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Liana Cortijo
Liana Cortijoasked

My vornado is not working. Where can I have it repaired? I live in pymble nsw

1 answer

You CANNOT have it repaired. That's the whole issue with Vornado, they are only a box dropper but have NO service agents in Australia (as I got told via email by them in 12/2020). You may now throw your Vornado in the nearest bin and contribute to global pollution.

Anna L.
Anna L.asked

where is the vornado fan made? which country is it manufactured?

1 answer

Made in China. But very well made.
I highly recommend .
Better than any other fan I have had, and I have many.

Cam G
Cam Gasked

Do they also work as a fan if i was to put it on a table shooting directly at me would i get a good flow of air hit me? Im going fifo and i sleep with a fan on me everynight so want something i can travel with

1 answer

Yes but it's not meant to be used like that....you need to direct it to the top corner of the room

Amanda Ng
Amanda Ngasked

Is it noisy? Does it then just need to sit on the floor or has to sit on a desk or something? Does it come with remote control?

5 answers

On high it is a bit. It goes on the floor and works differently from usual fans. Have a look at the website.

Dead Wombat
Dead Wombat

No remote, but very easy buttons (electronic).
Sits on floor, nicely built.
Right now, i have 3 fans running, and this one is easily the quietest,.
There is almost no motor noise, the only noise is wind.
I have a small desk fan, about 6 inches, and it is much more noisy. I think it is to do with blade shape.
If you are buying any other fan, get the "Flat" type motor, and the biggest wattage. 40cm fans only last 2 years, the bigger ones last 4-5 years (longer with a spray of Silicon or WD40.
I have budget accommodation, and you learn fast what dies.
As fans go, i like it more every day. It projects a beam of air, rather than a huge mass.
But the beam is very directional, and i love to use it to move air around the house, and because of the high speed, it drags a lot of air.
I am actually contemplating buying another one.
Do a price search, i got mine from Good Guys, and they matched the internet price plus postage ($198).
I like to use one retailer, as they have a record of my purchases, and i have bargaining power.

Amanda Ng
Amanda Ng

Thank you!


Looking at purchasing either the Vornado 660 or 663 model. Our main purpose is to cool our bedroom at night. Would anyone know which model is quieter on the lowest setting?

2 answers

The fan motor makes the same amount of sound levels at the same RPM, bigger the blade the more the amount of air moves more the noise. I would recommend you to drop into one of the store and have a listen to the noise levels your self. Remember smaller the blade quieter the fan but lesser the amount of air moved. So the answer to this question will strictly depends of the size of your bed room.

Buy Well
Buy Well

See my review above. The Vornado site has RPM values of the fans. The 660 has the lowest setting at 600RPM, the 533 was 1100RPM from memory and I found the housing vibrated (visual with no associated sound). Is there a 633 model?
I hate annoying noises while sleeping but have easily been able to sleep with the wind noise from the 633. There is no motor noise, something I hope will stay that way over time.

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