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Westinghouse WFM0900WC

Westinghouse WFM0900WC

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Love this little freezer

Worthwhile extra freezer space to supplement the fridge. Keeps things frozen, and does get some ice buildup from time to time which needs manual defrosting. Small size is very convenient.

Purchased in July 2010.

Freezers-refrigeration mechanic and sales person say they are not meant to freeze

Not meant to freeze...just meant to keep frozen food frozen. I am being told by refrigeration mechanic who came to look at my broken freezer that modern freezers are not meant to freeze food but keep frozen food frozen.

This is after i have purchased and buried 3 westinghouse freezers. 2x500lt and the latest 700lt. These freezers were purchased over an 8 year period the 700lt lasting 12 years. Which i am told is excellent. Lol I have a metters freezer 500lt 43 years old. Yeah, yeah it uses more power, but if i had of purchased 2 of these 43 yrs ago i would not of wasted my money on these other 3 freezers.

We are farmers and kill several sheep or a steer. I am told by service center not to overload the freezer. 400 kg of meat in a 700lt freezer is not overloading. Spread over the freezer with plenty of space still takes forever to freeze.

The meat oxidizes even in vacuum packs and the fat of the meat goes rancid. The meat and veg gets freezer burn. but not in my old freezer. meat comes out as good as it went in.

I spent 63 minutes on the 1300 number and even though the refrigeration mechanic and the sales person in their expert opinion told me that 12 years was good and that these modern freezers are totally different than the old ones. Their main aim is to save power. So they go off and on when the power source gets hot. Leaving periods of time when the freezer is not freezing but in idle mode.

But as much as i wanted to speak with a tech it seems that they are off limits to us mere customers.

So next time you buy a freezer have a look at the tiny little so called freezer unit that runs that 500 to 700lt freezer and remember it only runs until the motor gets hot then turns off till the motor cools down.

Date PurchasedApr 2005
Betta electrical sales person very patient bloke found that a new brand freezer has super freeze option. Worked great .........so far.My new freezer not westinghouse going great so far. Did what it said on super freeze option, little buzzy but great so far. My old freezer is still going strong after40 years. Like all things these days they make with build redundences. Westinghouse i stuck with for years gave them the opportunity to supply me with a reliable freezer that freezes. They could not, so went with the mob that could supply 50 % of what i needed. It just has to pass the longevity test. Dont think i will be around in 40 years but all it has to do is last longer than the 3 W/H i purchased over 8 years and longer that the 12 years i got out of thIs last W/H.

Great unit - small size, very quiet, energy effecient, NOT frost free

Great unit if you want a low cost bar fridge size freezer. This would best suit households wanting an 'overflow' freezer from their main fridge, i.e. there will be times when you buy or make a lot of food in advance and use it, and also times when you don't need it, and it gets turned off for defrosting. If you are going to need a freezer all year round and plan to open the door several times a day, I suggest you spend a few hundred more on a frost free freezer which will suit your needs much better.
As advertised, it's not frost free, so just like every other freezer of this type, you will need to take everything out and wait for the ice to melt every 2 to 6 months. The more the open the door, the more regularly you'll need to do this. Consider you intended usage carefully as most people don't like the task of defrosting a freezer. For us, this unit was just the right size and capacity, a bit cheaper, and we don't plan to use it all year round so regular defrosting will be a simple matter of a few towels.
The unit is super quiet, almost silent. Modern design which means it's just a compressor, not even a fan to break down / ice up / get dusty, and there are no coils on the back to damage either, the sides of the unit get warm in use (you'll need 3cm space all around). Very high 3.5 star energy rating - this is important as over 10 years the power cost for a fridge or freezer may equal or outweigh the initial cost.

Date PurchasedJun 2018


It is a nice freezer, small to fit the small table top counter that I have. It is a good small freezer that stores alot inside it. especially for popsicles and icecream
Downside is that there is no easy defrost and need to be able to put things lying down. if its bulky like in having many chicken nugget boxes, it gets full quickly.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Westinghouse 90L upright freezer frost issue

I brought this freezer less than 6 months ago. Now frost builds up on the front of the drawers and cannot open the doors at all! If I turn it off for whole day the food will get spoil! Honestly, this freezer is a rubbish and not value for money. Very disappointed!! Selling this kind of freezer is a big cheat!!!

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Hi Nash, Catherine from Electrolux here. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised about the Freezer. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Catherine. Thanks, Catherine

Faultless Service After 5 Years

We have had this running as a spare freezer for overfiow times such as Christmas and Easter. This summer we ran it all season and it has been faultless.
It is not frost free. So yes, you need to shut it down and dethaw it from time to time but that is completely normal for this style without a fan. The simpler the better in my opinion.
It freezes excellently and quickly and its small size is very unobtrusive.
We are more than happy with ours and would purchase again if required.

Date PurchasedApr 2013

So far, so good

I purchased this second hand about 6 months ago (original owner said they purchased it March 2017). Having read the reviews here, I was prepared for the hassle of the frost build up, potential noise, and door side issue (unable to change the side its hung from).
But so far, so good!
Fortunately, where I have positioned it, the door is fine the way it is.
Noise wise, for me, it doesn't seem any louder than my existing fridge.
And the frost build up hasn't been much of an issue. This is a second / overflow freezer for me so if it starts to become an issue, I toggle the temperature gauge (eg if the freezer isn't full, I dial it back a bit). And if that doesn't fix it, then I'll plan over the next few days to deplete some of the frozen goods, and transfer the rest into my main freezer, and let this one defrost for half a day or so. In 6 months of ownership, I've had to do this twice.
I like that this model it has see-through drawers, as it helps keep things contained, easily accessible, and visible (well... at the front of the drawers anyway!).
I also like that the size/footprint on the floor, is quite good.
At this time, I haven't had to call Westinghouse customer service - by all accounts of previous reviewers, my rating will drop if I have a need to do that...
So for now, I would recommend this freezer to anyone who is considering it - but agree with others that the fact that it isn't frost-free can be an inconvenience.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Cant live with the noise!

As described on other reviews, it cools very well and the space is fine if your after a little extra room from the fridge. But the noise cuts the pro's right back. Pulsating vibration from the compressor when running. Not a hum like your standard fridge. I've checked the compressor mounts and all looks ok

If you buy this item i recommend not having it inside. Ours is in the laundry and i can hear it running in the room next door.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Works fine, slightly noise, can't reverse door!

I have mixed feelings about this freezer, because like so many other reviewers, I couldn't reverse the door as promised. (Man, I wish I had read these reviews first!). The included instructions were wrong. I almost managed to reverse the door based on info provided here by "Fred12" but I couldn't remove one of the hinge pins, ended up stripping the thread and just gave up. The actual process to reverse is fairly complicated. I am now living with the slight inconvenience of the door opening the wrong way. I contacted customer service and again as per other reviews, it was a poor experience with lots of back and forth that ended nowhere. They believe that all their customers just read the manual wrong! I proved to them that my instruction manual was wrong, they sent me a newer correct version. Five years on from Fred12's review and Westinghouse is still sending out wrong manuals, either that or they supplied me with a freezer that has been sitting in a warehouse for years.

As for the actual operation, it has been fine for us and a big help in having some extra freezer space. It is a bit noisy as others have pointed out but that doesn't bother us because of its location.

If you don't need to reverse the door, then this would be a suitable freezer.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Failed after six year of service

My Westinghouse WFM0900WC freezer failed without warning after less than six years of service.
The service technician charged a $80 callout fee and after investigation advised that the compressor had seized and repair would not be economical.
I may be old-fashioned, but I would have hoped to get longer service from an appliance, particularly since it has such a respected brand name, and was certainly not the cheapest model available.
In my opinion, the ergonomic design of the freezer is good, but manufacturing quality has let it down.

Date PurchasedNov 2011

disppointed with the customer service and service call fee

I'm very disappointed with the service received by electrolux. On the 8th sept I called electrolux and arranged for someone to look at my 2 freezers that were frosting up. the lady from the call centre kindly arranged for the technician to come out the next day. on arrival the technician checked the 1st one and adjusted the hinges and explained the 2nd one was not frost free. then asked "how i was paying ??" to my surprise i replied saying no one from the customer service call centre mentioned a call out fee or ANY fees involved. he replied you need to discuss it with the office. 3 weeks later i received a invoice in the mail for $134.00, I then immediately called electrolux and advised that i was never given a quote for the service call and it was unfair to charge a customer without prior notice. they should check their recordings and that will confirm what i am saying. that is very misleading...if i was given a quote i would then have the choice to decide if id like to go ahead, I also mentioned that one of the products was still under warranty and it was checked in the same service call. the response i received from management was "they have notes in their system advising me of the service call fee." I am so disappointed with that reply as it is untrue and anyone can put notes into a system at any point of time. The best they could offer was a reduction to $95.00. and that's not honestly not good enough. I have 3 electrolux/westinghouse products in my house and they will be my last.

Hi Susan, Kathy from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Electrolux appliance. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact Kathy at customercare@electrolux.com.au Thanks KathyI've paid and settled the discounted $95.00. Electrolux should be happy but that doesn't change the way I feel. I am still disappointed with the terrible customer service and the quality of appliances I own.


This freezer lasts about four weeks before frost builds up on the front of the drawers, and needs to be defrosted because they are hard to open then.
That takes some hours, and food defrosting during that time is not healthy.
I will not be keeping it.

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Hi Margaret, Leeanne from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Electrolux fridge. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact Leeanne at customercare@electrolux.com.au Thanks Leeanne

Reversible Door problem

At the moment no problems with the running as it suits my needs. However see Fred12 above.
My handyman also found problems with the instructions despite being sent a second set.
Also after an hour and a half - for which I had to pay - he had to replace the door as it was originally as it was impossible to attach the bottom screws.
I am most disappointed as the reason I bought this product was that the door could be reversed when I wanted to change its position.

Hi Gwen, Maria M from Electrolux here.We would love the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised. Can you please email me your contact details at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Maria M? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Maria MJust to say thank you to Maria who followed up my complaint and sent a very professional Service man ( Manny ) who fixed the problem .

Great addition to boost freezer space at home

I was habitually running out of freezer space with my 280L fridge/freezer so I was looking for something to allow me to store more bulk purchases of frozen meat, veggies, cooked meals. The bar design in my opinion was a lot better than a chest freezer as its easier and quicker to find and remove the items you want. I purchased the Westinghouse bar freezer and from day one it has run without any dramas whatsoever. The freezer runs quietly, is reasonably energy efficient - I would have given it five stars if it was a frost free design (you have to defrost manually). I found that after 2.5 years of use the freezer required a defrost which wasn't too bad but it did take a reasonable amount of time to complete the process (probably 4-5 hours)
Quiet, drawer layout, energy efficient
Not frost free

Warning about reversing door and extended warranty

The instructions for reversing the freezer door are woefully inadequate and simply wrong in a number of instances. The instructions clearly omit the need to remove the top of the cabinet to allow the removal of the top hinge plate and its fixing to the other side of the freezer. Removal of the cabinet top requires, the undoing of two screws located beneath removable plastic tabs and then pulling away the temperature adjusting knob. I was told at the point of purchase that reversing the door required a $30 kit but that proved to be incorrect. All parts removed can be reused in the door reversal process. All you need is plenty of patience, a mechanical aptitude (ditch the instructions), a second pair of hands, a variety of tools and plenty of time to complete the job. For heaven sakes don't remove the shelves as suggested in the list of precautions. Fortunately, the door seal was in good condition. Good luck! Just one other thing, the fee listing for the Electrolux extended warranty found in the freezer is not current, fee for this freezer is $105 at 13.10.12.
Hopefully the freezer is just as reliable as my 41 year old Westinghouse fridge
Expensive extended warranty, quoted 90L capacity exaggerated, miserly ice cube tray and control knob

Terrible customer service from Electrolux / Westinghouse

The day I got this freezer home I reversed the door (not an easy task with this freezer as the instruction manual neglects to mention that the top of the freezer needs to be removed entirely and the screw holes on the reverse side weren't even aligned with the metal casing). While I was doing this I noticed two big holes in the seal on the underside of the door, each about 2cm long, they look like the seal has been burned. I contacted the store I purchased it from who in turn put me on to Westinghouse/Electrolux. When I explained the problem to Electrolux and asked them to send me out a new seal I was told that they couldn't do that, they would have to send someone around to change the seal because if I did it myself I would void the warranty. It's not exactly rocket science and to my mind it's as ridiculous as voiding a new car warranty by changing a tyre. But whatever, I went along with it. Unfortunately the repairman can only come monday to friday 8-5 - when (like a lot of people) I'm at work. And they can't even specify a window of time, just a day. Call me crazy, but I'm not about to lose a day's pay for the repair of a day old appliance. I'm happy to remove the door and drop it off at a service centre on my way to work. Not possible they say. I can leave the door outside or in the garage for the repairman. No I have to be there they say. Electrolux's suggestion? Return it to the place of purchase. Nevermind that I had to borrow muscle and a ute to get it home and up the stairs in the first place.
The following week I come home to find a new seal sitting on my front step, with a note to leave it for the repairman. I decide that a warranty from Electrolux isn't worth the paper it's written on and to change the thing myself. I open it and find a massive kink in the replacement seal - there's no way the door would close properly using it. There's obviously some quality issues with the seals on these freezers and problems with the quality control in general at Westinghouse. Do yourself a favour and don't buy a brand owned by Electrolux.

Terrible customer service, a little on the noisy side, difficult to reverse door, shoddily constructed

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This is a Harvey Normal problem and should have simply returned to them. They try this tactic on consumers and it is illegal practice under Australian Consumer Law

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TypeChest Freezers
Price (RRP) $529
Energy Rating2.5
Type (Chest, Vertical, Side by Side etc)Vertical
Release dateOct 2009

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