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Wahl Deluxe Grooming Station 9854-612

Wahl Deluxe Grooming Station 9854-612

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mines the 9864 (which I assume is the same - refer below) REVIEW '-After 30years of using razor blades I found this to do the job in a fraction of the time. I normally have 3day-1week growth so this does the job well. The only thing it doesn't do is the close shave, but it is a trimmer and I love it! - COMMENT for product review - when I tried to write my own review on my iPhone6s , product review wanted a subcategory but it wouldn't accept anything I typed in

Neat concept, terrible battery logevity, crappy Chinese made blades

I bought one of these at a premium price point and it was very disappointing. The unit handle was proudly "Made in USA" and was indeed well built.
The whole thing fails at the blades, the pop-in blades are a terrible concept and they vibrate horribly which makes the trimmer nauseating to use and and rather ineffective. The blades also lasted poorly, after a mere 8 months, I had to replace the small one as it stopped cutting properly. The new blade lasted about 6 months of weekly use before finally becoming dull. I did find out that these blades were made in China and the metals were indeed very poor despite being oiled both blade and runner after each trim The Wahl oil provided with the unit also doesn't seal when recapped and leaked everywhere. The previous German Wahl oil outlasted this trimmer and both heads.

The main product failing was the battery. just on 6 months, the Lithium ion battery would charge fully but become slow after about 4 minutes into shaving. I managed to replace the crappy no-name cell with an Samsung CR18650 and two charges outlived the blades.
Rubbish consumer grade me-too product.

The Wahl Professional range trimmer I replaced this with is fantastic.

What a waste of Money

For the first time I went with Wahl from Shaver Shop in Morley. I bought it just few weeks back and from day one it has been giving me problem. I need to charge if for 8 hours to get one trim. If I take more than 3 mins to trim I can feel the battery is dying. I went to Shaver shop morley and they said its working fine. Obviously they didnt trim their own beard for more thn 3 mins to check if the shaver was working fine. I just had to leave the trimmer with them and i asked them to throw it in the bin... What a waste!!! I wish i had bought my trimmer from Harvey Norman or Good Guys like always :-(

Need to charge it for 8 hours for a shave. didnt trim properly. Nothing worked.

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