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Sir, do I need to configure base to engage answer machine. could you advise, steps to be taken, thanking you in anticipation
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Model # 18150 Twin Why can't I set the phone to ring for longer - have set if often to the max and saved it, but to no avail. Lucky if it rings twice. Why when I press talk while the phone is ringing the caller goes on hold - annoyed that they are listening to music! Pressing Talk again does not bring them back either! It is the most frustrating phone we have ever had.
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I had this problem and rang my service provider and asked that they extend the ring to maximum. I now know I can get to the phone to answer it without breaking my neck, was so simple once I figured out it had to be done by them. Good luck hope it works for you. I would not have another VTech, very poor volume and poor quality sound. I just have to pick mine up and the caller is there I don’t have to press anything, but always have to use the boost button to increase the sound to an acceptable level.

Why does the Voicemail not register on the 2nd and 3rd handset? it did for quite a while after purchase and now only registers on the base.
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Hi Ken, I only have the 1 unit, not happy at all with the voicemail, somehow it deletes and I have to get my provider to reset it up. Would not buy a Vtech again. The product has poor quality sound and is not worth what you pay for it. Instructions not easy to follow. I can’t answer your question, because I don’t understand mine, maybe someone else is more tech savvy. Good luck.

I have a vtech 17050 some of the features require a PIN number but where is the PIN number ???
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Sorry Bren I have no idea. Is there an online manual. I have struggled with some of the instructions. Not very user friendly I'm afraid. Good luck with your enquiry.Have you tried any of the basic 4 digit numbers such as 0000 etc ?0000 Yes that is the pin thank you ! I did find it in the instructions after reading it again. It was hard to find though !

Has it got caller number display on? 15550
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It went back to the shop as soon as it didn't work. Caller Id was not enabled.

Why does my vtech 17550-twin go to dial tone when I try to pick up an incoming call? If I press the 'home/recall' button a second time the caller is there, but I usually get the dial tone on that first click.
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You need to ring up tech support number on the brochure that came with the phone. Sorry I can't help. I replaced that phone with a Panasonic. Cheers.

In Australia. Is there a "call waiting" facility on Vtech 15500/15550 phone please. If so how to access it.
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Hi Krissa, Yes there is. You will need to read the manual or ring the service line up and they will tell. thanks Dianne.The User Guide does not mention call waiting at all.

how or where can I buy additional handsets for my cl15550 phone?
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I'm in Australia. I had bought the original handsets and base from a JB HI-FI store in my local area and you could buy additional handsets there too. They do have an online store you can try. You can try Dick Smith store too. You can try Harvey Norman store as well.

How do I play back my messages?
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When you see that you have a message there is no need to use the hand piece simply press play on the base and press delete when you have listened to it. Practise by calling your number and leaving a message then deleting it

How do you do a space when entering names in the phone book eg: Ann Watson ?
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press the 0 key and wait a second-it will advance the space

Why do the batteries go flat overnight? It seems the phone sucks the life out of them when the phone isn't being used.
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Hi, this sounds like you have them running as if there has been a power outage, ours last at least a week off charge, I would check the manual regarding power outage / resetting.Sue: that is one I certainly can't answer, sadly. Mine was so bad with the four other faults that it went back to the shop before I had any chance to see how its batteries lasted. It certainly should not be the case, and there may indeed be a simple technical fix, as Mick has suggested, but to me the most likely lesson is that this is just another instance of dreadful quality control in this brand. I am sorry I can't be more help. Grumpy Pete.Thanks guys, I guess it's a case of you get what you pay for! I'll buy another brand of phone rather than keep mucking about with this one

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