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Vulcan Freeloader 170L (648170)

Vulcan Freeloader 170L (648170)

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Vulcan freeloader 170 swap with old one no pipe work required. 1 hr job . total price $1700 dollars

Old model lasted 13 years without anode change out. Went with storage system again for extra heat up to 70 degC - continuous gas heaters cheeper to run but was told only good for 50 deg C . Not hot enough for washing greasy dishers. I hope this new model last as long as the old. As it cost twice as much i am hoping it will last twice as long. Bunbury Hot Water and Gas - bunbury WA

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Twenty One Years Old and Still Going Strong!

Vulcan Freeloader Model 260 Gas Mains Pressure Outdoor Model Storage HWS: Manufacture Date 12/12/1996; So far have changed the Magnesium Anode regularly (three) at regular intervals of 6 or 7 years. No problems with the Gas Burner or Pilot Light. No problems with the Thermostat; No problems with the Pressure Relief Valves (Hot & Cold) or Yorkshire Fitting. (I'm a technical man and release the Relief Valves periodically to Gush-out the muck).
***Slight problem with the Non-Return Valve at Cold water Inlet (***verdigree ceased and could not shut-off) Changed it on 27th March 2017 $ 32.45 GST included. The Magnesium Anode last replaced 27/03/2017 $ 58.30 GST included.
This Gas Storage HWS has been reliable for a family of FIVE plus 3 grandchildren throughout many years including number of Guests. Originally manufactured by Southcorp.
Capacity has been sufficient throughout - i.e. Never ever ran out of Hot Water.

Date PurchasedJan 1997

So far so great!!

Our Dux Sun Pro finally died.
Our plumber recommended the Vulcan. Had it for a few weeks and it's been excellent so far. it was a quick changeover for the plumber and the water has been beautifully hot and ever so reliable. Made by Rheem now but because it is badged as Vulcan at the Rheem factory it's s little less expensive.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

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Questions & Answers

I have a fairly new hot water system 170 litre vulcan freeloader on gas n it keeps on running out of hot water after 2 showers. Why?
3 answers
Take the bottom cover off and check what number it's set to. 3 will only barely give you two hot showers. Adjust to number 5 or 6 for winter and 3 for summer.I was going to say the same, except I have mine between 2- 3 and I have plenty hot water and it`s the middle of winter, in the summer I have mine on 2. My thoughts are if your water is scalding hot you are wasting money because you then have to add cold water to use it, more money down the drain as they say.1. Make sure you have a Water Saver Shower Head. It may be a simple matter of too much Hot Water flowing down the drain. 2. Make sure your Thermostat is not too High where the recovery is taking too long to reach the Temperature set-up. 3. Avoid having "Baths"on a daily basis. They use horrendous amount of Hot Water. 4. Stop family members from singing very long songs or Arias (Opera) in the Showers. Richard Boudville 5th Oct 2018 Perth.

my sisters natural gas vulcan hot water storage unit keeps going out . should it be a thermostat problem? It is not leaking any water even though it is an old unit . I have an older unit on a farm working just fine .
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Hey BJS It could be the Thermocouple ( not sure about the spelling ) on my very first Vulcan I actually replaced this part twice over a 14 year period, I think it is something to do with the pilot light firing up. I hope this helps. Pat

After having turned off the water supply for some other maintenance, then turned it back again, we get cold water service throughout the house but no water at all from the Vulcan hot water system, Is there an automatic water cut off in the system?
3 answers
Hi there. Make sure the water tap is fully open and check that the flame is on underneath by putting your head right down under the control knob. You can see the flame from underneath.Thank you, all is well now. We discovered that the incoming supply of water to the unit had been cut, It has now been restored and the unit is back to good normal working order. Thank you for your help.As far as I know there is only one tap to turn the hot water off beside the unit, make sure your pilot light is lit.


Freeloader 170L (648170)
Release dateAug 2008
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