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Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP450

Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP450

3.6 from 27 reviews

Love it

Best thing I ever purchased. Thought regular floss was doing the trick. I was very wrong. This has 5 different nozzles for hard to reach areas. Have to use with warm water due to sensitivity.

Amazing, couldn't live without it!

My gums are so much better for using this product! when I don't use it for a few days I get sore gums and my dentist always assumes I'm flossing, but my gaps are too close to floss properly so this is my only option. I',m very happy with this product. It lasted 3 years before needing a new battery (it's not possible to replace them) and i'm now on my 2nd waterpik. The battery model is very convenient and I have taken it overseas with me a number of times.

Water great pik!

This is one of those rare product types that amazes me every time I use it and makes me wonder how I lived without it for so long. Sooooo much quicker and simpler to use than dental floss that I now use it up to three times a day instead of the three times a year I'd use dental floss and I spit out a mouthful of tiny food fragments instead of spitting blood! Being cordless is great and I am still on the first charge after 2 weeks use. The only potential future negative is that the switches are a bit flimsy, so I fear for its longevity, but otherwise it is great so far.


This is a fantastic toothbrush, it has a very strong vibration, so you can brush the teeth very clean. The design and color of the toothbrush look great. I have no problems at the moment, I will continue to use the electric toothbrush.

I love it

I really like this product! Easy to use and also wireless. Make me feel my teeth so clean after using it. Even though I brought the most expensive phillip sonicare toothbursh, I can still see stuff coming out after using the water flosser ( and I knew I should use it before brushing my teeth

vey good

not bad. Wife got one now we both use it. Gentle on the teeth and gums . Need to be quick the water spray dosent last long. leaves a fresh tingling sensation in your mouth.

Never had one before, and never going back to normal floss.

No longer need to use finicky floss material. This thing is so easy. Pressure it provides is enough to remove most stuff stuck between teeth. Charges easily. Its a little tricky getting used to how to hold it at the right angle so you dont spill water down your front, but after a few goes, its simple.

Great for those who are dental floss challenged

I've never got the hang of flossing with dental floss or dental picks. Flossing with water is genius. I believe that the investment in this machine will save me on dental cleaning costs in the future as a preventative measure.

Now I have one that works well!

I was so upset with this product when I first purchased one. I whinged but I put up with a product that was ok at first but terrible after the first 3-4 months I tolerated it until it died. What was I thinking?
I finally woke up to myself and used my warranty and was sent another Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP450.
WOW! What a difference! I have had no problems with and am super happy with my flosser. I need it as I have some implants and this flosser plus brushing keeps them spotless.
PS. If you have problems with charging clean the connectors with a small cotton bud and alcohol . Dry Steel wool works really too and is easier to get into the small spaces
Thumbs up

Worth weight in gold for braces

I bought the Waterpik Water Flosser with a 2 year warranty from Chemist Warehouse in Townville after finding it was taking about 45 minutes to manually floss my teeth after having new braces fitted. It took a couple of weeks to learn how to direct the water properly between teeth and changing the angles up and down and sideways for the best clean. After a couple of weeks I found that my flossing was so much easier and only taking a couple of minutes at most. It was then that I realized that I couldn't live without it. It has a few accessory fittings for various thing such as cleaning your tongue and another just for plaque. However, I found that I have only used one cleaning head, the one with the tiny bristles on it. I just use my electric toothbrush to clean my tongue, gums and the roof of my mouth. And so I only use the water flosser to clean food particles from around my braces and between my teeth.
When using the water flosser, you have to just go by the feel of the tip between your teeth as you can’t use a mirror to see where the water jet is going as water would shoot everywhere if you tried to do that. I have taken it outside and the water jet travels about 5 metres. It has two settings, low and high. Don’t waste your time on low as you need the high pressure to do the work properly. You can use a normal sink and it is not that messy, you just have to lean over a bit and close your lips gently but also allow water to gently drain from your mouth at the same rate as it is going in. It does not take long to learn this, and after 2 weeks maximum you will have the water drain issue and the directionality down to perfection and you will love it.
About every 8 weeks I do as the manual suggests and add a spoonful of vinegar to the water tank and then run the machine outside till the tank empties. This is to remove calcium deposits building up inside water lines and the pump so as to maintain a good water pressure.
Anyway, I was running the machine 2 or 3 times daily, depending on what I had for lunch and what gets caught in my braces. I found that on the third or fouth day, I had to put the machine back on the charger to bring it back to a full charge for a good squirting pressure. At about 11 months into my ownership, suddenly the flosser wouldn’t charge up. So I rang Chemist Warehouse and spoke to staff member [name removed]. She suggested I ring the distributor Brandfarm Pty Ltd in New South Wales (02 88606463) and ask them what to do. And so I rang Brandfarm Pty Ltd and I spoke to staff member [name removed] and told her the issue. She said that the majority of failures of this machine was due to water entering the half-moon recess during normal use where the contact points meet the charging lead. She said the contact points in my flosser were most likely green and not making good contact. She stated that it seemed to be a design fault and there should have been some type of cover that clips over the charging hole after charging it and thus avoid the water splashing inside during use and therefore causing a faulty contact during charging process. She said to clean the contacts and try charging it again. She said if it still wouldn’t accept a charge, I should return it to Chemist Warehouse where I purchased it and that if I had any issues there, that I should have Chemist Warehouse ring [name removed] at Brandfarm who would instruct Chemist Warehouse to replace the water flosser. I then purchased a $12 can of Serviso Electronic Cleaning Solvent from J-Car and used it to clean the contacts inside the charging recess and also in the end of the charging lead. I also used a pair of tweezers to scrape off the green water staining on the charging contact posts. I charged the machine for 24 hours however it still would not charge. I still think it may be a problem inside the charging lead that has got dirty but cannot be easily cleaned out manually.
And so I returned the flosser to Chemist Warehouse and asked [name removed] to call [name removed] from Brandfarm. Within minutes I had a brand new water flosser. Both [names removed] were excellent to deal with and I recommend buying a flosser from Chemist Warehouse.
With my new machine which requires a 24 hour charge prior to the first use, I am going to try a small lump of blu-tack over the charging hole after removing the machine from the charging lead. If I do this each time, it should stop the contacts going green and the machine failing early. I hope the manufacture rectifies this serious design flaw and fits a rubber cap on a small lanyard or rubber hinge to stop this happening. I don’t push the blu-tack into the charging recess, I just place it over the recess and gently press down around the perimeter so you don’t get any blu-tack actually touching the contacts. [name removed] from Brandfarm said that the internal rechargeable battery should NOT be put back on the charger after each use, as the battery life would be severly shortened if done so. She said to run it until the pressure was deemed to be just a bit too low to properly clean teeth before charging back to full charge.
The lack of protection for the charging contacts is a serious issue that takes the gloss off this product however the benefits obtained by using the water flosser outweigh the water in the contact issue, especially if you use blu-tack carefully. I was going to use tape but it may make the machine sticky and also may deposit residue into the contact recess.
Definitely recommended for teeth especially if you have braces. Strangely enough the orthodontist assistant strongly advised me to use this machine but the actually chief orthodontist made a disparaging comment about the machines but did not explain his reasoning. Not sure if he was insinuating that the water jet may interfere with the strength of the brace glue (it doesn’t as those thing are tough as nails and almost jackhammer proof) The flosser definitely improves oral health. I leave the flosser in the bathroom however I don’t like electricity near the sink so I charge it in another room overnight when it needs it.
I recommend you buy one without doubt, but cover the recess charging contacts with Blue-tack or a similar method between charges or you will pay the penalty. Peter

Bought it don’t use it often

If you want to knock the plague off your teeth this is the product for you. Despite being squirted in the face more times than I can count it does do an okay job at cleaning. However I don’t use it often and is pretty pricey. Wouldn’t recommend


Great for my kids braces, eliminates the half an hour they would usually spend trying to floss in between all of the hardware. Lol! Needs to be refilled quite often, but what else could you expect. Do not regret buying this product and works well for normal flossing also.

If you buy one that doesn’t work, return it!

I bought a Waterpik Codless PlusWP450 and after learning how to use it correctly via various websites online, I loved it until it stopped charging properly etc approximately 6 months later. Like most of you I wrote a negative review but never actually tried to get it replaced or my money refunded until my 2 year warranty was almost up. By that time my flosser was totally dead. I live in Australia and we have consumer rights that override manufacturers warranties. I decided to use my rights and emailed Brandfarm who import Waterpik products into Australia. I told them my problem, included a photo of my receipt and was soon sent a new flosser. And this one has worked so well in comparison it’s like night and day. It holds a charge and I works beautifully. I’ve had it now for 5 months and it’s still going strong. Waterpik are far
So take it back if it’s not working the way it should. Stand up for your rights and good luck

Great product initially but it does not last

As other people have pointed out, this product works quite well, but it does not last. Typical 'planned obsolescence' issue. We had one that stopped working well before the warranty expired and were able to get a replacement from the company. Now this replacement has stopped working eighteen months later, and when we emailed to ask for a new one, we were told the warranty is not renewed for a replacement item!!! Completely shoddy company and cheap product that's way more expensive than it should be. So the warranty only works for the original purchase, and so far neither the original water flosser nor the replacement lasted the whole two years. Completely ridiculous! I think if you're paying over $100 for a water flosser it should function perfectly for the entire warranty (at the very least!!)

Very disappointed

Does an OK job. But having previously used another brand (left the house when a daughter moved out) this product is so disappointing. Very messy, just floods your mouth with water. Better off using the garden hose.


We have been loving our Waterpik [second one as the first died after a few months]. However, now this one has almost died. It hasn't even been 12 months and it is grunting and groaning. We have cleaned with white vinegar as per instructions but that hasn't stopped it from failing. Disappointed.

Can't test this product prior to buying it

Due to hygiene and health issues we can't try this product other then buying it and hope for good.

Spent good money on this - used only a handful of times, with the need to floss after.

Doesn't do the job as described. Built quality feels like this product should cost $25 not $100.
Perhaps some people find it useful, mine is collecting dust.

Good when it works

The Waterpik certainly helps my arthritic hands to keep my gums healthier. The downside of the design is having to press a tiny button to release the attachments. My greatest disappointment is that the battery is so erratic. I haven't worked out whether it's better to use the charger daily or not when at first once a week was fine. Actually this week like the Grandfather Clock - it stopped short never to go again.
I'm thinking of looking for an alternative product that's as effective but not so expensive in case it's also problematic.

Does its job, but very poor quality for the price

I paid $99 AUD for the product, I expected something that had a better design, feel and quality. Product just seems unnecessarily big and more importantly, cheap. Cheap plastic, button functions and charging station. I have an electric toothbrush that I only paid $40 for which has been designed and built much better.

Additionally, even at the highest pressure setting, I feel like it doesn't have enough power to really give me a clean mouth feeling.
It's a great idea, but execution still needs a LOT of work.

Battery issue

This is or was a great product. Unfortunately after 6 months though the product barely works due to what appears to be a battery issue. After reading other reviews, this seems to be a common problem. Simply, it no longer works because it doesn't seem to charge, you can charge for 12 hours and may squeeze about 10 seconds usage before it dies again! I may look at replacing the battery pack, but in all honesty, if this is a common problems, the company should fix it before selling it. Cheers

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Questions & Answers

Hi! My Waterpik WP-450 has a two-pin charging connector, one circular, the other, larger one, a D-shape. Can anyone please tell me which is the positive pin? Thanks in advance.
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we are the satisfied users of your waterpik water flosser which we purchased from our local dentist two years ago recently we are experiencing that the water flosser holds its charge for a very brief moment we are extremely happy with this product and its excellent results so much so that we have never hesitated to recommend this product to our friends could you please advise us as to why this is happening details are as under Waterpik water flosser model wp-450a purchased from Brisbane dental studio 759 sandgate rd clayfield queensland australia 4011 thanking your response in due course vince de pasquale
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Hi. I am just another Waterpik user like you9 but I’m wondering if perhaps your connectors are dirty ; the two gold prongs at the base of the flosser that you plug your charger cable into. You can clean these with alcohol, like Isocol, on a cotton bud. I’ve also used small pieces of dry steel wool to polish them up. Make sure you blow out any loose debris left behind. If its not the connectors it is probably the battery and you will need to contact Waterpik in your area to see if it’s replaceable. Good luck!

how do you replace the battery on WP-450?
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You can't change it.I'm sorry I don't know I've had issues with this and bought a new charger to no avail unfortunately


Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP450
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