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Wean Meister Freezer Pods

Wean Meister Freezer Pods

4.8 from 12 reviews

The best around

I was given these as a baby shower gift, and they have been amazing. I am wanting to buy another set, however I haven’t been able to find anything comparable. The size of the pods, the material they’re made of, and the lid design are all superior to any other products I’ve found. Would highly recommend these.

Purchased in July 2018 at Biome.

Great product, so easy to get food out

The other reviews weren't lying, the freezer trays are pretty great. They're so easy to use compared to other products out there, you don't have to thaw out the food or get freezer burn on your fingers to get the food out. The colours are great, the lids are easily removed, the portions are a good size for steady eaters... can't really fault this product. Great design, and I love that you can use them for other things like baking once the baby's off purees.

Perfect for freezing baby food!

Love love love these freezer pods, the tray is very sturdy (some others were "wobbly" to hold), made of high quality silicone and a joy to use. We used them to freeze all kinds of baby puree foods and also chunkier foods. Found that the frozen pods were easier to pop out if you let the food cool before filling the tray. It's dishwasher safe, however because of the structural support on the underside no matter which way you out it a surface will catch water and need to be rinse/dried after the wash cycle.

We also used it for baking baby (and adult) snacks, the size is perfect and love the ability to use it for both freezing and baking. However I deducted one star because I think the silicone absorbed some of the dishwasher cleaning solution (we use Finish tablets), so if we baked in it after it had gone through the dishwasher the food came out with a slight "soapy" taste. Didn't effect freezing, so I think the heat released the absorbed odour? But if we hand washed and then used it to bake it was fine!

Haven’t stoped using it yet!

Love the product! I bought a set of three and keep the all busy. Once the baby food is frozen, I just pop it all into a ziplock bag and get the pods ready for the next batch.It is resistant, easy to use and very easy to clean - dishwasher safe...
also, always a major plus, the customer service is fantastic!

So Good!

I love the fact that I am about to have my third baby and these are getting a great work out!! They were a bit grimy after being in storage. But I boiled them and they came up good as new!!
I am going to get some more products from here for sure!

Awesome product

These were given to me at my baby shower. I love them! They have been a great way to store and freeze baby food (and other things too...). They are easy to clean, the serving size is good, they are flexible so you can pop the food out easily. I'd recommend them to any family with a baby starting solids!

Best purchase for starting solids

Love this. So much!
For start there is great customer service. Very responsive.
I like the look of them. The colours are bright. The 'watermelon' is less pink than I was expecting which was perfect.
I'm ready to start using these full-time when bub is advancing in solids. I have used them to make small portions for when bub starts solids - about a tbl apoon per serve. I know I will get a lot of use out of all of these trays and they fit well in our freezer.

Very handy for baby food prep

I've had these for a year now for preparing food for my little boy. We've frozen purees, soups with these and I found the portion size is just right. One thing I have found with all silicon products is that they do have an odour, but the smell doesn't seem to transfer onto our frozen foods though which is good.

The frozen cubes are removed from the pods by pushing them out from the bottom and we never had any trouble with this.

They don't take up much space in our freezer which is a bonus and they stack pretty well.

Fabulous product!

My baby started solids 3 weeks ago and I have already used this at least a dozen times to freeze pureed cauliflower, apple, pumpkin, carrot and blueberries. So easy to remove frozen portions and the material doesn't stain.

Such a useful product!

I purchased these at the baby show about a year ago and they were hands down my best buy for feeding my child. They are a great portion size, I can cook lots of different things and store them, then mix different flavors together to create new tastes for my baby. Now that I have a newborn, I can also store my expressed milk in it and pop them right out into a bottle. If I don't fill the pod completely I just write on the lid so I know how many mls I put in.
The frozen pods come out really easily because it's silicone, not like the plastic ones that either break or you end up with half the tray falling out instead of the one or two you were after.
Multi purpose - I can use it for milk, puree and also in the oven to bake toddler size muffins.


I purchased these pods when I started weaning my baby. As I always cook more than needed for her, these pods have come in very handy to freeze baby food neatly. My frozen food is clearly organised in freezer bags and I don't need dozens of little separate containers to freeze it.
This is a great utensil for mums.
I have also used it to freeze excess lemon juice and it comes in so handy!
A great purchase.
Convenient, perfect size, easy to clean.

Suprised just how much I use it, and I reccomend it to everyone

I started using these when my Bub was weaning, they are so easy to use. I made enough food for weeks and then each day, I would just quickly pop up another Pod. Saved me loads of time.

My Bub is now 2 and I'm STILL using them all the time, now we're making savoury muffins for the day care lunch box (coz E doesn't really like sandwiches), they are safe in the oven too!
We also made frozen lollies in them this summer, great size for toddler lollies (and me actually).
They are really sturdy and great quality - not like those flimsy muffin trays i used to use. Just love how they seem to be adapting with my child. We actually use one of them to store our homemade playdoe in ;o)
It does collect water in the dishwasher. You have to leave it on the side to dry for a while

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