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Voda fail!

I am a very disgruntled Vodafone customer! Today I was advised when I called to pay my bill that is normally 220 dollars per my contract with Vodafone that my bill actually came to $1,500.00!!!! This is the 4th month in a row that my bill was astronomical! I queried this as always because I had previously always been advised that it was a billing issue and they would rectify it.. However today I was told it's not a billing issue and this is how much I owe because I have gone over my data by $1500!!! When I asked how this is possible I was not given a straight answer, when I asked them to look into the bill i was told that the bill is correct and I have to pay this in full.. I explained to her I was never advised that I was over using my data as people I know receive text messages etc she said its my responsibility to check and not there's to notify me... Firstly how can someone who uses there phone like any other normal person use 1500 dollars worth of data that is just beyond me! I have tried to call again this evening to have this looked into and was put on hold for half and hour waiting for a manager! The service is disgusting I am a paying customer!! I have been with Vodafone for years! How could it be that this treatment is acceptable!! Disgusting behaviour from Vodafone! I expect to hear back from Vodafone this evening or I will be contacting consumer affairs and the telecommunications ombudsman as of tomorrow!

terrible customer service

Everytime I call the customer service for my issues, they seems like don't know anything. I have plan with it, but they gave wrong information that made me agitated. The signal is not good.. The credit doesn't reduce straight away after we use it

Sick of Vodafone

I am sick of Vodafone. This is continue with faulty handset. Today I received call from customer care and the lady told me, she is willing to resolve my issue. She told she can offer repair not able to provide new handset because 28 days pass (2 days late). I know and understand their policy day one at store. Who was at store, she told me and my husband spoke to Vodafone customer care. I am not dump person. I have understand their policy but I am sure some one can give authorization to release new handset.
This is the funny and coolest part on today's conversation.
This lady transfer this call to her boss it is call "Supervisor" he told me, he is the highest person at Vodafone can I call and can I get resolve my problem. He asked same question no of times, How he can help me. "I told I like to have new handset" then he told he's script all customer care has same script may be wording bit change but same answer, you can not get new handset but can repair. Next 23 months I have to use repair phone. I bought new one, within one month it is broken and repair.
Anyone SOUNDS supervisor resolve my issue or he is same as others. I am assuming supervisor is not to ready to transfer this issue to above his manager or other department who can help me.
End of the day I would like to tell, if Vodafone can not resolve issues, DO NOT CALL customers Vodafone gave me extra stress angry and pressure. After disconnect call. The supervisor told me if I will not listen to him he will terminate my call. I didn't call them, I know they are useless people and not able to think of customer views not respecting.
Sick of Vodafone.

Con Artists - A big NO to vodafone!!

They have the worst customer service and what a cheap, low standard phone company, different offers at different platforms. Con people to bind them into two year contract and then leave them to their misery. I'm regretting to sign up a 2 year plan. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Poor reception and is there even a customer service?

Not even 1 signal in a non-underground carpark in Melbourne CBD, would like to address issues of the plan to their customer service line and what I get is an 50 mins line ????? can I give 0 star here? SO regret to sign up a 2 year plan.

0/10 take your business elsewhere, vodaphone is below terrible

Only giving a one star review as there is no option to give no stars at all.! If you value customer service this is not the provider you want to be with. The most terrible phone company to deal with, completely misleading and have no intention in helping loyal customers. Happy to mislead you and sign you up on a new contract, but if you have an issue do not expect it to be resolved. What a complete disgrace of a company, vodaphone you should be ashamed, for such a large company your customer service levels are so below standard there is not a low enough review I can offer. Beware people, do not sign up with these people, do yourself a favour and take your business elsewhere

Terrible service and customer support team

Being loyal customer from last nine years they haven't resolve my problem. Nowadays customer service is the main focus for any business. They loosing five no's in my family changing to other service and we will keep tell all my friends about this issue and aware them of Vodafone.

Never ever buy vodafone

Not good customer service. Never fulfill any promise. Wrong billing as well. No resolution even after chat twice. Just false promise as same again.

I went to the store this evening 2/5/16 4.30 pm the staff wes not very helpful just everything one w

Forget about network service, customer service comes first without explain anything the customers don't care about the network please try to get right sales person for better service

Not very good customer service

The customer service didn't honored the costumer very well. Need to be reviewed again the way they handle their customers.

Manager Hangs Up In Your Face

Do not bother joining them!!! The managers even ruder than the staff, they hang up the phone in your face and they do not give you a chance to speak. I am paying more for a galaxy S6 on a worse plan than the plan they have released recently for the new handset the galaxy S7 and I'm telling them that I am willing to pay the same amount for my current handset, if they only increase my data from 3gbs to 6gbs which you get with the galaxy S7 for less than what I'm currently paying. Rubbish company can't wait for my contract to finish to finally leave them!!

The Worst Service

Waste of time speaking to customer service, especially relationship managers never ever worried about the client and their problems. Vodafone fails to provide proper network and faulty supplies faulty mobiles.

Good service in the CBD but as soon as you leave the city

Good service in the CBD but as soon as you leave the city it just goes bad. Sorry VF, I will be going back to Optus!


I phoned the 1555 from my mobile. That's fun. It's apparently the Customer Service line. There is NO customer service. I am not a racist but I am an Aussie and I cannot understand the Indian accent. I tried, I was patient but the inflection in their accent is extremely hard to comprehend. I asked them to repeat what they said and I had to "read between the lines" of what he was telling me. They are not all rude but for the love of God I cannot understand. I end most conversations with "customer service" without the answers I was seeking in the first place. I am not on contract so I am not obligated to them. My loyalty of 20 years has now come to an end. I wonder which provider to go with now? Does any provider have a customer service centre based in Australia?

Do not sign up or you will be SORRY!

I also just received a bill saying that I have overused data usage, although I have been very careful and keen to monitor my usage. After spending long time to eventually get hold of their customer service (the worst of all phone provider in Australia), I explained to her about my good history of using within my data usage and requested for her help to see whether she could check whether this was a mistake from the usage data collection or could do anything to this so-called "excessive usage", which was very difficult for us, a customer to prove. Disappointedly, she was keen to insist that they were RIGHT in generating the invoice and offer me 2 OPTIONS: 1 to pay the bill accordingly or 2. to "Change the current plan to a more expensive one". I was so upset to hear this and dispute that this was a cheating and misleading of alluring Vodafone customer to "upgrade" the plans. She denied using the word "Upgrade" but keep saying that she wanted me to "Change" my current plan to a more expensive one. Extremely UPSET and DISGUSTING ! What a cheating altitude and misleading commercial approach! She did not even care a bit when I told her I would quit using Vodafone for good. What a worst ever customer service! I really feel sorry for her boss. Promised - Will never use Vodafone again ! Be careful and take this advise for every Vodafone new users! I suggest every complaint users herein should lodge our complaint to Telecommunication Ombudsman to highlight this bad provider in Australia.

Customer Service is worst!!!!!!!!

I was asking them for the excess data that was been charged in my account which i am not using it and have to pay it more than $40 for just 300 MB they said and the customer service i was talking to was arguing with me and just put on hold for a ages this is really not good even their coverage is not good at some point. I will never continue my plan with them so please if you are reading this do not attempt in getting a plan with them... What a waste of money!!!!!!!!

Never go with Vodafone

Hi Vodafone team

Hope someone can help cause I haven't had any luck with seeking help from your consultants. If you get poor-to-average service already and are moving rural, apparently there is outdoor service out there...... they try to keep you in your contract, no matter how unhappy the customer is. There is no reception, and I am moving there in 1 week. How am I suppose to sought out cancelling my contract when I have no reception? Apparently have to pay huge amount on using another phone line that isn't Vodafone's.

I have been with Vodafone / 3 for 7-8 years now, loyal even when they cut out occasionally and can't call due to no reception. Oh wait, that doesn't show if you don't call anyone, so doesn't count in Vodafone's eyes. When I raise an issue I get pushed to the side.

If I ever moved back to Melbourne I might have gone back with Vodafone, but the service and struggle to get out of my contract is ridiculous. I hope someone in Vodafone can help me and I really hope future customers reads this post.

From an unhappy customer

Vodafone Ripoff: $2100 in 24 hours

Please, please - don't get ripped off by Vodafone.

I have three (3) Vodafone accounts. I am a pretty good customer. I have a SIM card for a Nexus 7 tablet.

Over a period less than 24 hours across perhaps two days in May my $20 per month data only plan generated a $2100 data bill. It did this while the device was on but unused/passive AND in its own home WiFi zone.

I can't even imagine a situation where a customer would deliberately buy $2000 of data whilst sitting at home with internet everywhere. To even have this product in the market is an outrageous set up. AVOID Vodafone's data plans unless you want to spend hours and hours arguing the toss about how you are at fault for a $2000 bill.

AVOID like the plague.

Our complaint is being reviewed by the TIO (Telecoms Ombudsman). Let me know if you want to know what happens.
4G data - it really is pretty fast
It's a set up for a big STING

Techncial Support

Since November 2018 I have been in contact with Vodafone technical support as I am unable to download MMS messages on my Samsung S8 from anyone who sends one from an i Phone, I initially went to the Vodafone store in Sydney and they were unable to fix the problem and contacted their Tech support team. This team is absolutely hopeless - they ring me and I explain the problem and then they recommend a change and ask me to get someone to send me an MMS. I do this and they say they will ring back in the next 24 hours often it takes over 3 days to hear from them. I tell them again the problem hasn't been fixed. As it is never the same Tech person who rings I have to go over the problem each time with the new person - (seems like no-one reads any notes they claim they make on any file) They ask the same questions each time which is the Wi Fi off and mobile data on and then they try another fix with the same result, and again get me to phone some one and get an MMS sent, I have done this countless times - it is very annoying as I have to ask people in their working time to send me an MMS from their i Phone. The tech support people can't do this which would be more useful so I could give them answer as to if the fix worked immediately rather then waiting for them to phone me back which can up up to 3 days.

It is now 3 months and I still can't get MMS from people with i Phones. I have put my SIM in other peoples phones and I am able to receive the MMS. This can't be the first time this problem has occurred.

I have not been getting the full service from my plan which I have been paying for - Vodafone need to fix this and discount my plan fee until fixed.

I've been scammed

Took out insurance on a new i-phone 6, I always paid my bill on time (direct debited) then almost 2 years on the phone got lost and days later recovered destroyed, tried to claim insurance got stalled again and again and again and again, they just kept on insisting on more information, I went to a Vodafone shop in frustration and they told me they could do nothing at all to help me cut through the crap because insurance was with a third party, finally after many attempts to get claim underway they told me I need to provide them proof that I am actually insured with Vodafone despite them giving me a claim number on original call, what a joke they want me to prove that I have a paid up insurance contract, based on that I cancelled my direct debit with them, I had been paying insurance for almost the full term of my contract thus the replacement refurbished i-phone 6 had become almost worthless by now especially given that it comes with a $50.00 excess. (I had paid $15.00 month for almost 2 years without a claim) In frustration I cancelled my direct debit and naturally these parasites are harassing me now for payment, they don't mind dishing it out but hate it when the shoe is on the other foot, I will be reporting them to the ombudsman, be warned the insurance this company sells to you may be worthless which is my experience.

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I've been with Vodafone for a long period of time and have had four plans with them. Vodafone customer care had removed my plans discounts after having a long discussion that's when they were convinced to give the discount back. Also they do not keep their promises what they said also I had a NBN100 premium connection but I didn't get more than 20 Mbps.
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Was anyone offered free cancellation of your service with your last bill given free of charge from Vodafone due to their inability to provide service to your area?
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not that i can remember,,,,,I was never given a Bill when i changed providers... I received a Final Warning Payment of $112.95 or else they would send the account to the Collection Agency that would stuff up my Credit Rating ....to me they are a bunch of Scumbags....

Why was i charged $112.98 .for leaving Vodafone? ???
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