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Volkswagen Caddy 2K.II

Volkswagen Caddy 2K.II

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VW Caddy Maxi Life TDi250 1.6L Diesel DSG - Limp Mode Instant Loss of Power Dangerous, Serious Safet

We purchased the VW Caddy Maxi Life new in 2011 for the safety, economy, low emissions, solid quality build, versatility of the 7 seats and different configurations for large cargo space. It has fulfilled our expectations in these areas bar emissions and most concerningly, barring safety. We have kept the car regularly serviced and well maintained. We wish to make others aware and add to the reviews stating a safety issue with the limp mode. After experiencing this over a dozen times and talking to mechanics, the VW does not respond with a "normal"half speed limp mode. Instead limp mode response is a sudden, dramatic loss of power with deceleration from 100km to 30km in seconds. The DSG is still in gear (unsure what gear it drops down to as too concerned with getting safely off the highway asap) but it is af if the vehicle is engine breaking. It does not slowly cruise down to limp mode, as if in neutral. There is no warning, as soon as an engine fault lamp flashes the limp mode is instant. Five of the times we have experienced limp mode we were on the highway travelling at high speed. This has been extremely dangerous because of the dramatic deceleration leading to being vulnerable to a collision from the rear. There is no warning to the driver behind until hazard lights are mechanically applied asap. Each time the engine fault lamp flashes we have taken it into the dealership or mechanic immediately. Over a period of 5 months the EGR and four injectors (not all at once) have been replaced. Our concern is the defect of the vehicle's drastic response in limp mode. We do not feel confident to drive the vehicle on the highway not knowing when the next component will fail. The instant limp mode has put ourselves and other road users safety in jeopardy. We have been contacting VW Australia over the last 5 months and were advised our concern with the vehicle losing power is not a known concern with our vehicle model. On searching reviews, such as on this site, this is not the case. Others have experienced the exact same issue. Our extreme disappointment is that VW will not look into this safety issue further or rectify the problem. VW recommend that if any faults are to arise to have our vehicle taken into a Volkswagen dealership to further diagnose our concern. We do not want to wait until another fault, risk another potential collision, too many very close calls already. The unusual thing is the faults which have thus far thrown the vehicle into limp mode do not put the engine immediately at risk. The dealership advised to switch the vehicle off then restart and the vehicle could be driven home to the dealership. Why don't they program the ECU to give a warning for say 30 seconds before power loss? Why is possibility of engine damage (which hasn't been the case with past faults) put ahead of passenger safety? Passenger safety should be paramount! We have emailed a letter of complaint to VW three weeks ago but still no reply and no reply to previous email. There response previously is to say they understand our disappointment surrounding our experience but will do nothing further until another fault lamp arises...

Engine Size1.6L
Date PurchasedMay 2011

Great durable car

Handles well, driving for 3 months now. At first I found it quite difficult to get used to after driving small sedans but overall it's been great.

Excellent fuel economy, averaging about 800 - 1000km per tank at this rate, some highway driving but it's definiltey a great feature.

Servicing seems reasonable considering European. I have friends who drive the same car and have complained about expensive prices.

Overall a good car and I would recommend.

Engine Size1.6L Turbo
Date PurchasedMay 2017

very poor service

Driving diesel caddy, lost power, took car to dealer in Springvale road, and from then on things just went from bad to terrible. They quoted for the repair $800.00 said yes go ahead, receive phone call "sorry not fixed" another looong period of time, receive phone call "it is going to cost $8,000.00 to fix" I read into that they have no idea what is wrong. Ask why so dear? Had to pay for the first repair that did not fix car. Be very careful when dealing with them, get written quote and make sure they know what they are doing. I am very wary of Volkswagen products. The caddy had been serviced on time every time. be careful

Engine Size1.9L Turbo
Date PurchasedJun 2011

over heat

it is only 50,000 km since we bought but it shows over heat we can not mange it can u suggest me something that i can change or anything else i tried to change the thermostat and no solution what next step can we take the ruining cost is also high the power is nor related with its volume of capacity to cray on

Engine Size1.2L Turbo
Date PurchasedAug 2012

Don't buy VW

Save your self the hassle, don't buy VW. Just spent $9430 for a new gearbox. Purchased the van in April at 100,00km 4 months later the 7 speed gearbox failed. According to VW this is a reasonable time frame for the gearbox to fail and their are no recognised faults with the gearbox. I suggest the fools at VW Google, VW gearboxes, they may learn that are a disaster . VW Australia are the worst.
Can't be bothered writing any more just avoid VW.

BadgeTDI250 Trendline
Engine Size1.9L Turbo
Date PurchasedApr 2016

Good van, great to drive, excellent on fuel but!

Brake light on the top of the back door disintegrated and started cracking up and this was at around the 12 month old mark so I thought I would get it checked at it's service so I took it in for it's service and no one noticed it. I rebooked the car in to have the light looked at 2 weeks later when they could fit it in and I was told that it was my fault it was like that, I must have been treating it badly but I hadn't, I look after my car so well, it is only used to carry my dogs to dog shows and I clean in regularly. I was stunned by this and went inside to speak to one of the managers who came outside to look at it and agreed with me that it looked like a faulty lens and he felt that it should be replaced at the dealerships cost, he said he would speak to his boss and would get back to me the next day.
The big manager did get back to me and agreed that it should be replaced and would suggest to the spare parts department to replace it but then 2 days later I got a call from the spare parts departments girl stating they will not be replacing it under warranty it would cost me around $78 for the part and $40 labour and she was rude to boot, I burst into tears and told her I was not interested in fixing it with them and I would not be getting any future services with them.
Also the silver paint started wearing of rims in first 12 months, dealer states wear and tear, I use car for private use and like my car to look good now I have black spots on my rims where the silver is gone, cheap rubbish, why do they think that rough enough is good enough? I certainly don't! :(

BadgeTSI160 Runner SE
Engine Size1.2L Turbo

VW Caddy POS

I have a 2010 built-2011 complied VW Caddy 1.6 TDCi, bought it second hand with 3600km on it and it didnt take long to see why the previous owners got rid of it.
So far its had 4 new injectors, ECU, rear suspension bump stops fell out and ive lost count of how many times its gone in to limp mode and taken back to VW for gear box issues.
It only has 36500km on it now (in 4 years)
My wife runs a busines from home and had a Transit van, but when the Twins came along we needed something i could put the kids in and my wife could still work out of, the Caddy suited.
Now the cars run out of Warranty im to scared of it.
Terrible car people STAY AWAY

BadgeTDI250 Comfortline
Engine Size1.6L Turbo

Awesome Car.. Cheap on fuel and carry's alot

Love this caddy I have a diesel man 2012 model and it has helped me so much moving house, transporting things.. I love it.


2013 VW Caddy - Edition 30

Good overall vehicle design and practicality. The finish quality should be better, there are issues and annoyances.
I do like the idea of this car but I have been fixing rattles and squeaks since day one.

- Seating position.
- Visibility.
- Practical, usable space.
- Drives OK for a commercial van on good surfaces.

- Sliding doors are difficult to move from the latched open position & when opening using the outside handles. When opening sliding doors on a slope they fly open at great speed and crash against the stops, sounds like they will damage the vehicle.
- There are many squeaks and rattles in this car which need fixing (dash numerous, doors, seats front & rear, rear windows etc etc).
- RHS Wing mirror whistles at certain speeds very loudly.
- Lack of steering wheel controls for radio etc.
- No rear parcel shelf, $415 if you want one.
- Sat nav maps are out of date even with new release.
- Radio sound quality should be better.
- Air vents difficult to adjust while driving.
- This car has a 2.0L diesel but lacks power compared to my 1.6L diesel previous to this car????
- Rear suspension is terrible, needs to be independent suspension to solve the issues.
- Both front seats rub up against centre console in any seating position, just bad design.
- Front lights are poor.
- Should come standard with forward & reverse parking sensors & reverse camera.
- DSG can seem clunky, too slow & not in the gear you would prefer it in.
Practical space, seating position, not a "look at me vehicle".

BadgeTDI320 Edition 30

Well, I like it.

Hard to locate a dealership that actually has one onsite to look at. I also have to drive 4 hours to get to a Service Centre for commercial VWs. But I found a diesel engine model at a Mildura,Vic. dealership and was able to buy it and drive it home within two hours. I like it and am starting to see a few others being driven here in this Western District location.
Good kilometers/ litre of diesel. Smooth ride. Very roomy.
Small pebble cracked windscreen within 3 weeks of purchase. Side mirror flips out of position constantly.

2012 Caddy Maxi 1.2 Turbo 5 speed.

I brought mine brand new almost a year ago. I love it, so nice to drive and suits my needs perfectly. Good power and economy mix, and the twin sliding doors are great. My only regrets are I didn't order cruise control and the 17" alloys, the 15's look a little small but I can live with that...
Very refined for a commercial vehicle, good build quality, peppy engine, good looks, versatile.

BadgeTSI175 Maxi
Engine Size1.2L Turbo
Update: The 2012 Caddy has now clocked up 77,000 klm without a single issue. It's coming up 3 years old so will be out of the warranty soon, but i feel confident it will continue to be totally reliable. My advise buy a manual petrol version...Update: Have sold the Caddy, it clocked up 91,000 klm without any issues. I now have a Ford Ranger but really miss the Caddy for work, (i'm a tradie) and it drove SO well.....I would by another one in a heartbeat, and if circumstances prevail I will...

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Questions & Answers

How can I tell what size the engine is? just purchased no books & the dealer didn't know. Eng. no CBZ251399 Model 2KN MY!!TS1160 SWB 5sp
1 answer
Hi John, I just googled and found this answer. Hope it helps. Most vehicles have their model year and engine size (4.0L for example) printed on an emissions decal placed on the backside of the hood. If you don't know your vehicle make and model, a quick look at the back of your vehicle may be all you need to do

Looking at purchasing a 2012 caddy with the 1.6lt diesel engine. We currently have 2006-2008 model caddys with the 1.9lt diesel and have had trouble with oil cooler failure. Any problems with the new 1.6?
1 answer
Hi Howard, no I haven't had any problems with it at all but my is unleaded not diesel if that makes a difference. My motor never misses a beat but and in general the car runs well :)

Hi all, Am driving a 2.0 Tdi Maxi with a DSG5 box, out here in Africa. Been used for long distance and about 5000kms of towing a trailer, maximum weight of 750 kgs. Gearbox started at 50 000km. Took it in to the agents. A week later am still with no van. Anyone else with gearbox problems on this Caddy? Thanks @kalaharib
1 answer
No problem


Caddy 2K.II
Release dateDec 2010
Discontinuation dateNov 2015
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