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Do 7 sp DSG transmissions require service...if so, how often. Is it considered that VW improved Transmissions considerably over 6 sp DSG of earlier models? Thanks in advance Garry
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My Van has only done 47,000 kms. I don't think any service work has been done on the transmission. Possibly some fluid as part of a standard service. I have no knowledge of previous models as this is my first VW.According to the VW dealer I use (And the VW forum I am a member of) the 7 speed DSG has a recommended fluid and filter change at every 40,000 miles (64,000km) depending on type of driving. Improved over the 6 speed, I am not sure.

Does anyone have a belts diagram picture for a vw transporter 96 2.0 petrol with air conditioner, please?
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Sorry no diagram. The aircon units were fitted in Australia by more than one company and finding the right size belt is a real pain. If you're stuck let me know and I'll try photograph my 98 2litre.

Hi guys, looking at buying a 2008 2.5 tdi with 200,000 on the clock and have been getting conflicting info on the timing! Is it a belt,chain or flywheel and flexi coupling. Anyone with definite answer please? Thanks
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i have a t5 2008 build , vw macanic says there chain driven {no t belt} i bought mine new and have never had any trouble with it until the other day it broke a cv joint flange , other than that no problems , has 111000k's on the clock , i have it serviced every 10k intead of the 15k...

Hi, I read with sadness the amount of people who have had T5 auto gearboxes play up as I recently viewed a lovely VW camper van but have held back because of the many stories of auto boxes fitted. I have never had problems with two different cars with autos over the years of driving. I wonder about the T5 if this is a big issue and you never know how many happy ones driving T5s with auto boxes are okay. Any idea?
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The auto is fine as long as you change the oil . My engine was no good after 110000 km but they end up replacing it after all but I had to pay $2400 for instalation If you want a low cost van go for a Toyota

I have a 2012 T5 transporter tdi 400 6 speed manual bought brand new, great van until 83000ks later engine light came on. It's cost $3500 to fix which is to replace some short of cooling system, does anyone out there having some kind of this problem?
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I bought a brand new T5.2 Transporter Auto 4 Motion DSG in 2010. Service book requires new water pump replacement at 100 000 K,s.Cost from memory was about $2500 from Volkspower in Burwood. Still had issues with vehicle. Took it back and they replaced sensor refill bottle. Same issues. A week later I returned the vehicle and they found the thermostat had gone, Disgruntled I took it to a VW service centre to replace thermostat. Twelve months later Warning lamp came on so booked a service with VW service centre and check lamp issues. Secondary water pump replaced of a cost around $700. A week later temperature warning lamp came on after driving on freeway up a very long incline. Pulled over, water blown into engine bay. Called RACV who allowed me to have towed back to VW service centre. Diagnosis, ERG cooler blown. Cost $3500. They have replaced part and now inform me Engine head gasket and / or warped head. Cost... my insanity. Will be going to see them this morning to sort this out. Feeling very vulnerable. No customer support here. Just one bad situation. I live in Melbourne Australia. The service centre is under the banner of South Yarra VW.I boughjt a 2011 TDI MULTIVAN , Have had for two years when engine light came on. Scan said low flow on EGR valve . Replaced cost $2800 includes cooler .Now overheating and no end in sight .Maybe also head gasket .who knows .Meanwhile my old 1998 t4 is nearly at 400,000 klms never let me downEngine light on my TDI 2011 MULTIVAN came on .yes egr valve low flow .This is because the exhaust gas reticulation valve and cooler have exhaust gas through them that go back into the throttle for combustion again. They have carbon particulates which block the valve and cooler $2800 . . then overheating and pump ,mass flywheel, etc $9881-30 expensive.

Have trouble with petrol overheating on long journey. 2.5 petrol engine 2003 Auto VW Transporter. Any tips? Computer did not show any problems.
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I'm not a mechanic

Hi there I'm trying to find where the in cab aircon filter is on my 93 t4 transporter?
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I wouldn't know. I own a 2015 model and have only had it for 6 months.On the left above the battery. 2 spring clips

Hey! Does anyone know what may be wrong with poor fuel consumption 1,9 TDI (63kw)? It consumes 9.6/100 km. I recently changed thermostat, fuel temperature sensor, water temperature sensor thought that may help but it didn't. Any advice?
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I cant get less that 10L/100km if my life depended on it, 11 is average. Specs say 7.5 i think, Goooooood luck.

At how many kms to replace timing chain in 2009 2.5 v6 turbo diesel? Thinking about buying one with 170k on it.
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don't know exactly but at 170k I think if you purchased it you should start with a new timing chain/belt to be safe I think most are changed some where near 100,000k's. I'd rather be safe than caught out.Thank youAre there any other things that I should be looking for as far as faults go with this model ?

Can i put sport seats into a 1994 vw transporter with only 2 seats?
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I think you would have to get an engineers certificate and a blue slip and register the changes at the rms. NSW.

What engine oil do i use in my transporter 1998 plse. 2.4l diesel? Thanks in advance.
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I would use Penrite HPR diesel 20-60 grade my first choice, I run this in my Landcruiser for the last 15 years no problem but I don't wait the 10,000ks to change the oil I change my oil at 3,000 - 5,000ks.

Should you need to top up oil between service and how long should the engine last?
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Good question, I don't I change my oil every 3,000 k's I like running on new oil it preserves my engines better. Mixing oils can cause oils to thicken (congeal) and block oil ways in the crankshaft causing bearing failure. I know this because it happened to my boat engine That only had 120 hours on it, My retailer wouldn't tell me why this happened and wouldn't warrant it, I had to work out what happened myself by asking many mechanics questions and this was the only logical reason. So mixing oils even i its the same type it can still be different and congeal.The engine on a T3 should last about 330k's but if its never been rebuilt it should need new heads about 190k's as the origional gue used on the gaskets will pit the heads causing a water leak. This green gue was replaced with a black gue when this problem was discovered. I think I got the colours of the gue correct.when you rebuild your engine its wise to do the bottom end as well. http://portvwforum.freeforums.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=447

I am looking to buy a 2010 volkswagen Transporter T5 My11 lwb dsg just wondering what there like?
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I have friends that have a late model T5 and they love it, I have not owned one I like the rear engines so the bed is warm on a cold night when you stop.

What can make my T4 go off in the middlenof the road at intervals without any sign? This is a new development and happens when I havebused it for like 30 mins or more.
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Check your timing belt hasn't lost any teeth.Check your ignition relays.

Follow up information. Again been looking at the TDI 400 SWB and I've noticed that some models (same year) have differences i.e. one sliding door versus two....no controls on the steering versus controls on the steering....what appears to be an air-con unit built on the back right wall of the van versus no unit on other models. These differences are probably just variations within the same model and year, but what I want to know is one model more reliable or better than the other? Hoping to hear from some VW experts. Thanks.
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I aint no expert , just from experience, the manual transmition will most definately be more reliable, i have friends with dsg ( with problems) and my polo is dsg as well, im expecting it to crap itself soon( hopefully under waranty) . The rest is all about same except there is some upgrades u can get i guess like steering wheen buttons etc , but most likely standard on multivans and prob the 4 motion version. (4 motion hmmm yummmm, too pricey for me)

Hi guys - I'm looking at purchasing a van and have spent a massive amount of time scanning every van in an attempt to find the one with the least problems. Have to be honest I haven't come across one yet where someone 'hates it' and wouldn't purchase another. *Renault traffic - horrid safety star rating at only 2...expensive to fix...yet a lot seem to like theirs *Ford Transit - seems to win best van comparisons...awesome in cabin features....only in manual * Hiace - sardine tin....no comfort....great for parking...reliable (supposedly) * Iload - awesome power...modern in cabin features...but have a lot of blown engines * Transporter - seems a bit bland cabin feature wise....good physical size....car like driving wise I'm looking at purchasing a 2011 TDI 400 auto and want to know if they are reliable and general comments in general? The above comments seem to be a mixed bag. It appears getting any van that is good comes down to pot luck.
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Whatever tdi vw you get , make sure its manual. The rest will be fine, no regrets for me.My tdi400 is the best van for the highway.good suspension and steering.nice torque 100kph @1800rpm

looking to hear about performance from the 4 motion....how does it go in sand or down a rocky track?
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Don't know have not got 4 motion.I'm sorry my Transporter is not a 4 motion

I have a 2008 manufactured - Stamped 2009, T5 - 128 Kw - 6 Speed Manual Crewvan. A couple of questions for piece of mind, 1/ Heard the engine water pumps were crap and fail & should be changed - But there is no mention in the service scedules that come with the vehicle ( In fact nothing at all ) When should water pump be changed ? 2/ I have an oil leak which appears to becoming from externally from the rear of the Turbo - Not a huge amount of oil but enough to make a mess when the sump guard / air duct swab fills up & starts to wring out at higher speeds on trips. - Wondering if there is a gasket or a hose to leak on the turbo ? I asked a Stealer & was told the Turbos were a throw away item & not repairable ( $2500 ) & up for 10 Hours Labour @ Solicitors rates of $200 per hr. to replace it. I said it was oil leak so & it shouldn't need replacing. Can Anyone tell me something that I would like hear ? Gazz
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I'm not sure about the water pump but if your paying $200.00 per hour I would get another mechanic he is ripping you offshould only be paying about $110.00 per hourYou could also try taking the vehicle to a Volkswagen Australia workshop or a different diesel specialist engine repairs shop to possibly help you furtherHi Brian, It was a VW Dealer ( Stealer ) that quoted the 10 hours @ $200-00 P/Hr.for the Turbo Change. I have had the turbo leak repaired ( only a hose tightened & the water pump changed ). Now it is making oiling & I am now told the injector pump is leaking inside the engine thinning the oil. . Waiting on an estimate for that but I think this thing is turning into a bottomless money pit. I like the VW as a whole but was under the assumption being German it should last a bit longer then 6 years & 120 K before you have to throw money at a 50 K vehicle. Gazz

there is a ringing sound coming I think from the gearbox when I am cruising in gear 6 and 7. I bought a vw 2014 transporter special order from Germany, it has the new DSG gearbox (auto). I know very little about engines, but know enough, to know it doesnt sound right. If anyone can shed some light on this problem, I would be very grateful. Des
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I think someone might be trying to ring you on a mobile phone / no seriously try to take the Volkswagen Australia workshop or a transmission specialist shopCentral Coast Automatic have a good rep. Never been there just told about them.

instructions on how to change timing belt on 94 T4 5 cyl petrol VW transporter
1 answer
Hi Peter, I'm sorry to say I have limited mechanical knowledge and all such work was carried out by a local mechanic. Pete.

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