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Wertheim SE9500

Wertheim SE9500

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Post Warranty Customer Service from Wertheim and Godfreys -Wertheim 5030 Vacuum cleaner

Whilst using my older Wertheim 5030 the power brush unexpectedly began making a loud cluttering sound. I then open up the power brush to find a L shaped bracket (Motor Belt alignment/guide) that was begin knocked at force almost damaging components within my power brush. Upon looking more closely at the bracket I realised it was purpose built and needed to be reinserted, however was unable to ascertain the correct reinsertion position. I took a photo and forwarded to Customer Service at Wertheim (Peter ) who was wonderful, Wertheim/Peter and Godfreys/ Le Luu prudently forwarded the photo to technicians that in turn provided a return photo of how to insert the dislodged Motor Belt alignment/guide

Date PurchasedJun 2007

People . . . We NEED more stars . . .

OK, so I have depression, anxiety and ptsd. At times my depression makes me so 'lazy', I let things slide. While I had a really good vacuum cleaner, having a very active German Shepherd means mess. So over the last couple years, with depression winning the carpet got grotty. Not what I like, but my brain didn't seem click to sort it.

The last couple days and I have been lacking sleep (another fun part of my life) and realised the carpet was bad. So research I did.

The first option, the Wertheim Pet Pro SE9500. The other contender was a Hoover, but the noise was grating to me and it didn't have the power of the Wertheim.

So, after a quick simple purchase at the local Godfreys in Derwent Park, the young salesperson Cameron got a great commission.

I got the unit home and after a few odd looks, a quick flip through the manual, I discovered how to assemble the unit. That done, a quick read of the how to and I filled the integrated bladder, contained within the dirty water container. What a great way to not have two tanks (so to speak). Makes the unit that much easier to move around.

A slightly confused period as I filled the 'solution' tank. For some reason you half fill with water, then top up to the line with the solution. Why this tank doesn't use just straight solution and meter it at a lower rate? Maybe it is something that to do with the he solution being 'pre-mixed'? But that done, away I went.

If I could show you photos, you would be amazed. I should have taken a video and shown the dark chocolate colour of the waste water after the ward . . . But I digress.

The plan, do the hallway. OK, this ugly seemingly ground in mass, will it lift it? I pre-sprayed before I filled the unit. One pass, mass is half the size. Go over the mass again, this time a bit slower (there is a hint folks, this is not a fast process, take your time for best results). Back and forward twice more and the mass is no more, instead it is clean, loose fibres carpet, that is slightly damp to the touch. A couple more passes and the area is a lot drier.

Now, let's get it straight. The carpet will be slightly damp afterward. You are washing it . . .

So, the first section done, time to empty the tank. This is easy to know when by a couple things. A little spinning display. If it stops spinning, then it is time to check the,solution tank/main water bladder. A little flap in the tank pops up and makes an audible clicking noise and the tone of the unit changes.

So, lift handle, lift tank, carry to sink. Tip into sink and look like I have just seen a ghost. The waste water was a dark chocolate brown. I figured a good habit to get into is to pop off the tank top/integrated suction tube. Rinse it well. Put aside the fill the main tank with clean water, swish around then tip out. Epeat if necessary. Now, fill the little bladder again, the pop that top/tube thing back on (gently slide it from front to back, lining up the little notch, then resecure with the clip. Oh, the clip does pop off, it is the way it is made. It pops back on very simply, so don't panic if this happens.

The solution tank refilled and away I go again.

Now, I took my time (back and knee injuries force that), but I was able to do the hallway in under an hour.

In total it took about 3 re-fills.

I had a break, dinner and the thought why not,and attained,the lounge room. This had 4 very bad stains, 2 of which were large solid masses. Imagine really thick mud forced into the fibres then left. Yuck.

Pre-treating with the spray, then the same slower, steady motion and the lounge room was done in i think 5-6 tanks.

This may seem annoying to most, but the opportunity to stop the shampooing motion and have a short break was actually very welcome.

Are rinsing everything when I had finished, I flipped the unit on it's back and discovered a heap of matted hair/fur and 'goo' on the bottom. This wiped off pretty easily. If you don't the unit will likely smell a lot.

Simply put the Wertheim Pet Pro SE9500 is an amazing home carpet shampooing unit. I have used those rental units, but now realise they simply push in chemicals, the suck it and some dirt out. The Wertheim, with it's TWIN brushes, exceptional suction and ease of use makes the rental unit seem very archaic.

I would highly recommend this carpet shampooer and will now be able to regularly clean my carpet making the house a lot cleaner and healthier.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Fantastic, absolutely love it!

I purchased the Wertheim 9500 from Godfreys Fountain Gate store yesterday, the boys were very helpful and they weren’t wrong it is the best. I have old carpets, 2 puppies that have had the occasional accident and a teenage girl that somehow manages to get makeup on her bedroom carpet. After cleaning the carpet in one room yesterday I couldn’t stop they look and smell amazing, really didn’t expect half the stains to come out and most of them did. Carpeted stairs with heavy traffic came up great as well, I think I can put off buying new carpet for a few years. Could not be happier with results, easy to use and easy to clean.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

more than what i expected

i have 5 bedroom houses with carpet and it was very dirty with stains, coffee mark.. i was renting profesional for cleaning it but never satisfied with the cleaning ...i went to crossroads godfreys for buying some stain removal chemincal .. but the sales man of crossroads asked me for whether i was happy with the cleaning or not? then recommended me this se9500 ...his demonstration was mind blowing ...i just bought it with interest free plan .. only $21 a week. since then i love this shampooer .

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Best of the best

Love this shampoor...made my old carpet like new.. best for pets ..great to remove the old stain .a lot of accessories. Bought it from Godfreys crossroad.
Came into the store for a cheap shampoo machine but was convinced by the salesman to get this machine.Great service, salesman solved all my problems and an amazing machine. 10/10.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Loved it

I bought this machine in 2016 . Usually I used to hire some one to come to clean my carpet because of my messy dog . my friend recommended me this . Now I got this monster cleaner a very good stuff cleans all the stains even the wine stains from my girlfriend is gone now from my carpet.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

SE9500 Clean up after your dog.....

The instructions for assembly were quite clear and it is really important to vacuum before you apply the machine or you will make a sticky mud. The stains we had from dog vomit and worse were a little old but the highest setting worked well and the colour of the waste water bore testament to its effectiveness. We have a thick pile rug, as well as three others, and this also cleaned quite well though drying took a little longer. I found it easy to use but it needs slow patient application for the best effect. Quite pricey though!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Doesn't suck nearly as hard as it should - Best look elsewhere at this price

We originally bought a floor model Se9000 from Godfrey's which was terrible and leaked etc. This was replaced by an SE9500 on the basis that the original was faulty. The SE95000 is better but in retrospect we would have been better on getting our money back (this was not an option the Godfrey's presented as possible though) and buying something else altogether. IF you are intending to spend circa $1000 this would be my advice, "Look elsewhere". Maybe if you can get one of these for under $300 or 400 then OK, as long as you don't mind something large and bulky which only does the job of a much smaller unit.

This unit will clean your carpets. It will take a lot longer than you expect ( using the main scrubber section) as the holding tanks aren't perhaps not as big as they need to be and it will leave the carpets quite wet. Even in summer expect to feel the carpets damp for a day or two. I would not recommend to use it on large areas in winter.. The problem seems to be suction. There just simply isn't enough to pull a sufficient quantity of the water out of the carpet, so this is why the extended drying time. The heater makes little difference.

I now use it with the small tool head. This way there is some success. With the smaller aperture, the small tool head picks up a reasonable percentage of water. The problem is at 65 mm wide it is simply impracticable to a whole room, but spot cleaning works fine.

The "turbo" brush which is supplied suffers from the lack of suction. As it is powered by the air movement, the rotation of the brush is ridiculously slow.

As it can be used in a fashion, I may have given it 3 stars had it been MUCH cheaper. However, for $1,000+ you will most likely be disappointed with your purchase ( check the reviews on the almost identical Se9000). Disregard the hype you will get from the Godfrey's sales staff ( it's easy to be taken in -- why else do you think we have one of these). Remember, it is just a re-branded Bissell. So, before buying one have a look how a much Bissell is in other shops ( which are probably cheaper). Then seriously look at other options.

Remember, suction is the key. Without enough of it you are simply leaving the water in the carpet.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Wertheim SE9500 Pet...something

As someone complained, although the name might imply, this is not a German brand, is a semi-professional spin-off of Bissell USA. Matter of fact, in US this is a Bissell. And a side point, do yourself a favour, don't be too hanged up on German quality. Although largely good I am going to say that that legendary quality has died a long time ago, replaced by the need to produce quick and as cheaply as possible just like everyone else. And surely can buy not so stellar quality from a German manufacture (I have a Mercedes that.... let’s say I'll never ever, ever buy one, never)
Back to Wertheim SE9500 , is not German - is a Bissell, get over it.
Payed $900 with a bottle of shampoo at Godfreys just because everything else seemed plastiky and useless (the girl there knew her staff also and was full of handy tips, dos and don’ts)
Used it and:
- Shampoos well, squirting pressure is very good.
- Sucks well and by design is very visible when it does (or doesn't). Suck well since the clean/ dirty water tank IS the suction unit so therefore sheer weight keeps the suction head onto the carpet.
- Has a heating system, no idea how it works but surely the water coming out is very warm. It helps.
- Has a very visible spinning thingy that indicates when there is no more water in the tank or cleaning formula in the chemical's tank. Very handy since is not too hard to keep on going without water or formula.
- Tip: squirt as you push forward and suck back as you pull toward you.
- Tip: don’t skimp of shampoo quality and don’t put too much in the tank, you’ll might drown in foam.
- Has a selectable three stages of wash, depending on how dirty your carpets are and a clean water (rinse) stage, quite smart.
- Is design pretty well and rather thoughtful I'd say. Modular, very easy to remove and refit the tank-head, fill with clean water, dispose of dirty water, remove, fill and insert formula tank, attach and removed the little cleaning heads for car seats, lounge couches, carpet spot-cleaning and stairs etc. (there are 4), easy to switch from "carpet" to "tools", easy to manoeuvre and can lay almost flat to get under small tables and such, seems sturdy enough.
On drawback is the position of the electric cable it seems to be in the way all the time and you’re running over it, at some point I got a kid to just act as a cable-pole to keep it off the carpet away from the wheels. That did it.
One thing that I cannot vouch for is its reliability since we just got it. But it seems build well overall. And a word of caution, this thing is HEAVY with the tanks full. It works for it since it helps to suck really well but after 3 large-ish rooms and 4 hours both my hands were coming out of the shoulders.
If will turn out to be reliable will be a great tool to have short of getting someone professional to do it for you.

Wertheim SE9500

Apparenty this is updated model to the 9000 from what I was told. My Hoover dual power max lasted 4 rooms, then when I went to do the main room rollers did not go around and smoke coming from the engine. In my opinion it is cheaply made, and when I demanded a refund from Godfreys, it was no they will send it off to repair. I requested an upgrade to the SE9500, which I preferred initially, they did and also at a reduced price which was good of them. Impressed with this machine after doing the whole lounge room, I like the in built heating, the four phases of extracting, the rinse option (although did not use it this time as I was running out of time), the carpet heating exhausts. After removing a few screws, whilst time consuming, cleaning of parts is fine. The motor is 400 watts more than the hoover, and lots quieter as well - the bigger motor the better for extraction. The carpets dried quickly on a warm day after going over them a few times without the rinse function. Seems to be a quality product, but I bought it because my vaccum cleaner is made in germany, but reading the other reviews I will now question the salesperson as as it appears to be absent from any of the material I have (i.e the manual and box). The product is more robust I feel over the Hoover. Filling the tanks are okay, the SE9500 lift off, empty, a little easier than the Hoover's two snap in tanks. At least the solution bottle on the SE 9500 is smaller and easier to fill under a basin tap, rather then a tub. One tank on the Se9500 for hot water and dirty Have taken out an extended warranty, for that extra coverage. I will use the rinse function at my next use, and fabric cleaning, using the variety of tools supplied (the small box for these say they are made in China - hmm). The Hoover I noticed appeared to have sprayed the solution out, onto your skirting boards and doors, not the Se 9500 though. It also has a spot clean, which looks impressive on the model, like a ferrari exhaust vent. I presume some people have had some bad luck, like I did my Hoover, but I wanted this model originally, so in the end it should justify the extra cost vs professional cleans. The little wheel that is easily viewed on the machine tells you when the solution is being applied, and when it is not. Good feature. If you can afford it, I would recommed it over the Hoover for the extra features. Quality and longevity, we shall see in time. Since posting this review I have been advised by the godfreys rep that the engine is made in germany, and the machine itself is assembled in China .

Wertheim shampooer

We checked into Godfreys Camperdown and end up by the best of the best carpet shampooer for $1200. It was the latest model and all of the cheaper models were cast aside as no good by the manager. The model we purchased was the latest Wertheim pet pro SE 9500. One model up from the SE 9000 . We only had one rug to clean and two small rooms.

We did the rug on our carpet and it worked fine. We then did two small rooms , then I noticed the formula tank wasn't dispensing, so no cleaning formula was being released. We Had a headache trying to clean the carpet over and over again to see if it was actually working properly. It clearly wasn't.

We had enough and packed it away. The next morning I took it out to again to try and use the hand held attachments on my dogs pet mattress and bed. Not only wasn't the shampoo being dispensed but the sprayer would only spray for three secs before it dribbled. So frustrated I poured out the water and formula into a spray bottle and sprayed my pet beds manually myself using the wertheim to just suck up the water.

We took it back to Werheril park Godfreys and the manager there said the machine is definitely not working and for us to go back to Camperdown for a refund.

We went back to Camperdown and the assistant there tried it and a new problem arose. he did a few strokes and all the formula was being used up too quickly and the tank was foaming up only after a few strokes. He said yeah wait for the manager to arrive coz he doesn't know what's wrong with it.

The manager tested it and for some reason the shampoo started working again but the hand held tool attachments still would not spray.

So we did not want an exchange we want a refund. It's a terrible poor quality product. He said we can't get a refund unless it's been assessed by a technician which would take a week! He said there's pet hair stuck and they can't resell it. He then proceeded to tell us that we could've misused it by not vacuuming first. We vacuum our floor three times before using the machine!

So angry I walked out. Now waiting for the assessment to come back and I better get a refund or I will be taking the matter to ACCC.

I'm worried after reading other people's reviews that they will come back and say we've misused it and not entitled for a refund. How do I trust my machine being assessed with me not being there. For all I know they could just do something to it and say it was our fault! I'm not comfortable with that.

We even purchased a 5 year warranty on the product, but after reading other people reviews on the hassle of it all we don't want it replaced! We are sure it's going to malfunction again!

Terrible product.

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Just an update. the assessment came back as having a faulty pump. So I did get my refund. I was lucky that It started to malfunction within the 10 days and not two weeks after.

Questions & Answers

Is this Deep Clean Engineering made in china or german?
1 answer
it is made in China

I have just bought a Wertheim SE9500 but there are no instructions - where can I get some instructions? - thank you
1 answer
You can download this manual from the net. wertheim_se9000_instruction_manual.pdf

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