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Great experience!

There is nothing bad I can say about the first experience with speed dating agency.
Everything went very good. Great location, great host and I have met nice people.
I have received the email with the matching the morning after.
If the date won't go well I'll try again. It worth the money and the time.

Great Night!!! - better than tinderin' or bumblin' a week for a one date

Night was awesome! It was great to meet so many new people and connect with them. I enjoyed the wine cellar and wide range of beers and cocktails provided at the venue. I feel that We Click offers great value compared to online dating, and a chance to met 12 people in one night is pretty cool. I think the biggest thing is to go in with an open mind and try talking to new people!

Great event

Great way to meet new people. The event was well organised at a bar with great atmosphere and friendly host. I would recommend this event to singles and people new to Melbourne.

Great idea; impressive and sincere

I was very impressed as soon as I walked in. The venuewas classy and the table layout was not intimidating. Felt relaxed and genuine.

I went on 12 dates and the room was packed!

Better than expected!

Apprehensive about going. Went and it was awesome. Heaps of people. Way more relaxed than going out to bars. Cheaper as well! I’d go again and I’ve told my friends. The hosts made it easy.

Excellent way to meet new people. CUTE CROWD~!

I checked out the Canberra events and absolutely loved it. Very well organised. They email and sms you to remind you and check on your rsvp. I was even sent a map. The guests were all super friendly and I scored some matches. Recommended to my friends as soon as I left. Hopeful it will lead to something. If not- I will gladly be back.

Lovely! Simple and productive

One of you best things I have done in this city. I have tried speed dating overseas and this company was a million times better. Well run, charming hosts and heaps of dates. The people who came were all class

Don't Waste Your Money!

Went to one of the Adelaide ones. Host was very poorly organised. Event was 'Sold Out' but only 11 others rocked up???

3 of the 12 (myself included) were locals. The other NINE were non-residents. In Adelaide! Seriously? According to website numbers are restricted 'for quality'. What quality?

Clicked with a few guys only to be rejected later upon receiving 'results'. Save your $34 and pay for a dating app instead. Lasts longer.

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Our events are for ALL Australian's, regardless of background/ class/ culture. It sounds like you have a problem with that and you made it clear don't share our values of equality. Do not return to our events - you are not welcome.

Insufficient members

I have visited this event few time, very good event and friendly host, I loved it too much, however, the number of people was not equal, very disappointed,

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Glad you enjoyed it. You would have noticed we keep checking RSVP's with phone calls, emails and texts. Some may even find we go overboard but it's to give the best experience possible. When one person cancel's last minute with no notice -we can't force them to attend. We are working on it and are always coming up with improvements. Hope to see you again!

Good fun

Went with a friend to a speed dating event. Loved the finger food included in the event (prefer that over drinks included at other speed dating events). Met a lot of decent guys and girls and had a lot of fun too.

Good opportunity to make friends

Good opportunity to mingle with people who are seriously looking for a future partner. I end up making a few good friends of my age as well

Great people, great atmosphere and really friendly hosts

Instantly felt relaxed and at ease upon my arrival. The host and fellow guests were all wonderful and friendly. The whole night was well suited to the cool and cozy venue as well. Great job weclick team. Was a great night

Made new friends

The event was run professionally. The environment was comfortable and it felt safe to mingle. Met not only dates but also made some friends.

Good group and a fun night

A well organised event. Host, Benny was awesome (and hot) and most of all it was good to meet guys different to your usual circles. Small group of 12 too so it was perfect.

Great way to meet people

A great night out. Venue changed so good wasn't the same as promised. It was great meeting people who were all there for the same reason :-)

good experience

It is a really friendly environment, and the dates go by really quick, would recommend checking out even just for the experience.

We click event cbd

Well organised . Awesome venue . Great host and great food. Definitely good value for money . I have been before and wmuality is consistent

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Hello Review.

I have enjoyed all the events i’ve attended. My biggest issue is that there are not very many events for the 40+ age group, i imagine there’s much demand but we’re poorly catered for.

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Excellent event and very friendly host

I have participated in several of the speed dating events and all were a really good experience for me.
There are many different topics with different age groups that helped me choose the right event.
The place is very convenient, in the CBD close to the Flinders street station and at the same time is placed in a very quiet and discrete road. Also, the food was really delicious.
The host was very friendly with the guests and gave us very good tips for a successful dating.

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Good start for singles.

I’m recently single and my friends convinced me to try this company. Had a fun night with the rest of the singles. I was happy to meet new people. I’m glad I went. They deserve all the credit they get

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