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2001 caddy wont rev up and glow plug light starts flashing
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I have a June 2015 model VW Caddy.The van has only 65,000 klms on it. The van has stops automatically when the break is applied at traffic lights and restarts when you lift your foot from the break. I have had three incidents now where I have lifted my foot from the break and the car doesn’t restart. I had to put the van back into the park position and turn the ignition over. The van still doesn’t start for four of five turnovers. Also I have a couple of incidents when the van shutters like its losing power. I am trying to sell this van even though I have only had it seven months. I am extremly disappointed and nervous driving it. I would never buy a VW again. I may have to get it diagnosed if it doesnt sell first but am thinking what ever is wrong with it will be expensive to fix. Is there common problems with these vans?
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I need to know how to add and check transmission oil in my vw diesel caddy 2011 model please help me out
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I have just bought a 2010 maxi caddy, when reversing l have no side windows it’s hard to see what’s coming. Is there some sort of mirrow lax get to make it easier?
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I am looking into buying a 2018 2.0lt diesel AUTO caddy, my question is have any of the engine, gearbox, electrics problems been fixed on these later models? As I haven't read any dramas on the 2018 models.
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Don't have that actual model, but my 2017 auto (petrol) Caddy has no problems at all with electrics or the transmission, and my 2016 2-lt diesel auto Tiguan is the same, sweet running and no problems at all.

How can I tell what size the engine is? just purchased no books & the dealer didn't know. Eng. no CBZ251399 Model 2KN MY!!TS1160 SWB 5sp
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Hi John, I just googled and found this answer. Hope it helps. Most vehicles have their model year and engine size (4.0L for example) printed on an emissions decal placed on the backside of the hood. If you don't know your vehicle make and model, a quick look at the back of your vehicle may be all you need to do

Looking at Caddy Maxi for light work around town & dual purpose family vehicle- it's size, specs & fuel economy fit our use brilliantly. Started asking owners of them how they find them, they all love the car but of the 13 people I have spoken to, 6 of them have had full auto gearbox failure within the first 100,000km with a repair bill of $7000-$8000. Thats nearly 1/2 of them which absolutely floored me. My question is, has the transmission fault been fixed? Need to know this before continuing looking at buying new. Thanks, James
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Hi James at this point in time I personally would not go near a Volkswagen of any sort. I owned a Jetta started leaking oil from gearbox at 100,00 km vw not interested in wty. sold car. son owned a caddy broke down, took vw approx. 9 weeks to fix, quoted a repair price of $8000.00 dollars sold car bought another vw caddy, stop lights did not work waited 4 weeks for new lights fitted lights still not working sold car. A personal friend bought a jetta with dsg gearbox failed twice sold car. if I bought another vw I would sell it before the wty ran out. good luck cjrThanks for the advice. Sounds there are fundamental flaws with gearbox failure. Have decided to stay clear of VW. Thanks again, cheers, James

2010 Caddy Maxi 1.6 deisel Manual or Auto ?
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personally I would not go near a volkswagon, IF you get a good one you will be happy, get a not so good one and it will break your heart and wallet

I'm thinking of buying a vw caddy 2010 to possibly 2014 model any reviews are very welcome?
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They are great to drive, and as I said in my review potentially VERY fragile and expensive to fix, The later model uses different engine / gearbox, IF the Renault Kangoo was NOT available ...... I would have purchased a TSI manual Caddy Maxi, the petrol engine doesn't exert the same kind of stress to the gearbox, and if run on generally discounted E10 petrol I believe the fuel cost per 100 km would be comparable to the diesel (E10 typically 10 - 20% cheaper than diesel), The TSI requires 95 octane petrol so you cannot use 'normal' 91 octane ULP, however E10 is minimum 94 octane which is fine (German and most European petrol contains ethanol). We actually have 2 petrol vehicles that require 'Premium ULP' a lexus GS450h, and an early 'skyactive' Mazda 3, both have at this point travelled over 100k using E10 90+% of the time, we have saved 000's in fuel costs. The only other thing I'd advise is consider the real cost of selling / trading before it reaches 100k, depreciation is HUGE on new cars, though in my experience preferable to high costs of repairs and down tome.........Hope this helps

Hi all have a model 2009 vw caddy but built in 2008 how that works don't know done 147,000 km has been making a noise from right side of engine which is not there all the time however does not have consistant rhyme kind of a randim beat told maybe the injectors or the valve stem adjust ment can anone out there advise me was told between $1500 to 2500 I hope not please call on 0422352362 Marama
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I'm sorry I have no idea what it could be but I do know Volkswagen's are expensive to get fixed. Did you take it to a dealer to get a quote to fix it? If you did take it somewhere else it probably will be cheaper. Hope you have some luck with it, Please when you find out what is definitely wrong with it can you write back so others can be on the look out for it :)

I have a old vw 1990's model caddy bakkie and its heavy on fuel and it sounds like its only running on three cylinders...what could be the problem??
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Sorry I have no idea, you need to take it to a mechanic :(

Looking at purchasing a 2012 caddy with the 1.6lt diesel engine. We currently have 2006-2008 model caddys with the 1.9lt diesel and have had trouble with oil cooler failure. Any problems with the new 1.6?
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Hi Howard, no I haven't had any problems with it at all but my is unleaded not diesel if that makes a difference. My motor never misses a beat but and in general the car runs well :)

Hi all, Am driving a 2.0 Tdi Maxi with a DSG5 box, out here in Africa. Been used for long distance and about 5000kms of towing a trailer, maximum weight of 750 kgs. Gearbox started at 50 000km. Took it in to the agents. A week later am still with no van. Anyone else with gearbox problems on this Caddy? Thanks @kalaharib
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No problem

Just wondering what's the actual diesel consumption for 2006-2009 1.9 TDI AUTOMatic gearbox models? Mine is 10-11ltr/100km. I think it's too much.
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2008 1.9TDI Cady. No city driving. Manual. 200000 ks on it. Never goes above 7l/100k except when towing.

Just wondering if the 1.2l caddy runner has enough power for an everyday work van?
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It's difficult for me to say, Joel. My son's Caddy is modified to accommodate a wheel chair, and it is used as his every day transport to get around, rather than as a work van that might need to carry a significant load.

has anyone a problem with engine mounts on a caddy 2010?
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No, not the engine mounts, just the injectors.

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