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Westinghouse WSF6608X / WSF6608W

Westinghouse WSF6608X / WSF6608W

WSF6608X (Stainless) and WSF6608W (White)
3.4 from 66 reviews

Lean Mean Cleaning Machine

This dishwasher is a machine, we often put plates in straight after meals, they can sometimes sit there for most of the day before the dishwasher is turned on. The dishwasher has a variety of cycles that range from a basic 30mins - a heavy 2hours 45mins which always leaves our dishes sparkling clean.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Entirley Dissatisfied

After having an Asko machine up until this purchase, I now understand how spoilt we have been. After 17 years from new the poor old thing still cleaned perfectly whilst falling down around itself. What a gem!
After reading all the reviews etc, decided on this model. BAD MISTAKE! Have persevered with this useless underperforming piece of crap.
The bottom drawer unless perfect will derail.
Despite trying every cycle and multiple brands of tabs-rinse aids, it does not clean as it should.
It will not dry as it claims.
Push start, and again and again. There we go!
Utter disappointment.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi, Marina from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Westinghouse dishwasher. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Marina. Thanks Marina

This dishwasher is the best

I think this is the best dishwasher I am a big Electrolux/Westinghouse fan, all there goods are great quality, the top cutlery tray is a handy function you can use it or don't have to. the settings have a wide range depending on how dirty your dishes are, mine seem to dry perfectly everytime. big fan of this model Westinghouse

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Not heating at the first time we use with this brand new machine

We bought this machine and it indicates F8 error at the first time we use, we checked the user book, shows F8 means not heating, all lights flashing, dishes were wet. Also, the top shelf for the cutlery is useless, forks are still oilly after washed. How disappointed about it. Now we are thinking about replacement or refund from the seller.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Gra, Rumana from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your WSF6608X. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au with reference number 708446 attention Rumana. Thanks, Rumana

Excellent product

I have purchased this product on 30th June 2018 found this product to be a very reliable as I use it daily and have used all the cycles and modes.
I do rinse the dishes first as per every other dishwasher I have used, it is a very quiet unit and often I have to check to see if it is running.
I read many reviews of all of the products on the market and comments relating to high end brands relating to the door alignment a simple fix for less a dollar The build construction on this machine, large number of place settings, the water efficiency and number of cycles is the reason why I purchased the 6608 over the others out there.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Only used it once

Seems okay so far. I think the feature where just the top or bottom drawer can be used is good for small jobs. Talking about drawers why has my dishwasher got a large Sharp logo on the front of the drawer. Is the Westinghouse made by Sharp because, if so, it’s annoying as I am not too pleased with Sharp products.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Geoffrey, Linda from Electrolux here. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding your dishwasher. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Linda, Thanks

It's a very basic dishwasher

Have been using our Westinghouse dish washer for a while now and have to admit at first it seemed on the cheap side with very little settings or extras in comparison to other brands we looked at but at the time this was on sale and all we could afford. We've had a few dirty dishes left after washing but again pride was good

Date PurchasedJun 2016

2 month old and having issues already

We recently purchased this Dishwasher from JB-Hi and as of last week we are getting a F2 error and water wont drain out. We have checked drains and all the connections and there were no blockers. We are now left without a dishwasher. I have been on a call to the service centre for over 3 days and have been unable to get in touch. After hours and hours of being on hold waiting to be connected the call drops out.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hi CJ108, Leslie from Electrolux here. If the issue you have raised is still not resolved at this time, can you please email me your contact details at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Leslie? We would really like to try to assist you. Thanks, Leslie

Very poor design

We recently bought this model specifically for the separate cutlery drawer which we now wish we'd never bought! With the cutlery rack at the top, there is not enough space to fit standard size glasses in the second drawer and if you lower the second drawer, you cannot fit standard size plates in the lower drawer.
This is a very badly designed model which is not at all user friendly.
I've sent Westinghouse an email so lets see if I get anything back.
Would definitely NOT recommend this model!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

If I could have given this a negative rating I Would have.

The bottom tray is a nightmare to get in and out. It is extremely frustrating to use. I would not recommend it to anyone. For some reason the tray keeps getting stuck and it is a constant struggle to get the tray in and out with ease. I will not buy this again.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Rinse aid

Good dishwasher. I would purchase again.
Just make sure it always has rinse aid because it plays a critical part in drying the dishes.

Grabbed mine for $599,at Harvey Norman.

Absolutely love that company.
You just have to pick the right store.

Great product worth seeing if they are still available

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Appalling Customer Service and outcome

I purchased a Westinghouse dishwasher in September 2017.

Upon receipt and installation of the dishwasher I noticed that the door was not aligned. One side was in more than the other.

Westinghouse then proceeded to try and replace the dishwasher 3 times, so up until now besides having to wait about 20 – 25 minutes every time I called customer service the service has been ok.

Except for the faulty dishwashers that kept being delivered and not checked properly before they left the warehouse and having to be home for the delivery of faulty items.

After trying 4 dishwashers Westinghouse advised that they would not deliver further dishwashers and would not offer me an upgrade.

I was then offered a store credit from Harvey Norman, for the cost of the dishwasher and the delivery fee. After further discussions I was then offered full refund rather than a store credit.

During all these discussions I also asked for payment for the cost to have a plumber install the new dishwasher that I was going to have to purchase.

After many conversations and an office letter advising that I would go to VCAT they advised that they would not provide me with funds to pay for a plumber to install the new dishwasher - this was today.

I am very disappointed with this outcome and would never recommend Westinghouse or Electrolux.

I am waiting to the speak to the supervisor who has rejected my request for payment for a plumber. I am not hopeful of a good outcome but if I do receive one I will update my post to reflect this.

If I do not receive payment for a plumber then I will be lodging a claim with VCAT, which would be a very disappointing outcome.

What has been difficult about this whole process is the constant back and forth conversations and having to be firm about what I want.. not a good reflection of their customer service and very draining.

Following on from above, I have just been advised that the Service Manager for Victoria will not even take the time to speak to me and has again rejected my claim for the cost of plumber to fit my new dishwasher.

I cannot believe that a Service Manager will not even take the time to speak to a customer when he knows that I am clearly upset and very unhappy with this outcome. To not even take the time to speak to me is appalling. I can only hope that this review is sent to his manager to see how the Service Manager will not even take the time to speak with me.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Good so far

My second Westinghouse dishwasher. This seems to be doing the job well. Quite flexible with how you can place the internal racks. Love that it has its own rack for the cutlery. Only negative is when I pull the bottom rack out and push it back in it doesn't go in straight-away and requires a bit of adjustment or lifting up. Something I can live with. :)

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Good features at a good price

I bought this to replace my 6+ year old fisher and paykel dishwasher. It was affordable and had good features like the dry + and the cutlery drawer.
I'm not going to lie, when I first used this I was not happy with it, I kept setting the dry + option and my dishes were not drying properly. I went back and re-read all the reviews on here and found that I had misunderstood the manual and the dry + only works on some settings (heavy and eco). Once I figured that out and used the correct settings it has been drying as expected. It still doesn't dry plastics, but I have not known a dishwasher to so that's fine.
Now to the cutlery drawer... I do like it, it takes a fraction longer to stack because you're placing the cutlery into specified spots, but it works well. It also cleans the spatulas etc very well and they no longer take up space in the other drawers of the dishwasher.
I do think that the middle drawer would benefit from having a middle height setting. The lower setting means I do not have enough space for my plates in the bottom drawer, but the higher option means I can only just fit my large glasses and I can no longer have slightly taller system containers in this drawer. If there was a middle setting I believe this would give enough height for both.
It is pretty quiet but does depend what you are washing e.g. trays etc make it sound louder as the water hits them.
Overall installation was pretty easy and I am pretty happy with my choice, especially for the features included with the price.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Good Dishwasher

Compact dishwasher good clean not suitable for big or cooking pot realised the top rack is height adjustable in case you have a big plate. It's 3 stars rating. Have couple of options like rinse, eco, heavy program. Down side is the wire where you place the plates can drop if the plate is too heavy

Date PurchasedAug 2016

I want to buy 3, so they'll last my lifetime!

This is the best! My mum has one, and I was determined to have it.

I don't know why some other reviews say their plates don't fit, I have 28cm plates, and they all fit just fine, without removing racks.

I love the cutlery tray at the top - every machine should have one as standard, it makes so much sense. It cleans really well, and the options for dry/no dry, extra rinse, hygiene/high temp setting etc are just brilliant.

So is the half load option, top or bottom tray. You can put the breakfast dishes in the top to wash as you pack the car for your holidays - they're done quickly, and you can enjoy without thinking about dirty cups, or having had to get up earlier so as to have time for handwashing.

All the cycles clean well, and it totally craps on my old machine.

Can't say enough about how easy it was to install and get going. Easy to clean, easy to use.

And it's soooo quiet!

Honestly, the best dishwasher I have ever had or seen.

Thanks Westinghouse (Electrolux!)

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Error Code F5 - Inadequate Water Supply - possible solution

We also had issues with error code F5 since purchase. Our machine is raised up similar to a wall oven so you don't have to bend down to load or empty it. This puts the drain point of the machine at a higher level than the drain point that it is connected to on sink s-bend. I pulled the machine apart and found no object blocking the system, it would go through the majority of cycle then stop. The manual has a picture that the drain pipe must be raised at the rear of the machine (approx half way up). This is important as the drain pipe as it comes out of the machine has a frog flap (non return valve) and if the pipe is not raised then the system drains all of the water from the machine similar to a siphon and therefore causes an inadequate supply of water. Raise the pipe the machine pumps out what it needs then the balance of water stays in the system and continues with its cycle. I have held the drain pipe up with some cord at the rear of the machine and it now works perfectly.

Date PurchasedNov 2013

Works well

Having researched dishwasher's on product review we decided to purchase this make and model for our investment property. It looks really nice and it has great wash options. Our tenant loves how quiet it is to run and she say's she has to listen to see if it has finished it cycle. Very happy with our choice.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Good, but hard to fit everything in

I really loved this dishwasher when I went to buy a new one. The big selling point was the top cutlery/sharp knife tray. I loved this feature and it sold me on this model. Unfortunately I was to discover this comes at a cost of precious space which flows all the way down the dishwasher. For example, I can’t fit regular or even small sized bread and butter plates in the top drawer as they hit against the cutlery tray. This means these small plates have to go down in the bottom tray, which in turns leaves less space for pots and pans. Consequently, I nearly always have an overflow of dirty dishes left on the sink because they wouldn’t quite fit...in my old dishwasher (a Bosch) everything fit just fine. I still quite like the cutlery tray for putting sharp knives, kitchen scissors, garlic press, stirring spoons etc. in, but wish I had space for butter plates in the top draw. This drawer accommodates small dessert bowls okay which is good I guess. Cleaning-wise, it does a great job leaving everything squeaky clean so no complaints there. It’s not too noisy either, I don’t really notice it when it’s running.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Defective Product from delivery

Purchased late last month from Harvey Norman been sitting in garage boxed up. Read lots of reviews great value for money, adjustable dish racks, cutlery basket, dishwasher tablets etc. We waited for our kitchen upgrade to be completed and floors, when installer almost finished the job today, I asked why scratches on it fro top to bottom? On closer inspection also has steel code pin print stamp all on the front door of dishwasher lots of other small indentations and scratches. How in the hell did this get through Quality Control Westinghouse who makes such rubbish and allows for the unit to be sent out for purchase?

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Dishwasher was replaced. This machine is efficient and quiet. Lots of settings to suit our needs. However, dinner plates do not fit with the cutlery rack at the top it must be removed and we have to use the traditional cutlery basket. Bad design Westinghouse, did not any person measure up what would fit. I have average sized plates from Ikea and Big W none are large plates, such a waste I can not use this top cutlery basket, this was one of the designs that sold me on the choice of this purchase. So its a waste of time having the rack in as it takes up room for placement of glasses, cups and mugs. Otherwise great machine drying is good and glasses clear and no residue. Take along some of your plates and see if they fit before you purchase this machine.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, the powder compartment in our WSF6608 doesn't open during the cycle - the powder remains in the compartment. Does anyone have advice on how the compartment spring is triggered during the cycle? Our dishwasher is less than 2 yrs old and the compartment appears to open and close properly. We are also disappointed with the degree of drying after having previously owned a Bosch dishwasher that dried dishes amazingly well. I've read the other questions here and we've tried different cycles - still experiencing wet dirty dishes after a two-hour-plus cycle! I'd welcome any suggestions - thanks.
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Hi, I cant speak for powder as I use a tablet and I never have any issues with that, I suggest you may need it looked at by a technician, not sure if its still under warranty. with drying my favourite setting is the heavy option and the timeframe isn't long at all for this option. maybe worth trying a tablet, make sure you have full rinse aid and use heavy, then let me know if that helps, otherwise you may need to get it looked at.

I have an issue where the dishwasher stops, lights go off then it either flickers or comes back on again.... This can happen multiple times a wash. Oh and no error codes, if I lucky it just continues on & finishes the wash like nothing has happened. Any help appreciated, I'm hoping it's something simple I can fix or have overlooked?
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I am actually having the exact same issue and came here looking to see if anyone else was having a similar problem. I would love to see what the answer is to this.My machine is less than 4 months old and has been doing this on and off for the last couple months and is starting to get really annoying!!Try the tablet setting... I haven't noticed a problem when I remember to turn it on.

Having floorboards laid over tiles, can i remove the top of the dishwasher to make room for the added floor height wsf606606x
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WSF6608X (Stainless)WSF6608W (White)
Water Rating4.5stars4.5stars
Energy Rating3stars3stars
Height Adjustment2020
Price (RRP) $1109$1009

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