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VS Sassoon Total Curl VS2021BA

VS Sassoon Total Curl VS2021BA

1.6 from 12 reviews

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Dont Buy

This curler comes with many barrels which is good but only helpful if it actually heated up. I could wrap my hand around the curler and I wouldn’t burn myself. I waited 30 mins and still didn’t keep the curl in my hair. It is a waste of almost 50 dollars. Don’t buy it.

Purchased in December 2018 at Target for $45.99.

The only thing it curled was my temperament.

I purchased this product specifically for the larger barrel. Somewhere between the 15 and 20 minute mark the device decided it was hot enough for use.

It felt warm to the touch and certainly not as hot as other wands I've used in the past.
The device didn't get hot enough to actually do anything to my hair, and I did keep the wand in for about 30 seconds. I switched to the smaller barrel, waited another 15 or so minutes until it warmed up and tried again. The small section of hair I tried was nice and warm, but the sight of a tight bouncy curl would have to be attained by other means.

I didn't want to risk damaging my hair by leaving it in for longer than that and anyway, I don't care for a product which would in all likelihood take a very long time to achieve a very minimal result.

All I can say is that if the model on the packaging had beautiful bouncy curls, then this product was used on her hair (and therefore I and the other reviewers bought faulty products) or they curled her hair with a completely different curler.

I only gave this product a one-star rating because I couldn't leave a zero. I'll be taking it back tomorrow for a refund.


Purchased this product as I was wanting to curl my 2 year old daughters hair, her hair is not at all thick, I would say it is very fine.
Took ages to heat up, when it finally did heat up it did not leave a curl, I had to hold it in for over a minute to even achieve a slight curl. I had the old style VS curling iron before, it worked great, I was really disappointed in this product as it is a great idea with all the attachments. I will be returning this product tomorrow.
Thanks for wasting my time Vidal Sassoon! it’s saying something if you can not even curl a 2 year olds head of hair, I mean it’s still growing and thickening up!!!

NOT happy, Waste of money

The iron did not curl my hair at all. So I tried the gentle waves and the thing got stuck in my hair and had to cut it out.... NOT happy. Did not even heat up enough to curl my hair.

Absolutely useless

Just bought this and was excited to try it but have to say it will be going back to the shop. The only one that even produces a slight wave is the 16mm barrel but even then it’s useless.

Waste of money

Bought this because it was cheap and looked great but unfortunately it is cheap for a reason. Takes a while to heat up & then getting 1 curl takes a while as you have to hold it for about 30-40secs. I have thick hair so I don't know if it's because of the thickness of my hair or because it's just a piece of junk. I get faster curls from my ghd straightener then this. Was hoping it'll curl my hair easier then GHD but it doesn't.

Very happy with my curler.

Very happy with this product, it does take awhile to heat up but it holds its heat well & all the attachments make lovely curls in my hair. I would buy it again & recommend it to my friends.

No. Just, no.

My mum broke my VS Sassoon 19mm Instant Heat Ceramic Curler by accident, so, because that curler worked really well for me for the past few years, I assumed it was a brand thing and bought this because it gave me more freedom with types of curls. Good decision, right?

Nope. It takes SO LONG to warm up (legit, I turned it on after coming out of the shower, got dressed, did my makeup and it still wasn't ready), and my hair doesn't curl at all with it. I have straight, medium hair (awkwardly in the middle of thick and thin) so I used the tighter barrel so my hair had a higher chance of holding the curl before it fell out completely. I curled it in small sections, pinned them back up, sprayed around half a can of hairspray and let them down once they curled completely. 10 minutes after I left the house, my hair was straight again.

I want to return it really badly, but because I used it I can't return it.

Don't buy it unless you want to be disappointed.

Don't bother

I bought this today and will be taking it back to Target tomorrow. Take ages to heat, hardly curls. They say roll your hair for 15seconds, more like a minute to get half a curl. Going to a snazzy dinner immediately after work and feel my hair will let down my appearance. Very very disappointing
the purple colour
mostly everything

This is Amazing!

I got this for Christmas, and I love it. It curls really well and easy to use. My favorite barrel Because it gives a nice bouncy curl. but i am having trouble with the brush sleeve but that is not why i wanted it. The biggest barrel give more of a beach waves and they look really pretty
Great Results
can take a while to heat up, more heat settings

Don't buy it

My husband and son just bought this for me. So I reluctantly tried it and it took nearly 15 minutes to heat up and I tried the spiral attachment and that didn't do anything, then I tried another attachment and you have to wait for it to heat up again. This should be quick and easy not time consuming. All the hair appliances I have this is the worst, taking it back for a refund and will not recommend this to anyone
Everything takes so long and doesn't even give a decent curl its bad

Don't waste your money

I was wanting mainly to use the 'brush' attachment for my medium length fine blonde hair to flip out my hair along the bottom (bob cut). However, when you put the 'brush sleeve' attachment onto the barrel, it doesn't get hot enough to do anything.l I had to take it back to the store which thankfully gave me a full refund as basically the product does not do what it's designed to do.

Couldn't use the brush sleeve attachment successfully.

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Total Curl VS2021BA
Price (RRP)$44.95
Heat Settings2

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