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Vtech BM3000 / BM3100

Vtech BM3000 / BM3100

BM3000 and BM3100
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Amazing Service.

We use a Vtech baby monitor in our granddaughters room and we have used it for about a year or so. The other day the parent unit stopped connecting to the main unit. I called their service number and the level of service was nothing but amazing. The lady whom I spoke to understood the problem with the unit and gave me a postage paid RMA number to send it to Vtech for repair. As promised three days later the units have arrived and the work order says the units were replaced.
How great is to deal with a manufacturer like this. They have won a customer for life.
South Australia

Purchased in January 2018 at Toys R Us / Babies R Us for $169.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use

It was great! Until the screen stop working.

I am not happy with the monitors video screen. It has completely stopped working and still I have no conclusion to the whatever the matter is. Everything else works fine other the screen which is completely black and sometimes flashes white. Before the screen stopped working i was happy as Larry.

Best performing camera but wont last long

The camera itself works perfectly amazing. The video is great,very clear. it even shows the temperature of my baby's room,it alarms when it's above or below normal. The volume,the music and all the features are excellent.

However, you will end up with nothing once the warranty is gone. The charger always gets broken. Within just 2 months of use,we had to have the unit replaced coz its not charging anymore. We thought it was because we might have placed or positioned it where the the wires could have snap. But the first time we had it replaced,we actually took good care of it,making sure that we charge it properly. Another 2months passed,and its not charging again!!!

So once the warranty is gone, we cannot ask for any replacemt anymore. It's so sad to think about that coz the camera and the whole unit works great if it wasn't for the charger that keeps breaking.

Solid Performer

Picture quality very good (compared to other cheaper ones we've had), the zoom function is excellent (actual zoom, not just enlargement of pixels) and reception great all around our house. Wanted to note that we contacted VTech to confirm that the BM3210 and BM3110 additional cameras would pair with the BM3000 remote unit, and they got back to us within a day with a confirmation. Upon testing, the additional camera does pair. Saved us buying a complete new monitor set.

Would be satisfied if I only needed 1 monitor

I agree with the frustration of another reviewer... No sound when 2 cameras are on. You can only listen out for 1 camera at a time which makes it useless for nighttime when you have a baby and a toddler that might need you. We now need to purchase a second monitor so we can hear both kids. Not a good option for anyone needing more than 1 functioning camera/monitor at a given time.

Functional, Adjustable and a Pretty Clear Picture

I purchased this model after my previous Baby monitor gave in (after a week of use).
There are SO many features and settings on this monitor, trying to read all the info on how to set it all up and everything was a bit taxing when you're a sleep derpived mumma. But, once you've managed to absorb the info operating it is easy!
First, the monitor picture is spectacular (especially compared to my previous monitor). In a well lit room the picture is colour, in the dark it is black and white and still quite clear.
The battery life is durable, I have it off the charger all day and charge it over night.
The monitor features talk back, so I can talk to bubba (or make dog noises into it to trick my dog into thinking she's not alone!). It also has a temperature reading of the room which I find so useful, that way I can see during the night if I need to put another blanket on bubby.
There is a zoom function which I've used a lot.
You can turn this up really loud or mute it completely, you can have a vibrate alert on or off so you can set this to an alert that suits you!
The only problem I've had with this monitor is the screen never goes to sleep *sigh* which is a pain of a night. However, it could be my lack of understanding of the unit that has lead to this annoyance. While there is a setting to set the screen to only light up on alert I am yet to figure out how to get it to do that! But, at least you can adjust the brightness of the screen, so while I can't figure out how to shut it off I can dim it a bit!
You can adjust sound sensitivity on the monitor so it will alert you if someone next door sneezes or to the other end of the scale when your baby is screaming the house down.
The video camera is really adjustable, meaning you don't need to tape it to the wall or stack it on a pile of books to get it in the right spot to see bub.
It has an AC adaptor and can run on battery as well if the power ever goes out.
You can also pair multiple cameras to the parent unit if you have the need.
I am really happy with this monitor and especially since it didn't cost too much I think it does a great job.
I would definitely recommend this monitor.

Love it other then a single fault

We love our monitor, its easy to use, has great picture quailty, sound quailty is great, different functions to suit many needs and make the unit fantastic in different environments. Have had it for almost a year now and love it other then it losing signal on parent unit at the same time every single night.... can not work out why between 11:30pm-12:30am signal is constantly dropping out yet is fine any other time of the day in the exact same spot :/ but over all very reliable unit and has definetly given me peace of mind at night. Also love how it doesnt pick up stereo playing music yet will pick up baby unsettled or stirring. Other units never went silent due to the background noise from the stereo playing in nursery but this unit defines which noise is background noises and which isnt absolutely fantastic feature

Camera unit stopped working after 6 months

Overall the baby monitor was working OK. Its quite basic and never had any problems until 6 months the camera unit stopped working.

Tried to get a replacement unit from Toys R Us, but they refused and kept asking me to call Vtech. After escalating the issue with Toys R Us, I managed to get them to replaced the power adapter that goes to the Baby camera. Still a hassle to try to get things fixed with Toys R Us.


Yes, this monitor, besides it's affordable, it is also dependable, we can freely do our house chores, or whatever is there to do. Just hang it on the waist and WALAH! It is so easy to use and it doesn't run out of battery power, well........ because it is rechargeable, it is always charged. Nothing to worry about buying or running out of battery power.

Could be excellent if the power leads weren't rubbish.

I think this is a great monitor & could be even greater if the power leads wouldn't always snap. Both the image & sound quality are excellent. I found it easy to set up. I would love to say that it is reliable however I've had to replace the leads twice now. Vtech were helpful in that they replaced my monitor & cord with a new one. The cord has since broken again so I've had to purchase a universal power cord from another source. If it weren't for the cords I would rate it 5 stars

Great video monitor

Overall this is a great monitor.
-No issues with connection.
-Has a great range (can take it out to the garden and still see baby)
-Zoom feature is handy
-Good price ($150 AUD)
-Excellent screen size on parent unit
-parent unit isn't too bulky
- great that it's a colour screen as well and black and white
- able to manually tilt angle of camera
-sound quality is great, also tunes out the music when we have radio playing in baby's room

Some cons (if I'm being picky)
-Bit annoying that to play music to baby you have to press baby unit rather than control it from parent unit
- our babies room often isn't that dark during day so vision on parent monitor ends up flicking between infrared and colour over and over again, would be great if you could select one for it to stay on
-Unable to mute some sounds on parent unit (but able to mute baby noises) this has been problem when selecting items in the menu
-light on baby unit (the on switch) is very bright, we have put a piece of black tape over it, but it still shines out around the play buttons
-baby unit (camera) is very large
-the amount of time charging the parent unit versus the time it stays charged isn't great (12 hrs fully charging) for a couple of hours of use.

However overall this unit does exactly what we want, shows us baby clearly and has a great screen size for a cheap price. Hasn't skipped a beat, easy to use and set up.

****Some edits since using the monitor for a couple of months....
-The parent unit doesn't stay charged for very long still even after only charging it from flat every single time.
-Tried baby unit (camera) with batteries, only worked for 30 minutes, useless as baby sleeps for at least 45 minutes and you cant turn camera on or off remotely so you're just stuck with no camera after 30 mins.
-hardly any warning when the parent unit is going flat (approx 1 minute)
-Other points I made originally still apply
OVERALL even though I have found a couple of additional minor faults the unit has enabled us to view our baby easily on a clear good sized screen with no connection issues, even from more than 50 metres away (from neighbours house!)
Highly recommended!!!!!!!

4.5 stars. Very happy

Bought this when bubs started rolling and I wanted to know if he was stuck or just still self settling before I went in to his room. I read a few bad reviews before purchasing but the fact you could get a second camera topped me over and purchased this for around $140 at Harvey Norman. Easy to set up just had to stuff around a bit for the camera view from the ceiling. I wouldn't say the mic is perfect but we are happy and would reccomend. Especially for the price. If anyone knows if you can pair a 3100 camera with a 3000 unit please let me know. Or do I have to buy another 3000? (Only cause the 3100 is on special at the moment)

Not as good quality as their toys

Was happy with the product initially.its lasted less than 12 months. The adapter broke at both ends. The parent unit won't remain connected to the baby unit despite having done initially. Now it cuts in and out as it tries to connect. Bought the BM2500 model. Got less than I paid for. Range is even less in my house, image is barely visible in night mode. Sound cuts in and out, temperature reads 3 degrees less than the unit old unit next to it.

We've had two break just months after buying

After our Uniden monitor broke a couple of months outside of warranty, we decided to give the VTech a go.

I'll start with the positives:
- Great image quality
- Easy set-up
- Simple to use parent unit

Unfortunately for us though, that's where the positives end. After one month, the wiring in the parent unit charger cable became exposed, and soon after the plug that goes into the parent unit snapped clean off. I contacted VTech customer service who told me they don't do spare parts and I needed to return the whole thing to Big W for replacement. I was disappointed as it seems a real waste to have to return the whole thing when a simple cable could have been replaced.

Our second one lasted just under three months, then the exact same thing happened. I took it back for a refund this time, as I figured it would just keep happening as it seems to be a fault with the model.

We won't be buying this brand again.

Best video monitor

So happy with this as my 2nd monitor purchase!! Initially
I bought an angelcare one for my first baby and after all that money it hasn't even made it to two years!
Vtech is so easy to use and video is very clear. Music is fab as puts baby to sleep every time too. their customer service is great too and will honour their warranty. Highly recommend and under $100 is a great price.

VOX Level 5 is Pointless

It has been a struggle trying to find what we want in baby monitors. The multi camera setups don't allow audio when in scan mode or multi screen mode, and when in VOX mode they only pick up sounds from last active camera. And NO baby monitor picked up movement (so if someone was inside you childs bedroom, being silent you would never know).

So instead we decided on two separate units. Vtech customer service assured us two of these units would not interfere (so did Uniden btw. Oricom advised NOT to use two separate units).

Anyway, this model works fine sure, reception good ect. But the problem is the sensitivity. We wanted it on the highest, level 5, in the hope that the rustling of clothes would be heard, or at least the slightest whimper. Well all it does is leave the microphone on. VOX mode DOES not work with level 5. You can turn the screen off, but it will never turn back on as VOX mode kicks in after 20 seconds of silence. But since the microphone is always on (even with NO sounds in the house) the screen will never react. At level 4 the child has to be making a fair sound for it to be picked up. Tossing and turning in bed won't do it.

Disappointed at this but best of a bad bunch.

The plus side is no sound when the camera turns on.

Meets my needs

Purchased this baby monitor after reading positive reviews and haven't been disappointed.
Have been using for about 7 months now on a daily basis. Gives me peace of mind when bub is sleeping. Like being able to adjust the sound volume, using the zoom button and having the option to talk over.
Customer service is also excellent. About a month ago the power adaptor cable of the parent unit (monitor) had the wires exposed (near the plug into the parent unit) from the plastic and eventually became detached.
I emailed Vtech at night and the next morning got an email advising they would send a replacement cable straight away. Happily continuing to use every day.

Pointless having 2 cameras!!

I bought this unit as it came with 2 cameras and I planned to use one in my toddler's room and one in my baby's room. However, even though the parent unit can show me a picture of what both children are doing, I can only get sound from one camera. This is so disappointing as it means I can't use it over night to listen out for both children!! Completely useless!

Ok but wouldn't buy it again.

Had problems with the audio cutting out so sent it back. When returned one part of the unit had been replaced however still had the same issue. This concerned me so I contacted vtech and was sent an entire new kit. Third time lucky and the pic and sound seems a lot better HOWEVER the sound still seems to shut off until baby starts making enough noise. I have music playing in the room and this can not be heard through the monitor, all of a sudden after baby makes crying sounds for a few seconds it kicks back in. Really not pleased with this. Don't know if I'm having terrible luck with the monitor or if this is supposed to happen. I thought being that it was backed by SIDS kids it would be amazing however I wish I had of spent more money on another brand. Thankfully I only use this mostly in the day as baby still sleeps in my room at night. Not sure how confident I am using this when she moves to her own room though and unfortunately may need to spend more money on another one.

Lullabys are a nice touch however only seems to last approx 10min. Would be great it if lasted longer rather than cutting out just as I'm putting baby into cot.

Room temperature reading is a positive.

Battery power sucks on the camera. Not sure how else to say it but yeah, it sucks. I always have to have he camera plugged into the wall no matter what type of batteries I get it doesn't last long at all. Sometimes it's literally under 20min and I have to plug in.

I dont mind this monitor but definitely don't love it.

Have to comment that vtech staff I have spoken to over the phone have been friendly

Peace of mind!

My baby started sleeping on his tummy and I wanted peace of mind my audio monitor wasn't giving. Purchased on sale was so impressed with value for money! Super clear picture quality. Very sensitive to noise. Easy to use. Love the temperature feature! Great signal strength, have never come across any interference. Don't know how I lived without it!

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Questions & Answers

Hi Vtech, I have a BM3100 and thinking of buying BM3200. Is it possible for my old BM3100 camera unit paired to BM3200 as additional camera?
1 answer
Sorry I am not sure about that. Please call them direct and they are very helpful. 1 300 369 193

What vtech cameras are compatible with the BM3000 monitor? I am after a second camera.
No answers

Can anybody please tell me why the monitors screen won’t work? it was working perfectly fine one day then all of sudden when I turn it on there will be one quick flash of light then a total black screen. The sound works, Talk also works and sound buttons work just no screen.. need help!!
No answers


Vtech BM3000Vtech BM3100
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