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Wahl WA9818

Wahl WA9818

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Slow slow slow

Not trying to be funny, but by the the time I get a decent result with this thing, it's almost time to start over. Very disappointed with it, and would not recommend to anyone


I have bought shavers and toothbrushes from Shaver Shop in the past, so went in seeking advice on a beard trimmer. The sales guy (who had a beard!) recommended the Wahl. On first use, I found it didn’t trim my hair neatly, and snatched at the hairs a bit. Then the spring in the cutter broke, a common fault in these trimmers according to reviews here. So, that’s the last time I shop at Shaver Shop. The Wahl is now sitting in a drawer unused. I’ve now gone the proven route for a replacement, internet search plus looking here, then ordering online.

Really bad product

I asked for this for Christmas but didn't actually receive it until beginning of February. It lasted two months (so maybe eight uses in total) before it started making a rattling sound, I removed the head and found a broken spring inside. Took it to the shop and got a replacement, got that home and it wouldn't charge up! Got a full refund now looking on this site for better options. Can't believe this has such a high price tags and reading all these terrible reviews that don't surprise me at all.

Worked really well till it broke.

I’ve had this for maybe a year. It worked really well till it started making a strange rattling noise and started yanking my whiskers out by the roots. Ow! Probably deserved this for buying the cheapo option.

Totally useless wasted money

The shaver shop recommended it to me saying it’s a fantastic product,how far from being correct was totally opposite. This shaver is the worst product ever bought never again Wahl products must be made for display purposes only.

Terrible product considering the Price!

Just got wahl stainless steel lithium ion for my birthday (which i requested). Was using it for the first time, gave it a rinse, but then the power would not switch off! I had to plug the little plastic pin in the charger hole for the trimmer to stop. Even though it stopped, when trying to change the head to another blade, it was switched on again on its own, and I could have cut myself. And the plastics accessories are of so cheap quality that you wonder why you pay that much! A $50 trimmer is way better than this. Will try to return this product.

Pricey, difficult to clean, and dies eventually

I've had my Wahl for around three years. I'm not a heavy user - probably clean the fuzz up every two weeks or so. It's solid and looks better than the usual plastic, but as other reviewers have noted, the looks are deceptive. The adjustable trim attachment was the first to go - it became useless on all but the closest setting. And every now and then it came off the head completely mid-trim. I've had intermittent charging issues over the last year or so, and eventually ended with a dead shaver. I'm not sure whether it's the battery, the charger, or the trimmer itself. Compared to new model trimmers, cleaning is difficult - you can't wash it, so it's a case of disassembling and fiddling about with little brushes. I'm changing to a different brand for a replacement, which is always telling...

Terrible trimmer

Totally miss leading packaging. You can't even rinse it with a water not even 2 drops of water. Worst design ever. Total rip off. Complete waste of money and its made in usa with chinese manufactured things.

The worst trimmer bought ever

I Recommend not to buy this just waste of money does not trim properly
I am not going to buy any product from this company any more
Gillette 20 dollars trimmer is much better than this 170 dollars crap
There are no stars in minus that why I had to give 1 rating

Won't charge and motor in newer models is weak

Weak poorly made unit that does not charge properly and bogs out, ripping your hair even if you have thin hair. Yet another corner cutting company hanging on to nothing but their brand name, which won't last long if they continue selling sub standard products at double the price.

Overpriced poor attachments

Trimmer itself is good but as stated elsewhere the plastic attachments are cheap and nasty, not worth the money. Also for the price I'd expect the trimmers to be better sealed as they fill with hair while trimming which is poor.

Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Trimmer

The beard trimmer is powerful and the battery impressive with its power and stamina. the trimmer itself feels like a quality unit and well made. - the plastic length attachments however feel cheap, nasty and prone to breakage - they are a disappointment for an otherwise very nice product. Luckily I only need one of these attachments and plan not to wear it out by taking it on an off the shaver head repeatably. Honestly these plastic clip on parts are not made to last - What was Wahl thinking

Motors have been replaced?!

After purchasing my second trimmer I've discovered that they have cut corners and replaced the motor in the trimmer. The motor now constantly bogs out and tears at your hair! My hair is thin! this never happened with the old model which had a nice strong motor. Another company skimping out on quality and replacing products with sub standard garbage yet asking the same price.

Piece of rubbish

Bought it because it "looked the goods". Straight up it didn't have much power. 10 month on its in the bin and I'm back to my $30 trimmer that actually works. If you want a trimmer that hardly works and will almost send you broke to buy it, this is your one. Otherwise if you want to trim your beard and still be able to afford to go fishing on the weekend I'd stick with a cheap one that will still do the job. This product sucks.

Wahl lithium ion beard trimmer

Wahl stainless steel beard trimmer,fantastic product I purchased on recommendation of my hairdresser. Powerful unit with four hour running time and only one hr charge from dead flat or quick charge for three minute trim.

Don't Buy it.

This is my 3rd beard trimmer and it is the worst one I have tried so far. If you are wanting one that you can actually use the nose hair trimmer, then this is not for you. The trimmer has such a high vibration, you cannot put the nose hair trimmer in your nose, it makes your eyes water. If you want a close-ish shave using nothing on the blade, then look elsewhere because a cheap $50 trimmer will do as good or better job than this. Luckily for me the beard trimmer came with a 60 day money back guarantee so guess what I am doing? Sending it back!

Premium trimmer dissapoints

After my old beard trimmer fell apart after three years I decided to purchase the Wahl stainless product, notwithstanding mixed reviews and asurances that the glitches have been fixed by Wahl.
So far, the instructions are hard to comprehend and the six position beard trimming guide was only worked out by trial and error.
A good selling feature was the carry bag, except it's such a cheap and very poor quality bag it fell apart on its first use. Not good enough for a premium product and complaint to Wahl will follow shortly.
On first trim it seems to be fine, but again the generic instructions were lacking so my first trim was by trial and error - nothwithstanding the poor initial experience - it did a good trim.

4.5 Stars

This beard trimmer is well done. The battery can last months between charges - spec'd at 4 hours runtime. It is sturdy. It has a travel "plug" to keep it from accidentally turning on in luggage. It comes with a set of good accessory heads. It feels quality.

The few negatives are that it follows hair clipper norms and one needs to be careful with the plastic "length attachments" to avoid breaking the hold-on clips; I would have liked a 4.5mm to complement the 3mm and 6mm ones but that length seems not to be made; and I find the cutter head is 5mm too wide to comfortably do my mustache - the head reflects a hair trimmer more than a precision beard trimmer.

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