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Hello there, I bought a 1995 VW T4 single cab syncro.
It has no engine, gearbox, transfer case.
I wonder what diesel engine it had fitted as I can't find any info.
Anyone who has a gearbox/transfer case please let me know.
Many thanks, Andree

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I just had a fire in my transporter 94 petrol, I've replaced wiring but my oil light keeps beeping and my temperature gage isn't working,can anyone give me some trouble shooting advice.thanks

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Wiremu w.

Wiremu w.asked

I’m about to buy a 1997 Volkswagen transporter with 335000 km on it, is this a big risk on it breaking down and getting problems, the owner says it hasn’t missed a service and just got a new belt last month.
He wants $6000 but I thought that was far to priced and was thinking $4600,
Would anyone be able to let me know much about the van please.
Parts etc if it’s due to brake down with the km.


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Just recently got a 99 t4. Petrol 5cyl , manual , After turning off the car is it common for the fan to stay on for little while after the key has been turned off.

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Pretty normal for any car. Once engine has cooled sufficiently, it will turn off

Nick L.

Nick L.asked

My t4 transporter 2.5 petrol runs rough and splatters especially when it rains. When it does start, It misses and stalls if I don"t keep the revs up, until whatever is happening warms up or dry up. I put a new No 30 relay but made no difference. What I have noticed is that it only does this when its raining. In fine weather it starts first turn 99% of the time, but when its raining, or there is moisture in the air, its the reverse, it struggles to start and runs really rough. i have to ride the clutch to get going with splattering, coughing, and farting along the way. After about 15 mins of driving it slowly, clears up and then it runs fine. I have taken the van to my mechanic, but it starts for him first time and the problem has long gone by then for him to diagnose. He also looked at fault codes but nothing. Anyone else had a similar problem with their VW? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Nick L.
Nick L.

I also notice its starts to misfire under load during fine weather, what are the main parts I need to change to know I have done everything I could to get it running right. any help would be appreciated.


Hi Nick,
over the past year, my 2001 automatic T4 stalled whilst driving every time it went through a deluge of rain. As yours too seems an electrical issue you might want to verify any exposed cracks or wires etc. We decided to replace the coil just last week. X fingers, will keep you informed. Kees

Windsong Cabins G.

Windsong Cabins G.asked

how to check auto oil in 1998 vw transporter t4 2500 petrol motor

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Hi can i fit 3 seats into the front of a 1994 VW Transporter manual transmission currently fitted with 2 seats? cheers Niki

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Alex X.
Alex X.

Did you find out, i would love to know how you went!



I want to know
Is 1995 t4 2.5 patrol auto transmission will fits in 2003 t4 2.5tdi?
In other words can I put 1995 patrol auto gearbox to 2003 diesel t4?
Thank you

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We have Volkswagen Trans auto Campervan ,would like to know if it would be safe to tow a Avan Jack Caravan 17ft tare 1630 kg, ATM 2030 kg

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where can I buy a timing cover as I cant find 1 for a t4 petrol

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Wreckers, t4 forums, t4 Facebook pages.

Brett H

Brett Hasked

Hi. I've just purchased a 98 transporter 2.0 for 800 cash. It's registered and running well although it's having trouble getting into second gear. The sale included a separate gearbox if I want to fit it later on. Has anyone else had this issue. Any other upkeep tips would be greatly appreciated. She has about 390ks on her, high I know.

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where do you get suitable spare shock absorbers and coils (both for rear), VW in Sydney will not even deign to reply?

An English outfit responded offering original parts - but for a 2000 T4. Are they identical? And I haven't even dared check the prices, plus shipping...

My van has just under 90k on the clock, only major repair needed was an engine rebuild because a local "VW"repair shop filled in the wrong type of coolant. $1500 repairs by a cash-only 'specialist'...

LMH a.k.a. carioca

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Windsong Cabins G.

Windsong Cabins G.asked

where do i check the auto oil in my 1988 auto transporter

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Have just bought a T4 2.5L Diesel with 195km. Have just noticed the diesel sensor dash light flashing nonstop. Any ideas? Cheers, Derek

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Hi all, I have hear that the 2.5ltr petrol engines are bullet proof. is this the case? I am looking at 177k caravelle for $2k full service history from new one owner never been in a crash, no rust with a slight crunch in first gear if you rush it. Paint is a little down, needs CV's done and a windscreen. Are they prone to leaking oil anywhere? Aircon seems like it will only just cool front passengers but otherwise a very clean unit. Just looking for some feedback as it is 25 years old.

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Hi, pitty I didn't see your question a few days ago because you've probably already decided by now. In case you're still looking for advice though, speaking from my own experience with my van it does seem as though these engines are very reliable. Mine has done around 300.000 now and still going strong no matter how hard I push it. It still has the original box too which I was pretty impressed by considering how much work it has done in its life. The only leak I've had in mine is from the sump plug and the filter so if you keep up the servicing you should be ok. I've heard mixed reports about the reliability of these engines from different people so from what I gather they're great as long as you keep the oil up to them. Hopefully the one that you're looking at it has been.



My manual 2002 T4 petrol 2 litre needs a gear box oil change.The underneath of mine appears different to the 2.5 litre box, as mine has a drain plug at the bottom of the diff crownwheel housing, and a filler plug at the front of the gearbox casting. Can anyone add any info to the differences and why they are that way?

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Where is the best place to buy parts for a t4 2.5 van struggling to find wreckers in Melbourne?

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Darren Curry

Darren Curryasked

I need a gearbox for my 1998 t4 transporter can l use a gear from. A1994 t4 transporter?

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Hi there I have a 97 T4 transporter and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's an anchor point to put a forward facing child's car seat in the front passengers side? The back seat's been taken out for a bed so obviously that's not an option.

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There are no car seat anchor points in the front row. You would need to have one fitted by a child seat anchor point fitting place.

Christopher C

Christopher Casked

can I get a roo bar to fit my 99 dual cab transporter?

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