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Sensational customer service

We received outstanding service and assistance at Rosebud Vodafone.
The person who served us was an absolute legend - extremely knowledgeable, efficient and so pleasant to deal with. 10/10. We hope he never leaves this store.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Local Reception
Included Data per Month:5 GB

Excellent customer services

On my last bill I got charged almost 10 times then what I usually pay. I when to Vodafone store at Loganholme. We talked to one of the staff, her name Jenny. She’s really helpful and she acknowledged me on what happened on the bill. I had a really impressive experience with her.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Plan TypePost-Paid Sim Only
Plan Cost per Month: $35.00
Included Data per Month:15 GB

Thank you Vodafone for an excellent service

Just received my new phone today after I was given the wrong device from one of the Vodafone store. Follow up service was greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

amazing coverage

Yes! not the same as telstra, not even close in alot of areas, but if you look at there coverage map and work out where you go 90% of the time if that suits you than there great.

Vodafone Westfield Mall

Ash at the Vodafone store in Surry Hills was absolutely fantastic, and not only was the service great, their plans are 2nd to none!! 50gb for $45/mth? Un-bloody-real!! Vodafone FTW

Great customer service

As my plan with Testra was coming to an end I thought that i would look around for the best deal to suit my needs. The guy in the Vodafone store in Melton Victoria was so very patient showed me the plan and the cost of the phone, included the cost of overseas add on plan. Everything was very clear. Arranged the transfer of my number, told me what was going to happen and if by any chance was not correct he would personally deal with it. Everything went to plan and im very happy!!!!

Great reception, easy to use pre-paid mobile contract - love it

I pay $40 every 35 days to get 9GB of data with Vodafone, using the "Recharge Combo Plus".
I love it! The network coverage is great, the app is easy to use, I barely ever have to complain. Significantly better customer service than Telstra who I initially signed up with. Would 100% recommend Vodafone.

Great value mobile plan (RedGlobal Sim only)

I use my phone for business and private and love the free calls overseas, no excuses to phone my old relos overseas anymore. My internet speed through my phone 'internet sharing' is way faster than my Internet service provider (Belong) In fact it is so fast Windows 10 decided to once dump my entire hard drive to the cloud through my phone data, luckily I got warned by Vodaphone and so my bill is very consistent. Never had any bill shock, first time ever in over 15 years.

Nice and easy Vodafone NBN

Signed up for a 50mb Service download speed is consistent around 47mb.

Painless transition from another hopeless ISP with 3G/4G access made available.

Shame about out of touch, careless overseas call centre though.

Overseas roaming

The $5 international roaming is why I’m giving 5 stars. As soon as I got off the plain my phone and internet worked seamlessly. There was not one point during my 10 days in Thailand that I ever had an issue. Since I nyeed to be connected 24/7 for work as well as use the internet at all times I found this to be brilliant. I was also informed of all charges via text.

I will say I had faster speeds in Thailand on 4g than Melbourne (north east suburbs). There are less towers in my area.

Customer service

Writing from your very loyal customer for more than 4 years. Loved the customer service of Ellenbrook branch especially Sam and Chirag. Thanks for the support you always provide us.

Exceptional level of service at Vodafone Unley

Exceptionally generous level of service. So patient, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. Thank you so much Vodafone owner at Unley. Would certainly recommend you to others.

Great service!

NBN 100/40 speed that consistently around 90mpbs. When there was an issue, the 4G back up kicked in and while i couldn't get 4K on netflix, HD still worked.

Excellent service

Been with Vodafone for a few years had nothing but excellent service. great customer service and tech very helpful. Great value for money on their prepaid offers..

Bit disappointed that Vodafone NBN fibre to the premise it's not yet available in my area....

NBN Wifi Hub

I have had so much trouble getting an NBN connection, not just recently when i moved into my new house but also 5 years ago when I moved into my previous place. NBN is so unfriendly to customer expectations and it doesn't really matter who you go with - you end up with the same nonsense over and over again.
That is until Vodafone came along with their NBN offering. They offer a connection that you can literally walk out of the store with, plug in at home and be connected immediately (via 4G). This means you can wait for the NBN snail technicians to do their thing without having to live without internet. I could not be more happy with my vodafone nbn wifi hub connection and I only wish the service had been around last time i had to go through the nightmare that is connecting to the NBN. Finally, after so many years one provider has takien notice of what Australian consumers actually want and is treating the internet like an essential service.

Really helpful

I recently bought a Huawei Y5 from Vodafone and was not impressed with the attitude of the young sales person, so I went to another Vodafone store to get help, that guy had 666 tattooed on his forehead. By this time I was having a panic attack and wanted to throw throw phone away. Then I found Vodafone at Erina Fair shopping mall, the store closest to Target. A wonderful young lass by the name of Julie had me sorted out in seconds, she was kind and polite, actually they all are in that store. I should have gone there in the first place. I now love my new phone. It really does make such a difference when you go shopping if a store has friendly staff.

Fastest NBN service I've had

I recently switched from Aussie Broadband to the Vodafone 100Mbps download plan. The ordering process was easy and the router was plug and play, no major setup required.
Once connecting my WiFi devices to their router, I've been nothing short of amazed at their speeds, even during peak hours (93 to 96Mbps down).
Yes, they make you take their router, but I am okay with that as it also includes a 4G backup service (this sold me), should the NBN service fail, which provides peace of mind.
You can use your own router if you want to and I was for a while, but only their supplied router is supported (as in phone tech support), so keep theirs handy if you want to use your own, as they will ask you to plug their back in.
There is no set fee, just keep in mind if you cancel you need to pay $5 per month, multiplied by the months remaining in your contact (for the router). Given the cost savings of $20 per month compared with my previous provider, Aussie Broadband, I am more than happy with this :)

Just keep in mind that if you need a static IP address, Vodafone NBN is not for you as it's dynamic.

Easy port over

Easy to port over from amaysim to Vodafone good reception in my area never had problems with Vodafone always been very helpful to me good staff need better coverage in rural areas other than that no complaints

Vodafone Store downstairs Marion S.A.

This is the small store on the lower ground mall. Efficient and friendly service. Nothing was too much of a hassle for them to handle. They even gave me some bonus accessories free with my new phone. I later had to get them to correct an error in set up and they handled this perfectly.

Very happy with Vodafone

When on 12 month sim plan.
Was very happy with service very quick at shop front and everything the guy said happened.
Not problems that's the main thing.
It was friends around me that showed me there online dashboard how to try accounts, your history, billing that made me more interested.
I needed a company that suited me and now I've found one that is big but personal.
Be good if a bit cheaper but data was excellent.
The people at the shop took notice of me straight away instead of me asking them for help, this makes a big difference with me going with them.

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Questions & Answers

Is there an issue with Vodafone internet website and contact number? They need my payment. Cannot pay due to any connection. Please help.
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Whats the $5a day roaming plan like with vodaphone to use in the u.k. and europe as im with optus they under scutiny offer it but 100% more in cost , anyone used vodaphone is it worth it?
3 answers
I'm not sure as I don't use roaming sorryHave used Vodafone on roaming overseas and painless process. Check bf you go that they have partnered in that country or you will pay dearly. If agreement is in place it will cost you no more than $5 per day, unless you go over your allocated data. Have used roaming now in Hong Kong, and New Zealand. All good. Recently was in South America and knew they partnered with Chile. All good. No extra.Thank for your reply good to know thanks

What is the meaning of account changes and credits?
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