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Vulcan Freeloader Gas Hot Water System

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135L (648135) and 170L (648170)
3.9 from 22 reviews


This has served our family well for over 10 years. Easy to change to low level gas when going on holidays. Highly recommended.
Very reliable system. No problems cropped up. Do need to get the anodes replaced like any other hot water system.
Restarting the pilot light is a hassle if it blows out, but not often. Involves crawing around at the bottom of the system looking for the right buttons. The auto-spark didn't work after about 5-6 years.


A good and solidly made unit that responds well to the occasional cleaning of the casing (I use car polish/cleaner). It still looks quite smart but there is a little rust on the exhaust casing.
We have a Freeloader. Model:6904. Serial No: 11008091. I understand it must be about 15 years old. Can its true age be traced from the above data? It has always been very reliable and I have no complaints about performance. BUT would like to know how much longer I can expect it to work: can anyone help please?
A bit difficult to start up after leaving it switched off. I have to remove side cover to be sure the pilot flame is burning.

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I read the reviews many problems with its pilot light, and other problems with this heater.
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I have never had a problem in 5 years with this model. Pilot light has never blown out and the unit has functioned flawlessly.Hi Zoey, sorry for delay, the email went into the junk file for some reason. Strange you mention the Pilot light. After writing my review, went on holiday and turned unit onto "vacation"and when I returned could not relight the unit. The Rheem man (thank you Bob) came promptly and replaced the lighter system and had a fiddle around with the pilot and since then (4 months) it has been perfect. Hope this helps. Am still giving this HWS a high rating. Cheers

How do I ensure that no hot water leaks when I turn off the cold water main to replace washers in a leaking hot water tap in the shower recess? The water heater is a Vulcan freeloader Gas 648135 NO. Reply to [email removed] Regards. Tony. I rent
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Had a 10 years old vulcan gas water, now rusted hot water keep on coming out every time i use it?
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It's rusted out in the bottom. Time to buy a new one.

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