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2007-2014 Volkswagen Eos

2007-2014 Volkswagen Eos

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Second hand diamond

I wanted a convertible as a suprise for my wife as well as a fun driving weekend getaway car. I stumbled across a 2007 manual model that had 225,000 km on it. Yes that's a lot of kilometres, however I looked over it fairly heavily and after some serious haggling with a motivated seller I paid the princely sum of $5.5k, not a bad deal!
We've had the car now for 6 months and have put another 8000 km on her.
The left pillar did have a small water leak but after buying the kytox lubricant and doing all the seals this cured my one and only leak and removed all the squeaks. I purchased a new stereo with gps and Bluetooth as well as plasti paint and repainted the scratched wheels and front chrome bumper and tinted the windows. All this for around $600 to modernise. We love our little eos and I know that on her next service I will be replacing the timing belt and water pump as to avoid any terminal issues that I have read about with other owners.
Perhaps we scored a good one or the previous owners really looked after her.
Considering these cars were upwards of $50k new we couldn't be more happier with our 2007 eos.

Purchased in October 2018 for $5,500.00.

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Fun car with oomph

I wanted a convertible for a long time. When I began researching I found the Eos was affordable, had lower insurance costs than other higher end brands. The top unfolds with the touch of a button in around 10 seconds. It’s full leather interior is comfortable. It seats four though the rear seats are a bit small for people taller than 5’8 or so. It has great response on the road with turbo drive and smooth DSG gear shift. The only downside, like all higher performing cars is that it’s expensive as a run around. On long distances it’s fuel economy is better. Other than that this is a great car all year round

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

The most fun I have ever had driving any car

I have owned a 2010 EOS White night (EOS) for over 3 years and can honestly it is the best all rounder car I have owned. It is relatively practical with a reasonable sized boot and back seat I use as extra storage when holidaying away as a couple. It is so versatile as you can choose to pop the moon roof or slide the sunroof or go “topless” . I live in Melbourne and I can attest I am one of those convertible drivers who have the roof down throughout the entire all year. In winter I just set seats and heat to max done leather gloves and scarf jacket and there is no better feeling. As a female I maintaiall the seals with the special lubricant I buy online every 4 months and never had a drop of later enter car and wash it myself by hand and low pressure hose gain to save seals. I only use the best product Leatherique on the quality leather seats. To me the EOS has excellent interior,dash and it’s GTI engine lives to rev. Everyday it still puts a smile on my dial and my boss who has Merc convertible and another friend who owns both a new BMeer convertible and EOS both prefer the EOS. There is no other car that matches it with it’s one of a kind roof.

I regularly service it and only had a leak with the coolant in first week of ownership which was covered by dealership being the only issue and replacing a blown led light at back. I have done 60,000 km so I can attest it hasn’t missed a beat and given me countless hours of enjoyment. Every time I see an EOS I try to ask the driver about their car and all the drivers I managed to pull up beside (around 20 so far) have had a big smile and say “I just love love it!”

Date PurchasedMay 2015

I Love my EOS

Purchased new in August 2011 when received it was a MY12 version. Now 2018 the only thing I would say is that it consumes more oil than any other car that I have had in the past. Its a great drive, bright and airy; and FUN. Running costs which includes petrol, insurance, rego and servicing for us is about 6K per year, we are close to a train line and about 20 minutes from city. If there is one thing I would have changed if I could go back would be to get electric seats - the rest is perfect.

Date PurchasedAug 2011

Good car

Mine is 2008. It’s been perfect. Roof has leaked in the past but only in torrential rain and it was when the car had been just sitting in the rain and so some kind of puddle must have formed on the roof. It’s not like it’s raining and the rain just comes in. This has happened twice. It was easily fixed by taking roof back then back on again. Great car. I drive it far distances and have always had it serviced on time etc. Definitely recommend

Date PurchasedApr 2013

We love this car

Did a lot of research before buying this. If your nervous about going convertible, this is the one. The hard top means full security and low driving noise when it’s up. Roof down, and it’s fun, still quiet, a pleasure to drive. Heaps of grunt, quality interior (really quite premium). No issues with reliability so far- ours is a 2012. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

It's not perfect, but good

As a 2hand car, I was worry about it would break down on road. After more than 1 year, finally I have gotten a
positive answer.

Driving is a really fun, although mixed some noises inside. Fuel cost around 9L/ 100KM, engine oil need to add 1L/5000KM+. Fortunately,I have been never hurted by DSG, it works well.

I tried to replace new edition gateway twice,but failed. If the gateway can't be renewed, that means I can't upgrade a new CD player due to old gateway leakage when it uses for new player. But I have to say the speakers of Eos are great.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Loved the car

I loved my Eos and reluctantly let it go for a larger car after owning it for 8yrs :-( Great responsive car, fast off the mark and all the mod cons you could need. Lots of inside space and very quiet to drive. The DSG transmission took a bit of time to get used to as it does jump taking off. Best to use sport mode to take off from the lights or flip to manual mode if it bothers you. Roof leaks - a known issue but is very fixable and lots of forum knowledge on it. The drain hose down the side columns get loose at the top and need some good quality tape to seal the end connector and your problem is solved. Remember to lube the rubbers on the roof as per the manual. Never had any mechanical issues or any other issues in all those years. I miss it!

Date PurchasedApr 2009

A wonderful lifestyle car

My wife and I purchased this as an 'early' retirement present. We've had it now just over two years and, while not perfect, we're not ready to give it up.

We purchased the car when it was just on three years old and coming out of manufacturer warranty. Unknown to the selling VW dealer (well, they didn't advertise it anyway) the car came with the Park Assist 2 and Sports Pack options.

While never having done so before with a car, we decided to buy an extended warranty as we were particularly concerned about some reviews we had read about roofs leaking, DSG gearboxes failing, and engines wearing out prematurely. In the end we haven't had problems with any of those parts. That said, we did also have a full service done as soon as we bought it as it didn't really seem that the selling dealer had done a comprehensive one.

Our first problem, driving home from the dealer, was that the keyless lock on the driver's door didn't work. That was fixed under the used car warranty without any issues. More recently the keyless start started to play up and we had that repaired under the extended warranty that we purchased.

We have noticed that our 155kw TSI engine does consume oil. This is a known issue with some VW engines so we do have to regularly check the level. On the flip side of that, we regularly get better that the tested fuel mileage of around 7.7 l/100km on the open road.

We can only suggest that others may have had issues with the roof as a result of how the car is housed and the roof maintained. Ours is always kept in the garage or undercover and we regularly clean and lubricate the rubber seals following the guide at http://www.vwgenuineparts.co.uk/vw_eos_roof_seal_lubrication.shtml.

In summary, we love cruising in this car with the roof down on anything other than a wet or 30+ degree day. Winding country roads and along the NSW South Coast are the best places to enjoy it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Perfect on the outside, not so perfect on the inside.

I absolute love the look of my car but having bought it second hand I have had to clean up all the issues. Roof leakages, airbag fault problems and computer issues. I now have a coolant leak and also have had issues with the car blowing warm air constantly. I also had to replace one headlight and that costed me $283 to replace a globe.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

A lemon of a car

I bought my EOS as a retirement car in Jan 2009. Was 2008/09 model. Love the convertible. Airconditioning did not seem to work from day one. Never cold enough. Had it back to VW several times, but then the dealership shut down. First time I took it back for 5000km service they crashed the car on a bollard and then tried to deny they did it. That was the beginning of a nightmare experience. I still love my car and wish it worked properly. Of course over the years I tried and tried to tell them about the A/C and they would say it needs gas. So I have it gassed until after the warranty period it was discovered that the compressor failed and it would cost over $2500 to replace. Of course after the dealership closed down they could not find the computer files where it stated I had complained about the issue! So nothing from VW. Charged me $300 for a report to confirm the compressor issue. The other major issue is the reverse gear. IT just didn't work all the time. So i would be doing a 3 point turn and nothing. Stuck in oncoming traffic. So dangerous. Time and time again I contacted VW, head office too and they said bring it down and we will look at it. I did that and they told me I need a new battery (last week this was 10/7/16) so I bought a new battery. Two days later, the reverse failed and I was really in trouble on a road with oncoming traffic. Could not get the car into reverse. So again wasted money believing that they knew what they were doing. Currently in the workshop with the news that the transmission is gone and needs replacing!!!! Because I don't have all my paperwork, some is missing, other times my visits not noted on the computer at VW they are refusing to do anything about it. Off to court. This car cost me $57K and has given me nothing but trouble. Worst part is being patronised and called a liar (not in so many words). I cant sell it (emissions issues as well) trade it, even VW don't want it back, so I have to fight. I will NEVER buy another VW. They are liars, unhelpful, condescending, and will not back their own product.

Date PurchasedJan 2009

Do not buy

Car looks great but nothing goes right on the inside…I will be driving and the engine turns itself off so dangerous…. heater has never worked since purchase. Very jerky gear box, when I go into reverse sometimes/most of the time it doesn’t do anything again very dangerous. I would love to be able to sell this car but my $60,000 that was invested seems like a waste to walk away from. Please do not buy this car. Issues started occurring 3 years after purchase so of cause nothing is in warranty. Even the little things break off just a waste of money and very upsetting for the consumer who has paid all this money. I can’t do anything now but if I can help someone not go through the pain and loss of money I have I will be very happy. I hope this helps


South Ybarra Volkswagen amazing service & amazing cars

I've had Volkswagen cars for over 10 years, two brand new beetles & an eso
All have been amazing cars, u will always have a hiccup here & there but that's with anything. However in saying that Volkswagen always re pair it without any issues. The eso has been an amazing car, regardless of the weather or road conditions I've never had any issue & if anything compared to other European cars its far the best when it comes to value for dollar. No other European company has a hard top convertible with sunroof for the same figure.
Overall, an amazing car !


What a great looking car. It is a shame that it has these problems because I will never buy another one. You pay all that money and expect more.
It looks great and has good power.
It has been back to vw so many times for water building up in the doors. When it has been raining and you open the doors you get your feet soaking wet. I am now told that they all do this (I have a friend that has one and hers does not leak). DSG gearbox chugs on take off frequently and also rolls backwards on hill starts.

A Disappointment

Great Golf GTI engine. The 6 Speed DSG has been a problem from day 1. It has a nasty habit of surging which can be quite exciting when parking!! Steering wheel is too high for comfort on long journeys. Leather seats are comfy and supportive. Like the ability to have a sunroof and also a drop head in the same package.
Goes like the clappers!! Cheaper than the Audi equivalent. Good space, considering it is a convertible.
Car has been in 3 times for roof work - still leaks, still bangs, still rattles, but a dare not let them take the think apart again. Very poor after sales service at a main dealer. I have had a multitude of electrical problems with this car - silly thing mainly, but very annoying. Boot leaks - I have a swimming pool in there now. Generally, great car badly let down by poor quality workmanship in Portugal.

The Worst Car I Have Ever Brought!

Within six months of buying the car the computer failed and the car had to be towed. Since then the radiator has been replaced not once but twice, the roof has leaked and has been repaired. It burns through the tyres, because the shock absorbers don't put enough downward pressure on the back tyres resulting in uneven and early wear. Whilst the dealership has been excellent in trying to help with the issues, I have not so much as had an apology from the complaints department of the Australian head office. I will never buy another VW.
Engine has great power and it has great fuel efficiency
Very poor quality and reliability, no decent customer care from VW Australia



I've driven VW for over 16 years, the Eos was the 3 new and last VW that I will EVER own.

This car is a complete LEMON..... DO NOT PURCHASE a EOS if you do not want to be taking it back for constant repairs.

My car has been off the road around 60 days in less than 2 years. Leaking roof, engine cutting out, faulty wiring, faulty motor parts, engine stalling, faulty heater box... the list goes on !

VW Australia are not interested in hearing about the faults, they will drag out repairs after repairs until the warranty runs out. The arrogance of this company is terrible, the sooner they bring in the LEMON LAWS Australian consumers will be protected from such companies as VW Australia.
The overall look of the car is great and priced not too bad to other hard top convertibles
Poor Quality

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I've had an EOS for 2 years and have had no problem at all. It's a beautiful piece of design. Beware frustrated people who write reviews in capital letters


This is a great car to drive. I tried the 2.0 liter FSI and with the top down this is just great fun, especially driving down the Great ocean road or in the outback in the bush. Its very responsive and full of go. The motor seems to purr when you put your foot down. The hardtop is quick to fold in or out which is a fortunate thing given victorias notorious four seasons in a day kind of weather. The hard top also means you have the best of both worlds, a convertible in the warmer months and a coupe in the cooler months. oh did i mention that this is one ggreat looking car; because it is.
Great looking car. Has the go as well as the show. The best of both worlds, a convertible or a coupe. Very responsive engine.


Its a far better car than anything it competes with price wise,(BMW ! series, Audi A1, Astra, Focus, Megane, 308CC and a far cheaper car than anything it competes with quality/driving experience/engineering wise (SAAB 9-3, Volvo C70)Mine is 2 years old and had been perfect - if anyone is looking for a hardtop convertible, go for an Eos, you won't be dissapointed
Great looking, super economical (diesel), fun to drive, a real 4 seater

Beautiful car to drive in any conditions

Very comfortable, solid and stable on the road. I don't mind when it rains, as the glass roof gives you that added view, and when the roof is down, it's just beautiful. The petrol engine has a lot of torque as well, so there is no need to drive it hard at all. If you need the extra power for overtaking, the Eos does not hesitate. It goes! I am glad I have the manual transmission, as it's a dream to drive. One guy driving a Peugeot 307CC came out of his car, asked me how much the Eos costs, and said "I prefer your car. I am going to trade my car in and get an Eos". Says it all really. There aren't too many convertibles which look beautiful roof up or down. There is also plenty of room for 4 adults, unlike other manufactures' convertibles.
Comfortable, beautiful, hard top roof for that extra security and powerful
Not much really. Had a couple of minor issues the past 3 years easily fixed.

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Questions & Answers

I'm buying my first car and was wondering if this would be a good car. The roof issue shouldn't be a problem with me as it will be in a garage, but the safety components of the car is what I would really like to know about. Has anyone had any major safety issues with the car?
1 answer
Great little car, just make sure you read all the reviews and do your homework on what to look for when buying.

Has anyone had issues with their ABS control module in their VW EOS. 2009?
No answers

I'm looking at buy an eos 2008-2009 not sure diesel or petrol I also been total the roof leaks can anyone give me advice thanks Vince
2 answers
I owned an EOS and my roof leaked from the day I drove it out of the show room. VW could never fix it. My friend also owned one and did not have any problems with hers. They are still to this day a good looking car. Shame about the water leaks I probably would have purchased another one.Google leaky roof and you will see most the time it is a really easy fix if it is the seals. Just buy 1-2 bottles will restore hard seals and maintain them and you should have no leaks at all.


2007-2014 Volkswagen Eos
Release dateJan 2007

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