affects my tablet. And also my wifes prepaid phone. All with Vodafone. And the only thing they say is upgrades or maintenace or we did a site investigation and all appears fine. If it were fine i wouldnt be this frustrated that i have taken it up to the telco ombudsman.

I Hate Vodafone com au

I created this page because I'm truly fed up with the customer service I have been receiving from Vodafone wasting my time and never resolving the issue only saying is that they are extremely sorry.

I have been a client of theirs for 3 years and it's just getting a lot worse we need to come together and express our frustration and hopefully Vodafone Australia will take notice and change the way it operates.

So thank you for coming to my site if you like what we're trying to achieve please click the like button and help us with this campaign.

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I've been with Vodafone for a long period of time and have had four plans with them. Vodafone customer care had removed my plans discounts after having a long discussion that's when they were convinced to give the discount back. Also they do not keep their promises what they said also I had a NBN100 premium connection but I didn't get more than 20 Mbps.
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Was anyone offered free cancellation of your service with your last bill given free of charge from Vodafone due to their inability to provide service to your area?
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not that i can remember,,,,,I was never given a Bill when i changed providers... I received a Final Warning Payment of $112.95 or else they would send the account to the Collection Agency that would stuff up my Credit Rating ....to me they are a bunch of Scumbags....

Why was i charged $112.98 .for leaving Vodafone? ???
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