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Vuly Thunder Pro

Vuly Thunder Pro

Extra Large, Large and Medium
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Safest trampoline I have seen. We have 4 kids ranging from 4 - 12 and they can all safely jump at the same time, practice their tricks and spend hours outside together.

Purchased in June 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (5 - 11), Child (12 - 18) and Child (Under 5)


Purchased the trampoline approx. 15 months ago and my kids love it. However I feel like I am forever maintaining it. Vuly to thier credit have replaced the mat and a box of (7) springs under warranty, however I have just this morning replaced the 7th snapped spring and the skirt will also need to be replaced. We dug deep into our pockets for trampoline that should see out the kids however really question the quality of parts.

Purchased in February 2018 for $1,808.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (5 - 11)

Would recommend to everyone!

My kids (5 and 8) love this trampoline, so did their friends at their birthday party. Absolutely huge, there were about 10 kids at once at one stage. The kids also use is as a tent! Five stars!

Purchased in October 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Main User(s)Adult and Child (5 - 11)

Kids Love it!!!

So far, the Vuly has been one the best items we have purchased for our 2 boys. The neighbourhood kids all come over and they bounce for hours - working up quite a sweat. We had a trampoline from KMART but it was a little dangerous with the springs - this is a worry free trampoline. Great construction and very solid.


After 2 years the wheels have rusted and snapped off, vuly wont replace or repair as its out of its 12 m warranty. Wasn't good value for $2300....... Its our second vuly and we also had trouble with our 1st, it squeaked badly from the weather and the net ripped... Not to mention how many attachments came off the net to the poles..... Overall Not a premium product for a premium price!!!!!

Hello, Thank you for the taking the time to provide feedback from your recent experience with Vuly! We're very sorry to hear about the experience you've had with your Vuly. Being a toy company, we do value all customer feedback and would like to help you out in getting the trampoline back in a good condition. I've sent you a PM regarding this, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could please take the time to reply back with your details so we can get in contact with you. Once again, we do apologies greatly for the inconvenience this has caused. We look forward to hearing from you! :) Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlayBefore I left this review, I had contacted vuly In Brisbane, they said they couldn't help me, so why now after me posting A bad review are you now willing to get my tramp in better order????

Great trampoline, delivery time on tent terribly long

My 6 year old and 2 year old love it. Took me and my husband 5 hours to unbox and install and we were sore days afterwards. Stable on a slight slope. Don't go by delivery time given at order time. Trampoline took 2 weeks, but been waiting 7 weeks for shade cover and tent . I was hoping I would get these before sons birthday and before trampoline gets covered with bird poo!
Trampoline is a magnet for birds, poo covers the nets jump mats, and skirting.

My daughter loves it!!!

We purchased this trampoline for our daughters 2nd Birthday with the view of it lasting her and her brother through their childhoods! Our daughter loves it!!! We are able to get on with her while she bounces around us and she has a blast when her cousins come over. The 150kg limit and the strong construction is what sold us! We have made sure everyone knows where we got the it from. Only downside would be the setup, we did pay for someone to install it as we tried for 4days by ourselves with no joy!

Over the moon!

We purchased a thunder pro for our 2 and 1 year old daughters and they couldn't be more happier with it! It is extremely safe and the quality is outstanding. We love the shade cover for sun protection and we know it will bring many years of fun to our family. Thank you!

Great Product

We purchased the Thunder Pro Large for my 5 year-old son who has autism. He has two older sisters who use it with him. He loves it! The quality of materials and design is superb. The safety aspect I love is the springs extending all the way to the ground so no one can go under the trampoline while people are jumping on it. I recommend getting the wheels (that I didn't, but will) so it can be moved for mowing underneath. The shade cover is excellent and has stayed on during gusty winds, with only one or two of the clips coming off, which are easy to put back in. Money well spent on a high-quality product that will provide fun for everyone for many years.

Great fun and sturdy construction

I purchased this for my 2yo and 4yo, and we love it! It's so easy for them to climb in and out with the self-closing entrance. Our favourite games are ring-a-rosies and races to the cute characters on the mat. It is super sturdy and safe, but you will need to put aside an afternoon (or two!) to put it together.


You can feel the quality build when i jump on it....being a 115kg man i had not been on one for a very long time but this is in its own calibre....

Its usually my 2 yr old son and i on it together, with the odd occasion with a 3 or 4 nieces and nephews even the trampoline is capable to handle them all together they are aged between 3-9 due to the great weight load capacity it allows them all on together.

Best feature yet is the cover....it keeps the hot sun away with making it feel claustrophobic....

I also added the options with the basketball net, bluetooth speaker and water mister.....i have not used these due to the cold weather but look forward to it.

The quality build is demonstrated by its stability with either the 4 kids or me on it, no warping, movement or buckling of the trampoline occurred.

Id highly recommend it....

My boys love it!

I have two boys 5 & 6 yrs old. 6 year old has autism and this has been perfect for his occupational therapy. He feels safe and doesn’t get double bounced by his brother. They both love it and I’d definitely recommend. Also, we don’t have to worry about it blowing away in high winds as it has real weight behind it.

They love it

Thunder Pro really safe for my 3 years old and 18 years old they are really happy that we brought trampoline from vuly and some of my kids friends always come around for play in our vuly thunder pro trampoline,they all love it and safe for them jumping. For safety really safe

Flipping Brillant Trampoline

My children who are 10,8,5 use their trampoline every single day all
at the same time jumping, playing games with the pictures and using their imagination

Perfect for everything! From having fun to relaxing in the afternoon sun

Main users are 16months, 25 and 26. We Usually have 2-3 people at one time using it but can range from 3-5 if we have a kids play date. We feel that the thunder pro is extremely safe and stable, and it feels completely different to jumping on the average trampoline you find in a backyard. We love ours so much and would highly recommend this trampoline to any friends or family

Perfect for the whole family!

We had been through two Target brand trampolines in only a few short years & decided to spend the extra money & get something that would last! And It has been a decision that we will not regret.
Top quality frame, net & mat. Fantastic bounce! We love our Vuly it continues to give us never ending laughter & fun for the whole family. Awesome trampoline!

The space launcher

We brought this trampoline about 6 months ago, previously had a cheap one but was kinda useless. The vuly was expensive, but well worth the extra price. Our kids pretty much love on the trampoline now, and we as parents enjoy getti in there with them. The leaf springs have that much flex that they can nearly launch you into space, seriously not that high but it’s a smooth jump and soft landing. The construction is solid, takes a bit to set it up but at least you know it’s going to be a solid unit. Would recommend anyone looking for a trampoline or even considering a vuly, just bite the bullet and get one, you won’t regret it

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Hi Smolly, Thank you for leaving your kind feedback! I'm glad the family loves the trampoline! Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly service team on 1300 667 514 if you ever have any queries. - Jeffrey S @ Vuly.

The children love it!

The trampoline is solid, well made and a great design. When I told our friends and family it has misting water and a wifi speaker, this definately gets their attention. The Vuly team go above and beyond to make sure the equipment is perfect and are so professional and helpful. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the reasons why we brought the swing set off of them as well.

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Hi Jodie, Thank you for your awesome feedback! I'm glad the family loves the new equipment. :) Please don't hesitate to contact us if you ever need any assistance. - Jeffrey S @ Vuly.

World’s best and safest Trampoline. You children deserve this

As an Emergency Medicine Consultant I treat on a usual occasion nasty fractures from children falling off trampolines. However, we love our children to move their little bodies and play outside. That’s why we have chosen Vuly and never regretted this decision. The only regret is we sold it when we left Australia. Now trying to get one in Europe. Vuly... you’re world’s best trampoline makers !

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Hi Annemarie! Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful review! We are so glad to hear that your family enjoyed our trampoline. Feel free to contact us on 1300 667 514 if you ever need any assistance. Maya at Vuly :)

Kids love it!

Online video made and supplied tool made putting it together clear and simple, total time 1 3/4 hours with second person only needed for brief episodes. (Did need a fair bit of muscle but made more difficult by uneven ground, resulting in uneven stresses on frame until it could be levelled.) Chose this trampoline for the safety aspects and is performing admirably. Hardest thing is getting my oldest off the trampoline!

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Hi ATz, Thank you for the kind review! Hope the family continues to enjoy their Vuly. Feel free to contact us on 1300 667 514 if you ever need any assistance. Taylah at Vuly :)

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Questions & Answers

I was wondering what a rough estimate was to install this model of trampoline?
4 answers
My husband and I installed it ourselves, but I think the cost of installation can be found in the faq’s. Cheers2-3 hours, you want to make sure you have a very level surface before starting to assemble, this will make the whole process easierHi John, Thank you for your question! Generally, a Thunder pro Medium takes about 2 hours to install. Please feel free to contact our friendly service team on 1300 667 514, if you have any further queries

How hard would this trampoline be to move? We're moving house in a month but it's my sons birthday tomorrow and we really wanted to get this for his birthday!
2 answers
Hi Simone, I would probably not get it all set up only to pull down a month later, maybe let him know you've got it but will set it up at the new house. It's fairly bulky and would be quite time consuming for someone that has never put it together before. We had 3 people from the shop we got ours from set ours up and that took close to an hour to do Hope this helps JoWould have to agree with Jo! This is a big, heavy trampoline I don't know how you would go about moving it once its set up! Hubby set up ours solo and it took considerable time, strength and effort...I know for sure he wouldn't be keen on the prospect of pulling down after a month and setting it up again. I too would recommend waiting till you have moved! It will be well worth the wait! Happy jumping! Andy


Vuly Thunder Pro MediumVuly Thunder Pro LargeVuly Thunder Pro Extra Large
Price (RRP) $1,949$2,499$2,999
Safety WallsYesYesYes
Max User Weight 70 kg56 kg42 kg
TypeAbove Ground and Spring-FreeAbove Ground and Spring-FreeAbove Ground and Spring-Free
Spring Count0 springs0 springs0 springs
Safety Net Height 190 cm190 cm190 cm
Width 497 cm437 cm367 cm
Total Height 300 cm300 cm300 cm
Mat / Frame Height 83 cm83 cm83 cm
Depth 497 cm437 cm367 cm

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