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Mk.4, 2K.I and 2K.II
2.8 from 40 reviews

Caddy 2006 1.9 TDi

Great to drive and excellent fuel economy when it is on the road. However, it is not on the road long enough between expensive breakdowns / repairs. Eight years old with 260000km and I'm over it. I also have a Hiace with 500000km & going strong. Should've bought another one.

Engine Size1.9L Turbo

Have Just taken Delivery of my Third Caddy

First Caddy 2006 TDI manual traded in 2009 Did have problem with gear box auto, replaced under warranty, I was Given replacement car while work was being done can't fault Central Coast Motor Group. Had Second Caddy TDI Auto for 120,000km Great to drive long distances. New 2014 Caddy has Coarse Control, and Bluetooth.
This should just about make it perfect.
All car can have problems some more then others I guess I was lucky. Its how you get looked after at the time is what's important.


2013 VW Caddy - Edition 30

Good overall vehicle design and practicality. The finish quality should be better, there are issues and annoyances.
I do like the idea of this car but I have been fixing rattles and squeaks since day one.

- Seating position.
- Visibility.
- Practical, usable space.
- Drives OK for a commercial van on good surfaces.

- Sliding doors are difficult to move from the latched open position & when opening using the outside handles. When opening sliding doors on a slope they fly open at great speed and crash against the stops, sounds like they will damage the vehicle.
- There are many squeaks and rattles in this car which need fixing (dash numerous, doors, seats front & rear, rear windows etc etc).
- RHS Wing mirror whistles at certain speeds very loudly.
- Lack of steering wheel controls for radio etc.
- No rear parcel shelf, $415 if you want one.
- Sat nav maps are out of date even with new release.
- Radio sound quality should be better.
- Air vents difficult to adjust while driving.
- This car has a 2.0L diesel but lacks power compared to my 1.6L diesel previous to this car????
- Rear suspension is terrible, needs to be independent suspension to solve the issues.
- Both front seats rub up against centre console in any seating position, just bad design.
- Front lights are poor.
- Should come standard with forward & reverse parking sensors & reverse camera.
- DSG can seem clunky, too slow & not in the gear you would prefer it in.
Practical space, seating position, not a "look at me vehicle".

BadgeTDI320 Edition 30


I have owned a Caddy Van for 2.5 years. In that time it has gone into 'Limp Home Mode' 7 times. That means that the on-board computer suddenly reduces the power (you can only drive at about 20-30 km/hr) and the van needs to be taken directly to a VW Service Centre. This happened recently and the the van was off the road for 7 days. The VW Service Centre at Frankston wouldn't provide a loan car. I expressed my disappointment with the vehicle's reliability over it's lifetime to the VW Service Centre and they were only interested the immediate problem. I took my concerns to VW Australia and they similarly would only view the last incident. I have previously owned new Toyota and Ford Commercial vehicles and found them to be much more reliable than this VW.

The Limp Home Mode, where the vehicle suddenly looses power, is particularly dangerous on the freeway and I am concerned that the vehicle will loose power in a dangerous situation. In last 2 limp home episodes, where the vehicle has needed to be of the road for some time, neither the Frankston or Hawthorn Service centres have provided me with a replacement vehicle. It appears to me that they are more interested in the pre-booked service works, break downs go to the end of the line. All done with smug indifference.
It looks good
It keeps breaking down and VW repair service is slow and not customer service focused. VW Australia and the Service Centres appear to have an undeservedly high opinion of themselves, which is very unpleasant to deal with.

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Please provide engine type + size and type of transmission

Well, I like it.

Hard to locate a dealership that actually has one onsite to look at. I also have to drive 4 hours to get to a Service Centre for commercial VWs. But I found a diesel engine model at a Mildura,Vic. dealership and was able to buy it and drive it home within two hours. I like it and am starting to see a few others being driven here in this Western District location.
Good kilometers/ litre of diesel. Smooth ride. Very roomy.
Small pebble cracked windscreen within 3 weeks of purchase. Side mirror flips out of position constantly.

2012 Caddy Maxi 1.2 Turbo 5 speed.

I brought mine brand new almost a year ago. I love it, so nice to drive and suits my needs perfectly. Good power and economy mix, and the twin sliding doors are great. My only regrets are I didn't order cruise control and the 17" alloys, the 15's look a little small but I can live with that...
Very refined for a commercial vehicle, good build quality, peppy engine, good looks, versatile.

BadgeTSI175 Maxi
Engine Size1.2L Turbo
Update: The 2012 Caddy has now clocked up 77,000 klm without a single issue. It's coming up 3 years old so will be out of the warranty soon, but i feel confident it will continue to be totally reliable. My advise buy a manual petrol version...Update: Have sold the Caddy, it clocked up 91,000 klm without any issues. I now have a Ford Ranger but really miss the Caddy for work, (i'm a tradie) and it drove SO well.....I would by another one in a heartbeat, and if circumstances prevail I will...

2005 Caddy 1.6 petrol

Ok. My 1st shot at a VW. Was looking forward to it sooo much. Got a manual entry level. After 90,000 kms things started going wrong.

Intermittent electricals (?) eg speakers going off - doors open or closed
Petrol sender failed. I use odometer only 'til I can afford a fix ($400+)

Indicator cluster (Wow!!) works LHS only unless I hold on RHS then goes dead or flicks to RHS.
God knows how much this will cost - and it's dangerous!
Steering wheel vinyl wearing way at top

Door handles black colour gone from internal part of grip on all doors
Black pillar paint peeling on both window frames
Rear barn door needs remote activated to release handle to operating position

Engine this is the big one

New motor!!!!
At 115,000 water light came on. Proved at West Orange VW to be manufacture fault. A housing sending coolant to engine, radiator and somewhere else lacked one of three locking nuts. This worked its way free until under compression it sprayed coolant until the motor seized. NRMA at time could not find problem, radiator expert also.

After VW Orange sent pix to VW home, they stalled then offered $4,000 of $12,000 engine replacement. With a statement stating no responsibility, no VW fault etc. VW Orange offered me no leeway or cost alleviation also. In fact, I reckon they made a profit on the exchange.

2 air compressors replaced

Broken engine mount

There's more but I'm so annoyed, I'll have to wait to later, then forward this to VW Head Office and wait and see. I could camp outside there until they do something.
Comfortable, easy to get in and out, smooth gearbox, easy to drive, fast, good at 110 klm per hour, good fuel consumption

Engine Size1.6L

2006 VW Caddy

I bought the VW Caddy 1.9 L TDI with DSG in February 2007.
At this stage I have done 61,000 Km, mostly using Biodiesel.
The van has been excellent so far. It is great to drive, I love the DSG.
Fuel economy is brilliant at 6.2 L/100 Km!
I found the VW part cost high and services expensive.
The VW Caddy Van is great to drive and has excellent fuel economy.

Engine Size1.9L Turbo

Disappointing VW

I was a pretty happy owner for the first few years.. Proud. even after the initial shock of the overpriced servicing.. which I accepted as part of the price of owning a brand new vehicle.. my first . after an assortment of minor malfunctions from the body through to electrical ( after warranty ) then the gear box goes on a four year old VW vehicle . $6600 later .. not so proud.. as it turns out a common problem. Disappointed
Great sized small van.. fuel efficient.. originally inexpensive.
Overpriced servicing.. terrible dealer service.. Poor quality vehicle in the end.

Engine Size1.6L

Caddy Falls Short

Just paid $1860.00 for a 180,000 service do I need to say anymore ! I have had to many things go wrong to mention over the 4 years bought new and serviced at V W dealer. Would not recommend to anyone for business use. Will buy Hyundai I Load and get 5 year warranty fixed price servicing and unlimited Klm.
Fuel economy was good about 6.5 ltrs per 100km
Parts and servicing to expensive. If your getting it done cheaper it probably not being done properly

Worse car ever!

I had a 06 caddy and it was an utter piece of [censored word removed]! 2 turbos in 4 years, full set of CV joints, multiple CV bridges approx 10 air flow meters and the list just goes on and on and on. It left the show room without break lights and VWs attitude to all problems was pretty much too bad, live with it, it'll be fixed when its fixed. IT quite literally spent more time sitting in the drive way gathering dust and spiders than it did on the road. WORST CARS EVER!!!

VW has also managed to deify physics and apparently the rear breaks do far more work than the front to the point where they manage to destroy two complete sets of rear breaks (pads and disc) in the time that the front pads need to be replaced only once.

The car was ALWAYS serviced by VW and ALWAYS serviced on time.

Stay well clear of Caddys, I will never ever buy a VW ever again nor will I buy any vehicle associated with VW.
Ran on the smell of an oily rag
Started at the front bumper and ended at the rear bumper



Our business is in pathology logistics and these vehicles are the lifeblood of the business. At first they appeared the ideal vehicle for our application. They have been serviced in accordance with the manufacturers reccomendations and are perhaps some of the higher kilometre cars in Australia. There would not be too many with more kilometres on them. Our experience overall has been very poor all around. Vehicle 1. The dual mass flywheel disintegrated without warning at 160,000km. Considerable damage. Repair cost $4890. Vehicle 2. Turbo failure at 145,000km. Repair cost $5500. Vehicle 3. Cracked cylinder head. VW diagonised as clutch failure as it had just been replaced by non VW service. Completely wrong. Eventually diagnosed by diesel specialist. VW quote $8500 - $10,000. Engine replaced with second hand unit. Repair cost $5900. Vehicle 4. Air conditionong failure. After much harassment VW eventually replaced entire system under warranty. Cost unknown. Vehicle 5. Serious ongoing electrical issues. Been back to the dealer three times and auto electricians twice. No result. $450 spent so far. Vehicle 6. Maxi Life. See report under Caddy Life review. Reported these issues to VW Australia. Bad luck they reckon. No help there. We will never buy another VW and would never recommend them. Very poor vehicle and little or no support from VW. Don't let the badge fool you. These things are a lemon. DON'T BUY ONE!!
Our company has six manual TDi Caddy's. (incl. one Maxi Life) Each travel about 120,000 km per year in a mix of highway and city use. Economical on fuel. Good power, smooth and easy to drive. The useful storage above the front seats. Good useable space in the rear for smaller goods. Hard wearing plastic surfaces and vinyl floor covering for commercial use. On the surface they appear a good thing but read the cons below.
They have proved very expensive to operate over the longer term. Serious mechanical problems on all but one but it still has very low kilometres. Lack of dealer support. Don't want to know you if you don't want their overpriced servicing. Little technical support or data available. High cost of repair and maintenance parts. Bad blind spots particularly on the left. Don't expect any sympathy when out of warranty and the problems start to arise.

got first in 2006, brilliant design great to drive, sadly it never made even 1st service without airbag failure, constantly back to dealerover 3 years - 105k at trade in, then got caddy maxi jan 2010 believing no manufacturer could make cars so poorly and stay in business - I was wrong!Could not agree more! I only had the misfortune of owning one of the bits of rubbish but reading your problems is like we had the same car! VW never wanted to help, even with a vehicle under new car warranty they were very reluctant to help or admit any fault

Caddy 2010 DSG TD

Bought my VW Caddy new from a dealer and found that seemed to be an issue with the DSG shuddering...It went back to the dealer it was bought from then a second dealer to try and get it the problem sorted...One time the VW dealer had it for 10 days but I was always told it was normal....After giving up with VW and just excepted it just was not a good vehicle....@ 30,000 the DSG finally gave up making the Caddy undrivable and had to be towed to a VW service centre......It was then that that finally excepted that there IS a problem, well der.......It was replaced under warranty but unfortunately the new DSG has issues to too with thumping into gears when slowing down and slamming into first gear when taking off from a stationary position......It now has 60,000km.........
Other problems are there is a annoying whistle from the side mirrors which can only be fixed by putting electrical tape over the joins...
The rear strap that hangs from the rear lift up tailgate has broken.......
The key emblem on the key fell off after a month of use.....
It pulls to the left despite having 2 wheel alignments
Great looking van, awesome fuel economy
Faulty DSG, Bad warranty service, whistle from mirrors, Pulls to left

Engine Size1.9L Turbo
I've had my manual 2008 Caddy Maxi since new. It now done 370,000 kms. I have never had a problem with whistling from the mirrors or with any wheel alignment problems, I changed my tyres to 205/65/R15 when I needed to replace the orginials at 70,000 kms, maybe its your dealer that is the problem.Your lucky Very Happy 04. We have 2 caddy's a petrol manual and diesel auto and both have problems. the petrol not as many but at 150K we had to change gear box and clutch, air cons failed as well but the diesel only has 140k on it and we have had to change the auto transmission, air con failed on this one as well. We have spent much more in repairs than the cars actually cost. Would not recommend for business use as they seem to break down a lot (yes NRMA with towing is a must with these cars!!) and cost a fortune to fix.

Seeking all persons with a problem

We have had our Caddy for just over three years now and it has done 130 000kms. Apparently the Gearbox has gone, VW gets to decide if they repair or replace it. I think not. We got from a good dealer but as now the Dealearship is with the dodgy brothers. Just wanted to hear from anybody else with similar problems.
Loved it before this, but $ 8500 gear box @ 130 000k's Don't like anymore.

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my son has had his 2008 Caddy for a year.Trim and indicator covers have fallen off. Now the gear box has fallen apart. Its done 108.000 miles. In the last week our mechanic has had a further three inquiries about Caddy gear boxes. Feel VW should be replaceing for free

Absolutely not worth investing

As an update from my previous review, the van is absolutely bad, not just the drive, or performance. Simple things like where to fill up the tank, there is no fuel release and simply just push open where it can be sabotaged. Our company van has FAILED on the fuel guage twice in a year and is serviced by Volkswagen, and is brand new! The guage will read as empty even though there is fuel. Next fault was key coding whenever you open the instrument panel. Seriously, this is obviously a money making scheme ensuring you cant do any service to the van yourself. I cannot understand how my company choose this van especially for daily runs. Is poorly designed and one of the worse vehicles I have driven to date with most issues for a new vehicle.
Nothing, is an absolutely a box with 4 wheels
Everything, I doubt VW was going to exchange this orange for a apple.


Averaged 4.2l/100 km on the trip. Total average over 120,000 km is 5.9l/100km. My wife drives this car for her antique/furniture shop. Uses the space all the time. She totally loves this car even after 4 years! No problems at all.
Great size: small to park but huge in carrying capacity. Holds a double mattress in the back. Lots of ingenious storage areas under seats and above. So economical in the 1.9 turbo diesel manual. Great finish and dash. Handles well. Cheap to service. Easy on tyres.
Seats are a bit hard. Drove from Perth to Adelaide and back in a week with a sore bottom.


If I had to replace the van now I would buy exactly the same van with the same options. There isn't anything else on the market I'd prefer. Some more comfortable seats would be welcome though.
Mine is the Caddy TDI manual van. I've had it for a year and love it (all except the cons below). It is very economical to run, has heaps of space for my needs, looks great with my business signage and it is the only van on the market with completely smooth sides (I went for a metallic charcoal colour with body coloured bumpers and mirrors), is relatively quiet (for a van ... I did option the rubber load area lining and installed EchoPanel around all the walls which helped a lot), and is relatively fun to drive (again for a van ... but it handles well, is stable at 110km/m and has enough power).
It gets pretty expensive once you add options. Basic safety stuff like passenger and side airbags and ESP are not included in the retail price. And factory options means it takes around four months to arrive after you placed your order.The dealer, Solitaire Automotive, has never returned an email or phone call since I took delivery of it. The car was missing the full trip computer option I had included and I have never been compensated.I find the seats uncomfortable. To be fair I have a bad back, but these seats, even after having custom made sheepskin covers fitted which include extra lumbar support, leave me with a sore bum and back after half an hour in them. My Partner experiences the same problem.

Appalling customer 'service' from Volkswagen and their dealers: Two years have passed since writing this review of my Caddy. I have not once had a phone call returned, a letter, fax, or email responded to regarding my missing trip computer. My van also has an annoying wind whistle around the drivers side rear view mirror and it's air conditioning is pathetically weak. I am currently waiting for Volkswagen to authorise warranty repairs of these two items but I am not holding out much hope since the dealer doesn't reply to my emails. If I could change my review star rating now I would give it 2 stars rather than 4.I should also add that the van has had a variety of rattles over its life (2.5 years, 20,000km's) and the VW symbol dropped off the key some time ago. Neither reflect good build quality.


I have just traded my 2006 1.9 Caddy Life and feels good to have it gone. When traded it needed about another $4,000.00 of repairs – air conditioning didn’t work (2nd time) rear brakes, rear shock absorbers & CV joints all needed fixing and I had just spent $2,500.00 fixing the clutch (and that was the cheap single plate one) at 120,000km. Recently fixed the clutch on a Toyota (with 210,000km) for $330.00. Paint, yes paint, was coming off radio buttons, power window buttons, and passenger and drivers arm rests.
Fun to driveVery Economical (diesel)Good SizeGood Performance
Unreliable Poor quality finish in some areasvery very expensive to fix

Engine Size1.9L Turbo

Great to drive but don't keep it for long

Our company operates 10 VW Caddy's so far we have split two gearboxes one with only 70,000 kilometres on the clock. We have Toyotas with over 300,000 kms and they have not had a spanner laid on them other than regular service.
great fuel economy
Unreliable and expensive to repair


Great small car, perfect for lugging the kids around and driving to work and back etc. Due to the 1.9l size of the engine, it is not powerful enough for overtaking etc on country roads, you need to plan ahead. Finish quality is very good, and so it should be from VW. My wife loves the car, I drive it all day due to my job, and travel very long distances, no real problems to speak of.
I have the 7 seat caddy Life Diesel with DSG transmission. Love the turning circle, turns so tight that parking is not a problem. Love the fact that it can seat 7 people, yet only the size of a small car, like a tardis. DSG transmission is fantastic, 6 speed auto with Sport and Tiptronic modes. Engine is quiet. Plenty of power for the city driving. Drives like the VW Golf, as the front is a Golf. Cavernous boot space without the 3rd row. Comfortable to drive. Very good fuel economy, get 900km out of the tank. Car will last a lifetime and give the family person on a budget great joy. Audio system is very good.
The look of it is not to everyones tastes. No aircon in the 3rd row seats, so with the car full, have to crank the A/C to full or 3. Single cup holder for the second row seats. Windows on sliding doors are manual sliding & only open to half. 3rd row seat is heavy to get in and out, weighs 50kg. Servicing through VW is very expensive, due to a European car. Be aware that the parts can be expensive i.e windscreen wiper blades - these are not $10 rubber strips, but $135 for the whole wiper arm! Audio does not support MP3 or Ipods etc.

Engine Size1.9L Turbo

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2001 caddy wont rev up and glow plug light starts flashing
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I have a June 2015 model VW Caddy.The van has only 65,000 klms on it. The van has stops automatically when the break is applied at traffic lights and restarts when you lift your foot from the break. I have had three incidents now where I have lifted my foot from the break and the car doesn’t restart. I had to put the van back into the park position and turn the ignition over. The van still doesn’t start for four of five turnovers. Also I have a couple of incidents when the van shutters like its losing power. I am trying to sell this van even though I have only had it seven months. I am extremly disappointed and nervous driving it. I would never buy a VW again. I may have to get it diagnosed if it doesnt sell first but am thinking what ever is wrong with it will be expensive to fix. Is there common problems with these vans?
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I need to know how to add and check transmission oil in my vw diesel caddy 2011 model please help me out
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