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VS Sassoon Crew Cut VSM7565A

VS Sassoon Crew Cut VSM7565A

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Worst product ever

Left two big patches on my head. I had to go to the barber shop right away to fix my hair. Dont buy this. Waste of money!!


works great for me got it for xmas 2018 tried it out and only thing i did was have it on lower setting and cut more hair off than i wanted but cuts great great design going to save on $15 hair cuts every 3 weeks

Don’t believe the ad bombardment - these are absolutely useless

My partner had seen the advertisements touting this as the answer to all his head shaving problems.
It was $119-00 at the Shaver Shop, and the girl talked us into a big bottle of oil too as an up sell.
We bought it on Boxing Day, got home today and tried it. Three days after buying and and one use later, it’s in the bin.
I would package it up and demand a refund, because it's not fit for the use intended, but can’t be bothered paying postage to send it back.

Waste of time and money

Product is a poor design, Promises but does not deliver!

I think head shape is a big factor I used the shortest setting and it left two big uncut patches on the back of my head.

Get some conventional Clippers and avoid the gimmicks.

Waste of money

I bought this for my son. He ended up having to go to the hairdresser for fix his hair up. Left patches, couldn't get into all the areas on his head. My husband even tried it and we ended up using the old fashioned hair clippers instead. Yes, should be taken off the market.

Useless piece of crap

The cut was very good on top of my sons head but the back and sides either didn't cut or were patchy spent 20 minutes going over and over in different directions and still had to get out the old clippers out to finish the job and make it presentable. This product should be taken off the selves and used as wheel chocks for a steam roller.

12 mths old and it's fallen apart

I've had my VS crew cut for about 12 months now using it about twice month no problems at all until today, it started cutting rough and then the plastic middle of it broke away and is now in 3 or so pieces, happy days not :( you'd think for the price you pay for this equipment it would last a few years at least... Oh well looks like I'll be going back to my old faithful 15 year old wahl clippers


Got the Vs crew cut for Xmas 2018 used twice and now won’t charge. Waste of money. Won’t recommend this to any one. Hopefully the company going to look into the battery problems. Unhappy client.

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Please kindly call Conair Customer service on 1800 650 263

Don’t waste your money!

I haven’t seen a product this useless in a long time! Very uneven result, looks like a blind man cut my husbands hair. Next time I’ll get our 5 year old to do it, she’d do a better job.


Very expensive and cuts hair in chunks. There’s a lot better value for money. I was talked into this by a salesman who must have been getting commission because he lied

Don't buy this product!

Agree! Battery lousy! Have same experience or worth! Started clipping one side and half way through,
Batterie gone flat. Had to go to Barber Shop to finsish the Job!

Quite happy with the cut.

I haven't used it for several months and now find it won't take a full charge, ie it charges enough to make it JUST move, but several attempts to re-charge completely,are useless. Had it less than 12 months and expect it to last longer.

good for short hair.

Good for my short hair not sure it would be any good for long hair. I do mine weekly & quite satisfied with the job it does.Also use the clippers for sides.


This is disgraceful. I used it once and it took chunks out of my hair. Very uneven cut. Had to literally cut all my hair of with another razor. I wish i could post some photos of it. Id advise to stay clear.

Rubbish -

The worst machine ever including the small clipper. If only I could get a refund. Its funny how my review from last wk wasn't published. Floored I say! Waste of money.

Keeping it simples

Make sure when you first use it that your hair is short ie no. 1 and use it weekly
Use the clippers for sideburns and around the ears
Great for balding people

Battery is useless

Was given it for Xmas 2017 , its now Feb 2018 -used twice and battery will not recharge. I expected that it would last more then 2 months, not a good experience with this product.

Hi Please kindly contact Conair Customer service on 1800 650 253.I did this morning, they suggested returning it to the place of sale.Hi. should you have any problems with the warranty claim in store, please call customer service to assist with the replacement 1800 650 253

Junk product

Like previous reviews, takes forever and still have to use conventional clippers to finish up the parts that it can't cut. The mini battery operated trimmer is equally or worse quality than the main cutter. Please avoid and stay with a normal clipper.

First Use,Great product.

I am very happy with this product, all the negatives is wrong, bottom line, if you want a crew cut, it does this very well, my setting was Number One,I think, if your buying this item, and set at Number four, you will be disapointed as you may not get the even coverage.I followed up with the trimmer, around the ears. I think most of the negative comments are user error.I would spend, $18.00 at the local hairdresser, for 5 minutes work, not anymore!!

the perfect machine for cutting hair

This is the best inventions after that of hair, it is so easy to use and very smooth one adjustment to go ... it glides over the head with the same contour and no need for wetting or blades or combs or or
and it comes with trimmer for sideburns and those tricky places.

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Can you buy parts sush as the adjustable guide for a vs crew cut clipper.
No answers

Hi can I purchase the plastic hair gauge thickness ring for the Crew Cut somewhere as I have broken it? I have exhausted my emails to the Shaver shop as they never reply! Thanks
1 answer
Spare parts are available for the Crew Ct Model number VSM7565A Please kindly call Conair Customer service for Australia 1800 650 263 or New Zealand 0800 080 971

Where is the battery on the crew cut and can I replace it?
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Crew Cut VSM7565A
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