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Wall Street: HR Systems & Service Provider

Wall Street: HR Systems & Service Provider

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They have no concern for candidates and treat them like cogs in a wheel rather than human beings. They will not listen to you or give you the time to speak, don’t bother.

It's true... don't waste your time

The interviewer was extremely unprofessional. Does not have any experience in interviewing HUMANS… yes HUMANS! For a professional working in HR, it is important to have these connections to relationship build with future and potential candidates. Don’t believe their ‘Graduate’ roles… it is to suck you in working minimum wage.
The interviewer cut me off, didn’t care about where I have come from, what I am looking for… interrupted my conversation (so impatient).
Does not ask any relevant questions about yourself, your experience (seriously, some of the stupid question I got asked was in no way relatable to me… I was laughing inside my head at the stupidity and irrelevance of it all).
Interviewer can’t even explain the role properly, and give me a proper time frame on second stage interviews (which is fine, because the role was not selling well to me regardless).

Four people so far have written ‘terrible’ comments on this page. It comes to show that changes need to be made for a business like Wall Street to run successfully and professionally.

Not welcoming at all! – don’t bother!!!!!

Junior Sales Executive

I had to wait 20 minutes for the HR lady, in the interview she asked me questions about my current job then when it was my turn to ask the usual questions about the job she got bit edgy. She didn't know anything about the role itself which is very surprising for HR personnel.

Honestly my questions was nothing out of the Ordinary just simple questions about the role and the new company.
When I saw her attitude change I knew I was going to get rejection.

I'm writing this review because I want this company to know that people who apply for jobs deserve to get all their questions answered because this is life changing decision and they need to have all information to make that decision.

To all employers out there if you are looking to hire good candidates please stay away from this company as they are the worst recruitment company I delt with.

And to the Wall street HR I saw a lot of bad reviews about your firm but I didn't believe them now I do. Please hire a well trained HR personnel otherwise you will be out of business soon.

Completely unprofessional

I had a 'txt message' to call wall street hr to book in for an interview.(yes, they didn't even have the decency to call me) I had to drive to st kilda (took me an hour) for the interview. I was in there for about 7 minutes and the lady would constantly talk over the top of me and wouldn't let me finish my sentence. I was told i would find out within 3 days if i made it to second interview.
6 days later and numerous calls (they were supposed to call me back and didn't) trying to find out how my interview went, i was told i am unsuccessful.
No email, no call, nothing, to inform me.
I had read these reviews previously and didn't want to believe they were nonsense, but they are. Very very unprofessional.

Extremely Unprofessional

Arrived for my interview and the reception staff were kind and welcoming. However, my interviewer was extremely unprofessional. She didn't offer to shake my hand until I initiated the greeting, she was in a rush to get the interview over and done with as it went for a grand total of 6 minutes, and she wouldn't let me finish my sentence before asking me her next question.

I thought I was interviewing for a marketing graduate role as the job description emphasised, but the moment I sat down for the interview I was told "This is an administrative position, so they need you to do admin work around the office and there might be a bit of marketing involved further along." The job was falsely advertised and had I wasted my time applying for the job.

I honestly believe that it's best to stay away from Wall Street HR but if you do have the unfortunate luck of crossing paths with them, I hope your experience won't be nearly as soul crushing as mine was.

No regard or care for its applicants.

I've come across some poor recruitment companies but these guys are possibly the most unprofessional and uncaring I have come across.

Had a "group interview" with them today consisting of 15-20 applicants for a single role. We were herded into two separate meeting rooms like cattle ready for slaughter. All applicants looked nervous and unsure of what was going on. An "interviewer" came in the room with what I can only presume were our CVs. She was very abrupt and came across unfriendly and uncaring going around the room naming each candidate and giving us roughly 10seconds to summarise why we would be a good fit for the job. It was a very rushed and pointless exercise with all applicants wondering what was going on. It achieved nothing and proved nothing as each candidate had little to no time to say anything of value.

Literally 3 minutes after walking into the room we were all thanked for our time and booted out of the place as a collective group, all cramming into the elevator feeling like we were just taken advantage of to fill an interview quota. All this after having to make the long trek to their Queens Road office.

Avoid unless you are incredibly desperate and have literally no other choice.
The only good thing was their friendly receptionists
Everything other than the friendly receptionists

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