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Wahl HomePro 22pc Clipper Kit

Wahl HomePro 22pc Clipper Kit

WA9243-4912, WA9243-2012, WA9243-2512 and WA9243-5012
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If you can live with the cord

I recommend starting with one of Wahl's basic all inclusive corded clipper kits to see if cutting your own hair works out

If you find you can live with cutting your own hair then throw out the clipper and buy a professional cordless model

Most of the professional cordless models do not include the attachments - but with the exception of the German built professional models the attachments are interchangable. Buying a cheap corded clipper is actually cheaper than buying the attachments separately and gives you the chance to see if cutting your own hair works out

After my corded power switch failed I went into The ShaverShop who talked me into buying the professional cordless model - Mainly because the salesperson indicated the power switch is an acknowledged weak point on all Wahl's domestic clippers. The professional models are designed to be turned on and off thousands of times so the switch is better

Referring to the title of the review - the cutter speed of the professional cordless model claims to be twice that of the domestic cordless model - but is still slower than the corded clipper. Hence if you can live with the cord stick with the cord

Very disapointed

For a company that has been in business for just about 100 years it completely amazed me how poor the quality of the plastic attachments are. These are without a doubt the worst attachments I have ever used of any hair clippers and I have used several brands of hair clippers for over the last 25 years. They are very thin flimsy plastic. They bend when cutting hair resulting in hair with various lengths, when the length should be all the same. This has never happened with any other brands of hair clippers I have used in the past.
Included with the clippers and attachments are some ridiculous combs, that caused me to burst out in laughter, but that was solved by throwing it away into the rubbish bin and buying a decent comb from Coles for under $1.00. To be honest, the comb is no big deal as it can easily be replaced but including combs that are suitable for an 8 year old girls Barbie doll collection, would be better then did not include a comb at all.
I had hoped the clippers would be as good if not better than the old Breville clippers I had used for many years, however, that was not the case. I went back to the shop where I bought them from hoping they may have some replacement plastic attachments that were not so flimsy, however I was informed that all MAHL hair clippers use the same flimsy plastic attachments.
I am very disappointed with MAHL clippers and in my opinion, a complete waste of money.
I do not recommend them to anyone, unless you are happy to use them to shave your head bald as the plastic attachments are best thrown in the bin as they are useless.
If the attachments were at least the quality of any other brands, they may have been good hair clippers, but they are not and in my experience, a complete waste of money.

Waste of money

I'm not happy with this product at all. The blade has already snapped on me after 2 weeks and I have never dropped it once . Stores like the shaver shop have them stocked because it's a common thing. No1 (3mm) attachment won't sit on properly and it never will and it always stays loose, it always comes off while cutting hair (gets very annoying). The motor is strong in it but you do have to go over the same spot twice to get a perfect cut. I honestly have been using remington hair clippers from k-mart for over 4 years and have never oiled them once and it has been a very good clipper to use. It works exactly the same as this wahl product. The only reason why I've bought the wahl clippers is because I have missed placed no1 (3mm) attachment of my remington and found it 2 weeks after i bought the whal. Save your money ($120 i paid for mine) and buy the k-mart remington. I have stopped using my wahl clipper and I'm still using my remington after I found no1 (3mm) attachment. I promise you its works way better.

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I've been cutting my own hair for years. My old clippers were getting tired and thought I'd give the Wahl Home Pro a try. Complete rubbish. They would not cut. The blade kept jamming against the cutting guide. The motor kept losing power until the blade stopped moving ...and this was while I was not even cutting hair ! After five minutes of frustration, I put them back in the box and took them back to the shop for a refund. The shop assistant turned them on to verify my complaint...they would not work. Money back in my pocket. I would not recommend these at all.

Heavy Clipper And Works Great

Got this trimmer from Myer (shaver shop) for $24 a while back. This is the first one which feels solid quality, got a long power cable, and actually really clips hair razor quality. Lots of attachments included hence truly value for money. On top Wahl offers replacement blades which is rare with other brands meant to be trashed once the blade has worn out.
Looks attractive, precise clipping, many attachments
Pretty heavy and a noisy strong vibrating motor

This is meant for pets

Wahl make clippers for animals overseas. I am a hairdresser and can tell you that you dont want to buy a clipper that is so heavy and meant for trimming horse hair. The units are quite loud, clumsy looking and really heavy. Never mind the additional pieces in this pack there are heaps other products that have similar offerings without such an awful clipper.
Multiple attachments
heavy clipper meant for farm animal use

very sturdy

A great hair trimmer that will last you years. It comes with many attachments for different length use, easy to change over.
As long as the blades are oiled regularly it will keep going for a long time.
Trims easy, has adjustment levels for different styles required, a little bit noisy when using.
simple to use, sturdy, lots of attachments
bit noisy

Good, but still a great product for entry level.

Usage: I generally shave my hair on average once a week, so whatever clippers I'm using, they'll get a good work out.

In comparison: To other clippers these Wahl are a class ahead. I've tried other brands like Remington and Vidal Sassoon, and sure they do the job, they are only just capable. The motors in Wahl are definitely stronger than the common brands on the market. I even use one of these to trim our dog, where other retail brands have failed miserably.

Blades: The blades do require maintenance, and would be the only downside for these clippers. These have a tendency to rust and oxidise over time, especially if I've been sweating and then I trim my hair. My current solution, is to just soak the blades in lemon juice for a few hours and the rust will dissolve away - but be careful not to leave it in too long. Otherwise, the blades are nice and sharp.

Build: These are definitely built rock solid. Some of the cheaper models are made in China, but still maintain a very high build quality. There are some other higher end models which are made in US, this one is made in China though.
Blades oxidise

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