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Well & Good Gluten Free Instant Custard Powder

Well & Good Gluten Free Instant Custard Powder

2.5 from 2 reviews

Excellent for those with allergies

Very tasty and can be made thin or thick by changing the amount of water and vegetable oil added. Whips up instantly with no need for refrigeration or heating. No gluten, egg, dairy, nuts, or indeed any of the top 8 allergens, so great for those with allergies (even if you avoid "traces"). I find it tastes a lot like packet vanilla pudding, more than custard, or a bit like the custard in a custard slice from a bakery. Add a couple of tbsp of this powder for a sweet thickener to whip up with coconut cream for a great allergy-friendly mock cream to top meringues or cakes.

Watery and bland.

I wanted to find a non-dairy custard powder (I know - silly of me!). This appeared to fit the bill but was terrible! It was watery, bland and had an odd aftertaste. I tried to resurrect it with more mix for the liquid but it was an utter fail. I'm just going to stick with So Good ice cream.

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Hi, i can't seem to find the well and good custard powder at my local supermarket anymore. Glenorchy Coles. Tasmania.Any help? Angela
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